Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Big Love: Fleetwood Mac fans snap up pre-sale reunion tour tickets

Pre-sale tickets sell out before stadium and arena shows in the states, Europe and the UK - the general sale for tickets is on Friday
By Roland Ellison
The Mirror


Anonymous said...

What a stunning picture of Stevie!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad the tour's developing into a worldwide event. Was worried that Fleetwood Mac might not be able to pack-em-in like they have in the past but those fears were unfounded. I really hope they make the most of it on every level an extend their incredible run as long as possible. Hard to believe that the same band who turned my on to music at age 13 is still going strong at age 47!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait !!!!!! Saw Stevie 2 summers in a row in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cannot wait to see Fleetwood Mac open in Columbus, Ohio and onto Kentucky to see them !!!! Just cannot wait !!!! I love wearing all the black lace and just having a grand time !!! I am 55, turn 56 between concerts, Fleetwood Mac playing on my birthday, I wish I could be there for that one !!!! My girls love how I get so excited for Stevies Show .............. See Ya There !!!!

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