Friday, January 18, 2013

Photos: Stevie Nicks with Dave Grohl - Sound City Movie Premiere at Sundance

Red carpet arrivals at the Premiere of Sound City the movie today in Park City, UT.  Stevie performs tonight at Park City Live with Dave Grohl and the Sound City Players!

Sound City - Interview with Stevie Nicks on the... by HitFix

All Photos Above by Lucas Jackson

Above Two Photos by Anna Webber

Photo by Chris Pizzello


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable! All warm and cozy for that Park City weather!

Anonymous said...

The coat looks beautiful on Stevie and is very flatteting- perfect color for her, and she looks slimmer than ever. Hat is fine. Only misfire is the black blouse. SN looks awful in black and has since she was 55 or 60. But the coat is what stands out and she looks so soft and pretty and her face doesn't look ancient like in black.
Black on the tour is a given, and it will look awful, but what can you do? She needs never to wear black again, but you can't tell her anything. Besides, SN should wear what she wants- but black is bad, bad, bad on her. It only slims the young and is awful on elderly skin- the tan is perfect- and besides, SN IS thin now, very thin!


Anonymous said...

"Elderly skin"? Come on, she is still a ways from being considered elderly. Cut
her some slack for crying out loud. 64 isnt that old.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wearing her usual black is horrible these days. She looks so much better and younger in any color, the coat is great. I would rather see her wear almost anything on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour other than her same old worn out black dress outfits. They are so out of date and age her terribly. And somebody needs to tell her the sunglasses don't look very good either. She still has a beautiful face and shouldn't hide it under those unflattering glasses.

greg said...

Cute photos!

Joseph Gould said...

I'd love to see her in a white, raggy dress/outfit similar to the one during the Tusk tour. I do like her in black, but it gets a bit boring!

Then again, who are we to judge? She does it for fun and we should embrace that. As long as she's happy, I'm happy

Anonymous said...

I looked at both sides of the "Stevie in black" issue, until I saw the big picture: The "black moons in those eyes of hers made more sense to me"!. The blouse compliments her eyes, and the overall effect is stunning!

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