Saturday, January 19, 2013

Concert Review: Dave Grohl's 'Sound City' Players at Sundance with Stevie Nicks

 by David Burger at Salt Lake Tribune

No fewer than 38 different songs were performed during the concert, in which Dave Grohl was the only musician to be onstage for each one of those 38.

It was the rare concert that only got better the longer it went on, with a set by John Fogerty and then a set from Stevie Nicks closing the show (with Foo Fighters backing them up as primarily the house band for the evening, with several line-up changes).

Stevie's Setlist:
  • Stop Draggin My Heart Around
  • You Can't Fix This (New song from the movie soundtrack)
  • Dreams
  • Landslide
  • Gold Dust Woman
The finale came when Steve Nicks came onstage, with one of the strongest connections to the Los Angeles studio that Grohl has immortalized in his film. (She and Lindsey Buckingham recored as a duo at the studio before they joined Fleetwood Mac, whose "Rumours" was recorded at the studio.) Along with a new song destined for the "Sound City" soundtrack, she sang breath-taking versions of "Gold Dust Woman" (which closed the night, with 11 musicians on stage) and "Dreams," both off of the landmark album "Rumours." But best of all was when all of the other musicians except for Grohl left the stage, and he accompanied her on acoustic guitar as she sang "Landslide." Everyone in the audience who has an iPhone captured the performance (and it seemed as if every audience member owned the smart phone).

Besides being a party to celebrate the film, the night underscored the message of the film: that people making music with other people (as opposed to making music on a computer) is the only way to create magic, and there was magic throughout the evening.

Full Review by David Burger at Salt Lake Tribune

Photos by @coultin | @jonathanfuhrman | @c_sutter

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The Foo Fighters joined former members of Nirvana and Stevie Nicks for an epic Sound City Players performance in Park City, UT.

The crowd played favorites for the final performer of the night: Stevie Nicks. Introduced by Grohl as the "Queen of Rock and Roll," the Fleetwood Mac star was greeted by a sea of camera flashes and a new surge from the crowd. Nicks debuted a new song from the "Sound City" soundtrack about the death of her godson, a stalwart, octave-driven anthem called "You Can't Fix This." Nicks and the Foos then launched into a set of Fleetwood Mac hits, with Nicks bringing the night full circle by going back to her roots, citing "Landslide" as the song that made her the songwriter and performer that she is today.


Anonymous said...

OK, *THIS* I would like to hear. Steve and the Foo are two of my all-time favorites. Together? Come on! That's awesome. Where can we hear this? I'll start checking YouTube....

Anonymous said...

^Seconded. and pretty jealous the brats at that festival got to experience it.

Anyone going to the la show?

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE is holding a "smarty" phone - but where are the vids??

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when you WATCHED the show and all u had was your memories of it. Feel bad for musicians who now play to ten thousand Phones.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait... I can't wait...

How will we feel twenty years from now, mate?

Anonymous said...

I love that she did "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around". I bet Dave wanted her to do that. I wish she would have done that on her recent solo tours instead of Led Zepplin's "Rock & Roll".

Joseph Gould said...

I want to hear her sing "Talk to Me" live.

Anonymous said...

So, no leaks of 'You Can't Fix This'- it seems it can be bought for $1.29 on amazon on January 29th, so that is awesome.

What a very surprising and thoughtful audience, though, they leak the songs we all know but not the brand new one. It's nice for Stevie to make us wait to buy the actual new song. I even agree, just find it surprising that no 'You Can't Fix This' videos have surfaced. Stevie has powers, it seems!!

I'd love to see it now and would buy the song anyway on the 29th, but wow, everyone had a smartphone and not one person out of thousands filming has the new song- wonder if it rocks, ''anthem'' sort of seems promising- i hope it's really, really good.

Hits are nice, but seem too much to hope for, so i just hope it's an undeniably brilliant song that will last forever like the 3 Mac songs she sang in her set. In her solo career set. During ''the year of Fleetwood Mac''-- singing the FM songs with other musicians.

'You Can't Fix This' well, maybe it ''may be the one''- imagine if the song gets airplay, and then 'Sad Angel' 'Miss Fantasy' does. She and Fleetwood Mac are due for new songs to get some attention. I know it's too optimistic to hope for hits, but maybe one or more of these 3 songs will just be powerful enough to get major attention.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Gould, you're my hero.

Anonymous said...

Frick, she sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know... We all bitch about Landslide being overplayed (guilty!) but the truth is, it's a special song that can still make us cry... I'm guessing the majority of us just don't like to cry sooooo often... (guilty again)...

Amy Condit said...

I'll be at the L.A. show, and I'll do my best to record it with my phone...

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to the LA show as well. I will have some videos up as soon as I can. What a line-up and what an opportunity this is!

Anonymous said...

I recorded the new song "You Can't Fix This" and it is on my YouTube page. I don't know if it will let me put a link here but I will try. It is

If that doesn't work, you can try finding me through my user name: smasher69

I hope you enjoy!

Nickslive said...

^^ YES... I definitely saw your video... Well done and thank you for uploading it. It is posted on my site. Go to the top of this page, hit home and scroll down, you'll see it posted.

Thanks again!

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