Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stevie Nicks Talks Touring and Her "Lovely & Inspiring" Fans

Stevie Nicks has just two dates left on her North American tour in support of her album In Your Dreams -- she performs Wednesday night in Anaheim, California, and then wraps things up this Saturday with a show in Las Vegas.  In November, she'll start a tour of Australia that finishes in early December.

This has been Stevie's first major solo tour in about four years, but she says surprisingly, she doesn't find it too different from touring with Fleetwood Mac, which she last did in 2009.  "We travel very well," she tells ABC News Radio.  "We are always on a beautiful plane.  Fleetwood Mac has a bigger plane, but I still have a fantastic jet!  So it's OK."  She adds, "We stay in beautiful places.  And, we try to make our travel as easy as possible, and we always have.  So it's really not that different, you know, touring with either band.  It's kind of the same."

While on tour, Stevie gets the chance to come face to face with her fans, and she's got some of the most devoted ones in music.  So what does she hear from them most often?  Do they gush over her songs, or do they just get hysterical?  A little of both, it turns out.  "They say that the songs really help them get through, and yes, they do cry," Stevie tells ABC News Radio.  "And they are so lovely.  And they make me want to do more records, and write more songs."  Noting that most fans aren't really aware of the fact that it's becoming increasingly difficult for an artist to sell records these days, Stevie adds, "They inspire you to continue to do this.  No matter what's going on in the music business.  And that's really a beautiful thing."

ABC News Radio

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STEVIE, PLEASE COME TO NEW ORLEANS and sing us your beautiful song........PLEASE :)))))

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