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Fleetwood Mac Comes to the Wells Fargo Center for a Sold-Out Performance


Q: What do Stevie Nicks, Dave Mason, Bekka Bramlett (daughter of Delaney and Bonnie) and Springfield native Rick Vito all have in common?

A: They each have Fleetwood Mac on their resume, as do at least 12 others. Yet it’s Stevie Nicks from the aforementioned who has been the most visible face of the band over the years, and she remains as one of the four core members, alongside band namesakes Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, and her once-upon-a-time duo partner, Lindsey Buckingham. In one incarnation or another, Fleetwood Mac has been a musical entity since their blues-rock early days in 1967. Evolving over the years into a rock/pop band, particularly with the addition of Buckingham/Nicks in 1975, they continue to play sold out shows decades later.

Fleetwood Mac will kick off their 48-date North American tour April 4 in Ohio and play Philly’s Wells Fargo Center as the second stop on the tour April 6 in a sold-out show. However, tickets are often freed up at the last minute, so make sure you listen to 102.9 MGK!

Although this is the first tour since 2009’s Unleashed, that’s not to say the band has been idle. Nicks has spent the last several years touring to promote her solo release In Your Dreams, which was accompanied by a video documentary. Buckingham has also been touring in support of his solo effort from a couple of years back, Seeds We Sow. Mick Fleetwood recently opened a restaurant in Maui called Fleetwood's On Front Street, is also now a vintner with more than 20 varietals of wine and his Mick Fleetwood Blues Band continues to play and garner Grammy nods. John McVie has also been living the "Aloha!" life in Oahu, spending the past three years with his family boating and such. Christine McVie parted ways with the band in the early '90s, and although she’s always been welcome to return, it is highly unlikely.

Three-quarters of the band was ready to tour as Fleetwood Mac a year ago, but Nicks wanted more time to promote her record. However, there is new Fleetwood Mac music in the form of two songs: "Sad Angel" and "Miss Fantasy" are set for digital release prior to the tour. These songs were recorded in early 2012 with Stevie overdubbing her parts in the studio as she was grieving the 2011 death of her beloved mother. Expect these songs to show up on the tour and, depending on how they are received, it could lead to a new album.

The Fleetwood Mac 2013 Reunion Tour also marks the 35th anniversary of the release of the Rumours album, undeniably one of the most successful albums in recorded history. In fact, earlier this year, a deluxe multi-disc version of the record was released that includes rare and live tracks. Although material from Rumours is always generously peppered throughout their live sets, expect more attention to be paid to them on this tour.

Stevie Nicks feels that 2013 will be the year of Fleetwood Mac, and the band wants everyone to know that Fleetwood Mac has taken a few breaks over the years, the band never breaks up.

April 6: 7 p.m.  Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St., Philadelphia. Tickets: Sold out. 

Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Best Fleetwood Mac Song?
Cast your vote in our weekly poll
Rolling Stone

Fleetwood Mac are a few weeks away from launching their massive 2013 world tour. They don't have a new album to support, so the show will be centered around their deep catalog of hits. They're also promising a few surprises, including the Tusk deep cut "Sisters of the Moon," which hasn't been played in about 30 years. 

Now we have a question for you: what is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song? There's a ton to pick from. The group started as a blues-rock band in 1967. Led by Peter Green, they scored UK hits with "Black Magic Woman," "Man of the World" and "Oh Well." After many lineup changes, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the group in 1975 and the band became a hit machine. "Rhiannon," "Dreams," "Don't Stop" and "Go Your Own Way" are just a few songs they scored on radio in the mid-1970s. Many hardcore fans, however, prefer the more obscure songs, particularly the material on 1979's Tusk. Vote for whatever song you want, but please only vote once and only for a single song. 

You can vote at Rolling Stone in the comments, on or on Twitter using the #weekendrock hashtag. 

Lindsey Buckingham on Stevie Nicks: 'There's a Subtext of Love Between Us'
Fleetwood Mac guitarist opens up about working and touring with his famous ex
Rolling Stone
By Jon Blistein

Just in time for Fleetwood Mac's upcoming world tour, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has opened up about both his romantic and working relationship with frontwoman Stevie Nicks.

"There's a subtext of love between us, and it would be hard to deny that much of what we've accomplished had something to do with trying to prove something to each other," Buckingham told Men's Journal. "Maybe that's fucked up, but this is someone I've known since I was 16, and I think on some weird level we're still trying to work some things out. There will never be romance there, but there are other kinds of love to be had."

