Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mick Fleetwood Interview TODAY 2pm on Planet Rock UK #Fleetwoodmac

Tune in at 2pm to PLANET ROCK - Join Darren Redick on his show TODAY when he'll be interviewing drummer and band-namesake Mick Fleetwood.

They will be discussing the Rumours reissue, fear and loathing within the band (Mick's words, not ours), the upcoming tour and the possibility of Christine McVie returning to the band.


updated 1/30 5pm:  Not sure if anyone caught Mick's interview this afternoon in the UK (early morning in North America, but regarding Christine McVie's visit with him in Hawaii, he was bringing her back to Hawaii for a 3 week visit and that she hasn't been back there in 25 years so he was looking forward to spending quality time with her.


Joseph Gould said...

"The possibility of Christine McVie returning to the band". This excites me, although I don't want to get my hopes up. Mick seems to think it's a real possibility as he's stated in a couple of interviews now.

Come back Chris!!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Mick been hanging out with Chris a lot lately? I remember him stating in one interview that she would be flying back to L.A. or Hawaii with him when he left London. Sounds to me like she's flying back for rehearsals ;) It would be EPIC to see that fivesome back onstage together. If it all goes well, I can't see a reason she wouldn't record a new album with them. This could be the beginning words of something either really huge or really depressing.

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