Saturday, January 19, 2013

Video: Women's Guild's Cedars Sinai 55th Anniversary Gala 2012 Feat. STEVIE NICKS

Women's Guild's Cedars Sinai 55th Anniversary Gala 2012
Beverly Wilshire Hotel, November 13, 2012

New Video captures Stevie performing Rhiannon, Landslide, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen.


Anonymous said...

Not Stevie's best performance vocally but she looks lovely, maybe a little tired.

John said...

I'm really concerned about Stevie's voice these days. She sounds really harsh and nasally. She's lost a ton of range and the sweet softness that made her voice so appealing, especially live. Now she just seems to be yelling and singing in a monotone. Is this what her vocal coach is teaching her? I worry that her voice won't last through a big Mac tour. Rest, Stevie. Rest.

Joseph Gould said...

John, I agree. I don't think she's lost it, I just think now that her voice is a bit deeper, she pushes herself to sing in a higher tone. I prefer her voice a bit deeper (look at 'Blue Lamp', 'Sorcerer' and 'Edge of Seventeen' for example), but she seems to be trying to push herself to sing in a higher pitch, like her voice was in the Rumours era, before it changed. I think because she's pushing herself to sound higher, it's sounding a bit monotonous and crackly when she hits her absolute highest point.

If she went down a key she'd be much more flexible and could hit higher notes and deeper tones without sounding too deep or too high/crackly.

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