The couple famously split while recording their landmark album Rumours and continued to work and tour together for years, often under tense circumstances. "You get used to it," Buckingham added of working with an ex. "And for me, getting married and having children was a positive outcome. I wonder sometimes how Stevie feels about the choices she made, because she doesn't really have a relationship – she has her career."

With Buckingham noting "there are a few chapters to be written in the Stevie-Lindsey legacy," the two are reuniting not just for Fleetwood's world tour but also to support an extensive Rumours reissue. The album celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

Buckingham also discussed his most recent solo album, Seeds We Sow, which was received warmly by critics but failed to sell. "There's a disconnect between the preconceptions that go with being the age I am and what the music is," Buckingham said. "I sent the album to Daniel Glass, who runs [the label] Glassnote, and he loved it. Then he played it for his staff, guys in their twenties, and they said, 'Well, what are we going to do with it?'"


Anonymous said...

What the hell did the photographer say to them before that shot?? "I fucked your mothers"?

Anonymous said...

"I" have a question and it's not 'what's your favorite FM song'

Does the age thing bother anyone else? It does me.
I ''can't'' get behind the idea of 65 year old rock stars being worthy of seeing. Yes, I have guilt. No, it's not the ticket prices. Yes, it's cool they're doing 'Sisters'
I've seen every tour since '82 but isn't there an expiration date? Sure, 65 year olds can perform, but it's not real rock and roll, or fresh. It's maybe 2 new songs and performers and an audience holding onto agelessness that doesn't exist. They've aged. 65, for me, is an embarrassing age to be touring like when they were 30, it's like they're in denial and so are the audiences. 65 is just ''too old''- in my mind. Tell me why I'm wrong. I want to be wrong. I saw them when they were young and great, middle aged and fine, but dang it, OLD and rock and roll do not mix. And the audiences...loyal, but a bit sad. These are old people, now. I buy everything FM, SN and LB. But for me, it's one tour too many.
Still, I hope they are good and audiences are pleased. ''Any'' similar feelings? We've all seen family at age 65- or some of us have- this is not a rocking age... Have fun to all going, but with no new album, and 90% of the material the same, it's just old people pretending they still are what they WERE and they're not. That's why a new cd was key. It's a pointless tour the way it's being done and they are too old to record, apparently, but go for touring at an age when they're just foolish looking doing the same old songs. It's sad. I ''can't'' pretend 65 is not 65 and that they can and not offer new music- a full cd's worth- means they are not a functioning band. They're old folks doing the old songs and it's creepy. Disagree with me, and many must, as the tour is said to be selling- but does anyone feel similar?

Anonymous said...

I think as long as anyone can perform their 'job', they should be allowed to do it as long as they want/can. These guys in age might be older, but guaranteed, they are 20 years younger mentally.

Maury said...

It's simple. Blues players perform music until they drop dead. Long live Fleetwood Mac players, amen.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate your honesty and I feel the same way. Personally, I'm a big fan of Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA, who has just released a modern sounding new single at age 62. It's being regarded as a BIG EVENT in Europe as Abba is second only to the Beatles there.

As for Stevie and FM, her voice just isn't what it was - and I'm not saying this to be mean, but for Chrissakes! listen up! The nasality, the thinness, the strident quality - ugh! In contrast, Agnetha sounds incredible because, contrary to Stevie's current nonsense argument (we never stopped so therefore we never got out of practice), she lived her life and rested her voice.

Stevie is funny, compelling, charming and very articulate in her quirky way when she taks. I prefer Stevie talking to Stevie singing these days. Not being mean, just real....

FatherOfTimeTickTickTickTickBOOM! said...

I don't mind anyone being out on the road playing, singing, doing whatever if they have a suitable product to promote. These Fleetwood Mac nostalgia tours however, make me cringe. If you've got a record, promo it. If you've got nothing, stay home and retire. I've got no time for resting on laurels here.

I'm not quite sure these 2 new tracks that Fleetwood Mac are releasing are reason enough to tour either. I didn't read all the info but are they both Lindsey Buckingham songs? If so then we know what they sound like already. Plucky, breathy stuff with zero chance of any mainstream success.

I'm so tired of songs ending in "Angel" from these people as well.

As for the state of Stevie's voice, well, I don't really have a problem with it - when she's singing proper songs with tune and melody and not sticking to the 1 note range she's using in You Can't Fix This (the absolute worst song of her career).

