Thursday, October 06, 2011

Review: Lindsey Buckingham Jackson, FL + Upcoming Phoenix & Houston Shows

The complete Lindsey Buckingham concert experience: 
Jacksonville, FL. October 3rd

Monday evening found the talented guitarist in fine form and voice throughout the one hour and 45 minute near-capacity concert.  He performed 19 songs in a setlist that has remained virtually unchanged since his debut show last month. 

Wearing his customary black leather jacket, black T-shirt, and dark blue-jeans, Buckingham entered the stage alone to much applause.  Perhaps taking him aback, the audience swiftly began singing “Happy Birthday” to the singer, as Monday (October 3rd) was his 62nd birthday.  He didn’t say anything, instead placing his hands together in a thankful gesture.

Embracing his inner indie self, Buckingham courageously played six of the 11 songs off Seeds We Sow.  For artists from his generation, that is virtually unheard of, unless you’re Bob Dylan.  Although a few fans took bathroom breaks, the majority seemed to enjoy hearing these songs.

He also played one from 2008’s Gift of Screws, two from Under the Skin, two from Out of the Cradle, the title cut from Go Insane, and “Trouble” from his first solo record. 

Lindsey Buckingham Live in Durham, NC October 1, 2011
Photos by Melissa Loflin

Lindsey Buckingham is scheduled to perform Sunday, October 9th, at Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston.

Fleetwood Mac's Buckingham began his solo career with 1981's Law and Order, led by the gorgeous single "Trouble" and full of the sort of candied eccentricity that marked his rococo triumphs on the Mac's Tusk. Another highlight is 1992's Out Of the Cradle, whose prodigious melodies and harmonies largely overcome some of L.A.'s blandest tones. Buckingham's new album, Seeds We Sow, displays some of his questionable tendencies — vocals that can rival Darth Vader for breathiness, drum programming that makes one pine for Mick Fleetwood, some overwrought lyrics — but comes through with lovely Beach Man choruses like that on "When She Comes Down," a cool cover of the Stones' "She Smiled Sweetly" and lots of impressive finger-picked guitar. The emphasis will very much be on solo material, but quite likely you'll hear "Go Your Own Way," "Tusk" and a few other Fleetwood Mac favorites.

By Dylan Hicks

Lindsey Buckingham is scheduled to perform Wednesday, October 12, at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix.

Lindsey Buckingham was always the most punk of the soft-rockers. Never mind his following up Fleetwood Mac's Rumours with the weird-as-hell Tusk, recording vocals in the bathroom and trying to get Talking Heads with a marching band on the title track; even his Fleetwood hits are models of stripped-down intensity. "Go Your Own Way" is a driving rocker at its core, and "The Chain" achieves a creeping tension early Cure records would kill for. Buckingham's latest, Seeds We Sow, follows two late-career triumphs, 2006's Under the Skin and 2008's Gift of Screws. Like those records, the album features Buckingham's dexterous guitar work in the forefront, but never sacrifices soul in the face of showiness. Nothing is quite as paranoid or thrilling as his first solo outings, Law and Order and Go Insane, but the songs are warm and immediate, suggesting that Buckingham has balanced the unease that has defined so much of his work with a little hard-earned contentment.

By Jason P. Woodbury

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Saw Lindsey in Jacksonville, Florida on October 3, 2011. Wonderful, unforgettable concert! Love you, Lindsey!!!!

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