Thursday, February 14, 2013

Watch: Fleetwood Mac Say They'll Debut New Songs on Tour

The band will keep working on new tracks, Stevie Nicks says, 'If the world does want more music from us'

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Anonymous said...

Right-on, effin' A-Skippy!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if Stevie has just a tad of Asperger's Syndrome or autism, the way she nods her head repetitively and "rocks a little" in her chair. I've noticed she's a bit standoffish and even snappy toward Mick in these interviews too. Hmm... what did her do to piss her off this time?

Anonymous said...

They keep changing their minds in these interviews. First it was three songs, which they would release the first of around not and another when the tour starts. Then the old Stevie song "Without You" Was going to be a Buckingham Nicks song. Now they don't even mention releasing any of them, but just performing them in concert. And since Stevie wouldn't perform any of "In Your Dreams" on her few 2010 concerts because she wanted them to be heard by her fans first as the recorded versions before the live versions wound up on YouTube, this seems odd. Because it now sounds like that's what will happen.

They should release one right now and see if it gets on the radio, and then release another when the tour starts. They don't seem to understand or even want to understand what ITunes and internet has done to releasing music. Once again, very poor management and planning.

Anonymous said... loud do the fans have to scream to make them hear WE WANT NEW MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!...this is getting exhausting!

Anonymous said...

Fleetwood Mac remain one of the most attended and profitable touring acts of the past 40 years. The band's last tour was #3 for that year. The live version of Landslide from "The Dance" has had over 1 million paid downloads in the just the past 16 months. The week following the Superbowl, "Landslide" was the #1 Rock Song on iTunes. Since the release of In Your Dreams, a 64-year-old Stevie has worked harder - and been more prolific - than her early '80s period of album/tour/album tour. So-called "fans" tear her a new one for not reporting her every bowl movement - or pooping in manner that suits them - but Chris only gave us two lousy solo albums in 30 years. That's lazy. She also had co-writers every top 10 hit beginning with 1982's "Hold Me." Her 1982 album didn't even go Gold. (Lindsey doesn't have a Gold or Platinum solo disc either.) She's lazy and treats her fans terribly.

Joseph Gould said...

I have a feeling that they're doing these interviews as a bit of a 'marketing ploy'. Mick's great at it - Stevie wanted another year of In Your Dreams, so he makes a press release saying Fleetwood Mac would never tour again. I think they're just 'stirring the pot' to get us talking and wanting answers.

They said there were three songs - and that nobody wants albums nowadays. Now they're hinting that there'll be more - if we want it... Sounds like they're stirring to me

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