Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham's Guitarist Neale Heywood Apologizes Re: Cancelled UK Tour

"Hi Folks,
Neale Heywood here, I'm the lucky guy that gets to play guitar with Lindsey Buckingham.

It's now the middle of January 2012 and i'm finally coming out of the fog and shock of a painful and humbling stay in hospital over the Xmas period.

I want to take this opportunity to hopefully reach any of the disappointed LB fans that I know are out there and personally let them know, if I can, just how sorry I am to have been the reason for the man not coming over to England."

Check out his full post over in the
Lindsey Buckingham forum at The Ledge.

I'm happy Neale said something himself... Not that it makes things any better for those that were looking forward to the December shows, but it's really nice that he acknowledged the fans disappointment... I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing him a speedy recovery.


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Michael Lanning said...

My band Jiva, toured with The Mac when that first album with Lindsey and Stevie came out in late '75....i'm glad to know that you are feeling better....both of them (including John, Christine and Mick) are really sweet souls and wonderful to us.....i wish you all the best.....M

Anonymous said...

Hey Neale, John MacDonald here. Thought I'd send my regards and say HELLO MATE! How's everything? I was playing one or two of your old songs again recently (still catchy after all these years) and got to thinking about you and then Ray C (from your old band in Southend) told me you were living in the USA these days. Anyway, things are going great for me (I live near Cambridge now). Hope youi're doing well. Get in touch on facebook. I'm in the hat! Take care buddy! P.S You haven't changed much if that is a recent picture :D

Anonymous said...

Michael - I'm working on a book about the Brit Invasion with a focus on Fleetwood Mac. Not sure if you'll see this a mere decade later but I too saw a 1975 / Stateside show. Are you available to talk?

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