Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Stevie Nicks "NICKS Still Grand Bella Donna" (Hobart Tasmania)

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NICKS Still Grand Bella Donna
AGE has done little to diminish the popularity and raw musical power of rock and roll royal Stevie Nicks.

Thousands of Tasmanians flocked to the Derwent Entertainment Centre last night to see the 63-year-old former Fleetwood Mac member perform her In Your Dreams tour.

Support acts Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame and Brian McFadden kept the packed house of almost 4,000 fans warmed up before Nicks took to the stage for a performance lasting nearly two hours.

Were you there? How did you rate the show?

Last night marked the end of Nicks's Australian tour, having played 10 shows in the past month.

To mark the end of the tour, Stewart was invited to share the stage with Nicks for a specialsend-off combiningboth bands.

Fleetwood Mac fans, old and new, were kept happy as Nicks rolled through a selection of the band's hits many of which she penned in the 1970s.

The retrospective was a nostalgic reminder to older fans and cemented her status as one of the all-time greats.

The show also featured songs from her latest, and seventh, solo album released 30 years after her acclaimed 1981 record Bella Donna.

Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album Rumours charged back in to the Australian charts at No. 2 this year after being featured on hit TV show Glee.

Fans were undeterred by tickets that ranged from $145 to $165.

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Anonymous said...

Of course she's wonderful !!
She's Stevie Nicks!!s!!
According to a friend in Australia, the ticket prices translate to about $80 to $125 US funds..
So not as bad as it sounds...
Welcome home Stevie!!!

Anonymous said...

Those prices would be equivalent to the US, if not a dollar or two in our favour.....the AU dollar is slightly higher than the US at the moment.....regardless, it was worth every cent! Didn't have a particularly successful tv appearance - a shame because it's what many saw.....not nearly enough saw the concert compared to the tv appearance.....she so completely and utterly still has it! How personable and friendly she was! Amazing....so much more relaxed than when I saw her with Fleetwood Mac two years ago. Would LOVE to know what she thought of the kangaroo that greeted her upon conclusion of the concert! :)

I only hope she fulfills her promise to return to Tas during her next tour!! :)

Nikki Lamborn said...

Rock and roll royal! I LOVE STEVIE NICKS! X

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