Thursday, February 07, 2013

Video: Fleetwood Mac Talks Tumultuous Past: “We All Paid A Price For That Emotionally”

by Kate Spencer

We had the nerve-wracking honor of sitting down with Fleetwood Mac recently and chatted with the iconic band about their upcoming tour and the re-issue of their album Rumours, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this week. Most interesting was the group’s willingness to discuss their torrid, rocky personal past with each other, which included break ups, make ups, affairs, drug abuse and lots of legendary songs about it all.

Never break the chain, guys. Never break the chain.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Fleetwood Mac....we know that Warner Bros. is schlepping a reissue of "Rumours", but all this rehash of the melodrama and breakups is getting older than the album itself. You are still creative forces to be reckoned with...To quote Christine McVie...."Don't Stop thinking about tomorrow...yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone" All of this reflection is turning into a BIG YAWN! Get your butts back in the studio and create some have it in you, and we are all so hungry for it. Also, as a band you should all convince Christine to change her mind and "Get out back on the road again".

Anonymous said...

Here here!!

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