Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mick Fleetwood Attends Annual Dollar Loan Center Party in Las Vegas

Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan pulled out all the stops at his annual company holiday party recently. Bringing in his famous friends from around the country, the business owner and philanthropist helped raise nearly $300,000 for charity while giving 500 employees and guests a night to remember including $250,000 in cash and prizes.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great website, and SN and FM are completely great, and I do do do hate to be an irritant to readers, but this is the most boring period in the careers of SN and FM evv-uh. SN needs to get box sets or expanded editions of her 80's solo cds released this year and needs a real publicist- not the failing and fired from WB Liz R who did not a thing to promote IYD.

There needs to be an advance press release for the coming IYD dvd, the entire band itself needs a vital web site and something, anything, needs to be leaked now. I'm sure that the recent heartbreak SN had to face with her mom makes being on top of her own career not the highest priority, but there's damned little time left for these 60 something rockers.
Even get the box set out of 'Rumours' planned for the 'Un' tour, then hire
Hip-O to release expanded cds of the band's other albums.
Tick tock. Oh, new music would be nice, but a competent strategy for keeping their catalog vital is lacking, it's been done well for The Stones, Beatles,Neil Young and the lavish U2 re-releases, the latest well worth the $140 for the 10 disk 'AB' cd/dvd set with hardback book and art prints. Very nice blueprint for FM to use. Also offered by U2 is a 2cd set and for $25 ish and a $400 version which entitles you to move in with the band member of your choice for a week. Or something.
The Jimmy Iovine/SN photo is the only vaguely interesting thing of late, and that's just weird. I'm bored.
Still love this site and thanks for the vent.
''GETTING (?) older, too"-
no 'getting' about it. Get things DONE!

Maury said...

WOW. Really? Let's all quicken our pace 'cuz of your li'l rant, wink!

Anonymous said...

^ You are completely correct, Maury, of course.
Everyone deserves to do things in their own timespace... err, time frame.
But as correct as you are, to 'quicken the pace' is exactly what is needed. Maury, do you want it to wait til they're all 70?
I remember you from somewhere, with your precisely detailed information that you were good enough to share- oh, somewhere was here!
Thank you.
And wink backatya, handsome.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that the general music public has moved on to other artists.
FM hasn't been vital in recent years, and the in-inspired Unleashed Tour is an example of old rockers banging out a buck on the try-to-comeback trail.
We all remember our heroes in their glory days , and it is hard to see them as former shadows of their greatness.
IYD was a valid attempt on Stevie's part, but IMO, fell short, no matter how many critics aid it was her best effort EVER.
I hope she does not become a roadside attraction and staple performer at some Indian casino lounge in the Midwest.
Sorry for being so negative, but sometimes its best to retire gracefully and let the next generation take over the reins.

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