Stevie can still sing but it's like she doesn't bother. And I won't give credit to anyone for just doing something if it's not being done particularly well.


"Stevie is funny, compelling, charming and very articulate in her quirky way when she talks. I prefer Stevie talking to Stevie singing these days."

Holy cow! Are you serious? I absolutely can't listen to Stevie in interviews anymore. Half she says makes no sense at all! Over the past few years she doesn't really come off as all that nice either. Rather smug and kind of like she's got to a point where she believes all the praise people have thrown on her. I also can't stand how she talks about things from the 1970's as if the whole world knows and remembers what she's talking about. 99% of the general public have no idea what a "BuckinghamNicks" even is, yet she talks about it like it's the current water-cooler topic of interest.

Anonymous said...

Wow..Just wow..Amazing how bitter the posters are on this wonderful website. One of the un-friendliest bunch of so called "fans" on the internet. Sad, because this is an AMAZING website!

Anonymous said...

No, you're wrong. The Ledge is the unfriendliest. You're not allowed opinions over there. Maybe you might enjoy it?

This blog is one of the best because it allows everyone to have their say. Good or bad.

Anonymous said...

I think the lack of new music is a big downer.... And to be honest I am not really into spending the money to see Fleetwood Mac. That said, I AM into seeing Stevie Nicks, though I would prefer seeing her solo, I will take her anyway I can see her.... On the whole the entire band is nothing without her and if you had ever seen Stevie Nicks in concert on her own you would understand how the age thing where she is concerned does not matter at all!!
Compared to the pieces of lip syncing, auto tuned, cookie cutter crap that is today.. go see something magical and yes, AGELESS!!!! Even if it is her Mac band and not her usual, backing her .... GO STEVIE!!!!

Brian said...

Well all you people can have all these younger bands and artists and i will take stevie,lindsey and fleetwood mac, the tom pettys and all that of the 70's and 80's. Because this is real music and real artist and concerts. today artists lipsink and entertain they r not true artist. Look at taylor swift she can't sing live, beyondsa lipsinks at concerts and she not the only one that does it lots of them r doing it and I would be pissed to pay that kind of money to c that. and dancing and entertaining rather than having a true concert. These girls in todays world on stage are all half dressed and can't sing but win grammys. thats what sells today! u all can have that I will take the 70's and 80's!!!

Anonymous said...


First, learn how to communicate in a public forum. Are you 12?

Secondly, there's far more to modern music than Taylor Swift, "beyondsa", and "lipsinks"...

If you do a little searching there's still plenty of great artists out there worth supporting. Music didn't die in the 70's and 80's, it just seems you've chosen to give up listening. Your choice, of course, but you're the one missing out with your unnoticed devotion to people who are 99% past it.

Anonymous said...

no but u must be 12. y do u come on this website all u r is a negative person. u on this blog all the time and u r negative all the time. What r u jealous that they r still selling sold out tours at there age that speaks for itself. Icons!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that "Anonymous" is a screenname or something? You think every "Anonymous" post on here is the same person - me? How would you know how often an "Anonymous" user posts?

y u so rong bout ev-ting? cnt u c u no mak cent

Anonymous said...

2 the last post u must b 12 your not making any sense.

A Non A Muss Is Me said...

Age doesn't always mean someone can no longer make good music. The boys in AC/DC aren't springs chickens anymore but they can still make some damn good music. Then you have the Rolling Stones. I think half of them are dead (we all know Keith Richards is pickled) but they can still make good music and put on a fantastic show for their age. Tom Petty is another aging rock star that still has it. The Dead Sea was just getting sick when Bob Dylan was born but he's still got that "special thing" that made him a music legend.

While I don't really have much of a problem with rock stars aging and still working, I will say that, at some point, they should have the common sense to know when it is time to stop.

I've already pulled on my flame-resistant pants for what I'm about to say so respond accordingly.

Lindsey Buckingham needs to realize it's time for him to stop. He can no longer sing. He doesn't sing anymore. He breaths heavy and whispers everything these days. I feel like I should call 911 and the phone company to have a tap put on my phone after listening to an LB song anymore. His guitar work isn't the same as it used to be. While he still might be able to write a good song, his execution of it is weak, at best.

