Friday, May 25, 2012

Fleetwood Mac will re-release the four CD box set 25 Years – The Chain on June 11th

Fleetwood Mac will re-release the four CD box set "25 Years – The Chain" on June 11th in the UK on Reprise.

25 Years – The Chain was originally released in 20 years ago and compiles seventy-two tracks spanning the band’s history from their formation in 1967 to 1992. In addition to a number of their defining songs – Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Tusk, Little Lies, Rhiannon, Don’t Stop and Everywhere – the release also compiles a number of alternate mixes, outtakes and live performances.

Like the Rod Stewart Storyteller reissue from late last year, 25 Years – The Chain will be available at a bargain price of £11.97 via AmazonUK and comes in new packaging – a double ‘fat box’ CD with a sixty-eight page booklet and outer slip-case.  It's also available in the US as an import for $34.02 or in Canada for $30.34.

Pre-order on AmazonUK | AmazonUS | AmazonCA
Tracklist at the link below

1. Paper Doll
2. Love Shines
3. Stand Back (live)
4. Crystal
5. Isn’t It Midnight
6. Big Love
7. Everywhere
8. Affairs of the Heart
9. Heart Of Stone
10. Sara
11. That’s All For Everyone
12. Over My Head
13. Little Lies
14. Eyes of the World
15. Oh Diana
16. In The Back Of My Mind
17. Make Me A Mask

1. Save Me
2. Goodbye Angel
3. Silver Springs
4. What Makes You Think You’re The One
5. Think About Me
6. Gypsy
7. You Make Loving Fun
8. Second Hand News
9. Love In Store
10. The Chain
11. Teen Beat
12. Dreams
13. Only Over You
14. I’m So Afraid
15. Love Is Dangerous
16. Gold Dust Woman
17. Not That Funny

1. Warm Ways
2. Say You Love Me
3. Don’t Stop
4. Rhiannon
5. Walk a Thin Line
6. Storms
7. Go Your Own Way
8. Sisters of the Moon
9. Monday Morning
10. Landslide
11. Hypnotized
12. Lay It All Down
13. Angel
14. Beautiful Child
15. Brown Eyes
16. Save Me a Place
17. Tusk
18. Never Going Back Again
19. Songbird

1. I Believe My Time Ain’t Long
2. Need Your Love So Bad
3. Rattlesnake Shake
4. Oh Well, Pt. 1
5. Stop Messin’ Round
6. The Green Manalishi
7. Albatross
8. Man Of The World
9. Love That Burns
10. Black Magic Woman
11. Watch Out
12. String-A-Long
13. Station Man
14. Did You Ever Love Me
15. Sentimental Lady
16. Come A Little Bit Closer
17. Heroes Are Hard To Find
18. Trinity
19. Why


Anonymous said...

Already pre-ordered it!

Unknown said...

That's hot!

Anonymous said...

I won't buy it again, but for those who don't have it, it's well worth picking up. Great set, and unlike most FM releases it actually does cover the entire life of the band, not just the 77' gang.

Anonymous said...

This was one of the worst box sets ever. Most of the songs use alternate mixes from the original ones and they are not enough different to make them interesting, just odd. And there are almost no interesting new tracks. The live version of Stand Back is pretty awful also. Paper Doll is not one of Stevie's best, but the Christine song Heart Of Stone is good.

Anonymous said...

I will re-purchase this only because my original CD set was lost years ago. Fans should know this is not a comprehensive set, but it is worth the purchase. One notable track left off is the 1982 smash hit, "Hold Me," from the Mirage album. I like the alternate versions of many tracks, including "Isn't It Midnight" and "Gypsy" and "Say You Love Me." I'm not sure why people complain about alternate versions ... diehard fans already own the originals. Alternates are a nice treat.

Anonymous said...

I love the alternate version of Brown Eyes on this box set... but the liner notes don't even mention that it is different from the Tusk version. And while some of Bob Welch's songs are included they didn't really do a very good job of showcasing his best work with FM. Shoddy liner notes and a totally bizarre sequencing/chronology of songs always left me a bit disappointed.

Anonymous said...

The song selection is marred by the side-agenda of pushing the Vito-Burnett incarnation of the band, which would not endure beyond BEHIND THE MASK. The fact that this included subpar BEHIND THE MASK songs as well as a few subpar new (at the time) songs was a mistake. Would have been much better to have included more early to mid-period offerings. And yes, the exclusion of HOLD ME is bizarre because at one point it was the band's biggest hit, sales-wise (if not chart-wise). Still worth having, though.

Anonymous said...

''There was another girl in Fleetwood Mac?''- my 16 year old nephew, who loves 'Rumours' but missed that fine detail of the voice of 'Songbird' and all the others she sang. He thought Christine's singing was Lindsey singing, I can't explain how he missed Christine's photos in the cd booklet. He thought Stevie Nicks was unique in being the 'only woman' in a major rock band of men, and he loves SN so he isn't all bad.

So, he googled Christine... "It says she is retarded now and living in her garden in a tree house in England.''-- ''RETIRED" and 'tending to her garden' not living in it, nor a tree house. "Okay, Uncle. Maybe I read it wrong''--

(He smokes a little weed, it seems).

WELL, anyhoo, this box set is a vivid reminder of how vital Christine McVie was and remains to the legacy of the music of Fleetwood Mac, before and after the arrival of Buckingham Nicks. I see no reason not to buy it again. Maybe the booklet or cd inlays are a bit different.

Nickslive said...

^^ OMG Thanks for the laugh!! "Retarded and living in her garden in a tree house" LOL Too funny!

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