Monday, December 19, 2011

Charts | Tour Stats - Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac

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Not much this year in the way of published tour data for Stevie Nicks.  Here are a handful of dates published for the In Your Dreams Tour... The latest two published being Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.

Australia really seems to embrace all things Fleetwood Mac!... Helps to have one of the key members of the band tour... Plus a little TV promotion can go a long way in selling albums.

Both Stevie and Fleetwood Mac remain on various charts in the country with 3 new titles re-entering the charts in the lead up to Christmas.

Australia - Top 100 Albums Chart 12/19/11
(Previous week in parenthesis)
# 38 (30) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 74 (65) Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions: The Very Best Of

Australia - Top 50 Catalogue Chart 12/19/11
# 05 (02) Fleetwood Mac - The very Best Of
# 08 (10) Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions: The Very Best Of
# 49 (RE) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 50 (RE) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Australia - Top 40 Music DVD Chart 12/19/11
# 34 (RE) Fleetwood Mac - The Dance


Anonymous said...

Seems like Stevie did not sell all that well with a lot of her concerts this year. That's why it was important for her new CD to have been more of a hit than it was. And of course we have her lame record company to blame for most of that.

Anonymous said...

I was at Toledo and it was embarrassing how empty the place was. Whomevers brilliant idea it was to put here there needs to be smacked upside the head with her tambo! Should have been in Cleveland or cinci! Hopefully her second round of dates will be in better venues!

Anonymous said...

Stevie pretty much sold out her opening Red Rocks concert back in August. The amphitheater was jam packed

John said...

Stevie just about sold out her Boston date, too, back in August. Arena housed about 5,000 people.

Part of the problem is that Stevie tours almost nonstop, solo and with Fleetwood Mac, so the demand isn't as high. And remember, she hit several markets (including Boston) twice in the span of a few months, first with Rod Stewart and then by herself for In Your Dreams.

I don't think she should be playing 12,000-seat arenas anymore, but she can still certainly pack them in. The old gal still does quite well.

MarkStClair said...

I agree. It all depends on how frequently she plays in certain areas solo and or Fleetwood Mac. For example they can hit the DC market multiple times on same tour and sell out one and come close to selling out a second at MCI center them she can darn near sell out the seats at the Nissan Pavillion in Northern Va on a third breeze thru on her own. She has an upper end demographic. Promoters know this. Her seat average $ is quite high.

Anonymous said...

Except she didn't "Damn near sell out Nissan Pavilion" this year, which by the way is now named JIffy Lube Live. I was at that show it was nowhere near sold out. And she didn't even play the MCI Center with Rod Stewart, which is now called the Verizon Center. You really need to check your facts before such incorrect commenting. Stevie did sell well at many of her shows this year, but she also sold very poorly in many areas, mostly because she was booked into too large venues. But looking at the few shows listed above, it is very sad that she can't even sell out a 2,600 seat venue in Las Vegas.

MarkStClair said...

I was referring to previous Mac stops where they played twice on same tour @ MCI center or whatever it is called this year. As for JLPav. previously called Nissan Pavillion this and many prior stops she filled the seats. She doesn't sell lawn seats anymore in most sheds. If u are referring to this past year, yes she and Rod did not play their but she played Sept 3rd at Jiffy and the seats were mostly filled. No lawn

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