And Stevie? As someone has already said here, as long as she is singing properly, she can still give a good performance. There's absolutely nothing positive I can say about Stevie's participation in "You Can't Fix This". If the Dave Grohl and the FF weren't backing her up, there would be absolutely nothing good about that song. Bless the Foo's for the good backing music because Stevie sure wasn't bringing any talent into that track!

To the person who thinks this blog is "unfriendly", I've got to second the comment about the Ledge. Take a stop in there. They'll take a hit out on you for not agreeing with everything they say.

And, finally, to the people who insist on using "text speak" constantly: PLEASE SPEAK LIKE HUMAN BEINGS!!!! This is NOT Twitter. You have more than 140 characters to express yourself. Actually using the English language to its full potential opens up a wealth of possibilities to you. It also makes it SO much easier on those of us who actually do take the time to use our brains. Trust me, it doesn't take that much more time to actually use all three letters in the word "you" and the world will not stop just because you've expressed a coherent thought.

Anonymous said...

"2 the last post u must b 12 your not making any sense."

y nt? u (it wz u, rit?) sid dat im her all the time bing negitve all the time i wnted 2 no how u new all the negitve coments wre mine n how u no how often i post on hre.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I've already pulled on my flame-resistant pants for what I'm about to say so respond accordingly. Lindsey Buckingham needs to realize it's time for him to stop. He can no longer sing. He doesn't sing anymore. He breaths heavy and whispers everything these days...His guitar work isn't the same as it used to be. While he still might be able to write a good song, his execution of it is weak, at best."


Did you see him on tour during SWS? Or during his ONE MAN SWS tour? He was hands down THE BEST solo act (of any guitarist from a mainstream rock band) that I've EVER attended. Between his two tours last year I went to 12 of his shows total. Dude has an incredible voice for a guy, and can play guitar better than he can sing. Shut us Down, SWS, Rockaway Blind (heard it once), Come--and practically every song--were stellar. Fuck, Shut us Down was transcendent.

So I can't disagree with your statement more. I was just talking with a painter the other day about SWS & IYD...and told him that what excited me the most, was that we're going to have Lindsey for many more years to come. Because I see no signs of him slowing down, and the man has the mother*ucking legs to do it.

-This from from a Stevie fan (first and foremost) and someone who has been to a shit ton of concerts thanks to friends and family in industry (comps comps comps)

Anonymous said...

Lindsey Buckingham has an incredible voice for someone without any vocal talent. His whispering and screeching is the stuff of legend, and will go down in history as the sound of the dog whistle downfall.

The poster a few spots up got it right about the heavy breathing. Sounds more like an obscene phone call than singing.


So pretentious.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey has a great voice. What's wrong with you people? So much for the fans here....

Anonymous said...

He should consider autotune. Autotune is amazing. It makes everyone sound good, even people who normally sound terrible/can't sing. No wonder so many people have flop records now without it. It really is the best thing to hit the music scene since the harp.

Anonymous said...

I read some of those criticisms of Lindsey's voice and went to YouTube for Bass Hall and One Man Show performances to see if his voice sounded bad - which I've NEVER experienced with Lindsey before. Well, his voice is still wonderful. I don't understand this vicious attack on Lindsey's voice!!!! He sounds GREAT. Stevie is far more problematic, but that's not what we're taling about!!! Lindsey can stil sing wonderfully and play phenomenally. It's Stevie that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Obviously everyone is going to have a different opinion on these things, but I'd say it's more about how they sing than if they can or cannot sing.

Stevie uses 1 note - "You Can't Fix This" - and in her setlist she only keeps songs around that can be done in that 1 note. We all know she can do better, but she doesn't. The result is flat and harsh and I personally wouldn't bother to go see her live anymore. And I wouldn't ever pay to own something as truly terrible as "You Can't Fix This". It's just... I don't even know what. Terrible. The vocals and the lyrics, too. There's not a single track in her entire catalog that I would consider as bad as this one.

As for Lindsey, it's much the same. Think back to Tango and Out Of The Cradle... the vocal performance was great. Top notch. Even on The Dance it's way up there. But over the past few years, LB has changed how he sings entirely, too. It's all whispering and too much breath - as mentioned above.

I'll be honest and say that I've not given his recent songs much attention because the singing style is so annoying for me. His last 2 records have been played a grand total of 4 times around here, and I just can't bring myself to go back. In fact, I'm quite sure I'll never take them off the shelf again.

So again, it's not that Stevie and Lindsey can't sing, it's that they don't sing like themselves anymore.

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