Friday, June 21, 2013

CNN Interview: ONE-ON-ONE WITH FLEETWOOD MAC - Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood

CNN's Carol Costello spoke with the band, Fleetwood Mac, about their success, the drama and their new songs. CNN


Anonymous said...

While a Broadway musical based on the story and songs of Fleetwood Mac sounds interesting, the trouble would be the same as the proposed film version of Stevie's life; nobody could ever come close to capturing what Stevie does. Thank goodness it will hopefully never be Lindsay Lohan or Reese Witherspoon. Neither would do Stevie justice, and I can't imagine anyone ever will.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the guys have a good perspective on things, but the fly in the ointment is Stevie and her colossal ego. Don't get me wrong - I love Stevie. But she's hung up on the past and certain thresholds of what it means to be "successful" (e.g. - selling 2 million "albums" - although the format is obsolete) and she seems to want to rest on her laurels and/or never do another album because it won't reach the heights "moir" (she used the term) is used to. It's nonsense - but try telling Stevie that.

Personally, I'm starting not to care. Agnetha Faltskog just came out with a new album and it's wonderful - and it was made for the right reasons (they've sold 375 million records - just behind the Beatles). Why is Stevie so insecure? Why doesn't she believe in Fleetwood Mac anymore, even though they are sure to sell more together than she ever could solo?

I don't understand Stevie's attitude - it's number 1 or it's not worth doing - even though some of her solo effort were hardly stellar - particularly STREET ANGEL. Stevie is terrified of failure, but she's failing in direct proportion to her terror. Do another album. Take time. Work with Lindsey. Be creative. it will be good. Don't worry so much.

I have the feeling there will never be another Fleetwood Mac album - but don't blame Lindsey. At this point, it's Stevie who's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Stevie is a woman scorned. Don't forget it, because it's key to her worldview - even if it was SHE who dumped Lindsey. It's getting very tiresome that she can't move past this - it makes her writing very immature for a woman in her 60's. Stevie - YOU dumped HIM!!! That was YOUR choice and you must live with it I'm sick of this nostalgia for Lindsey - who's a troubled but nice guy. What about Henley, what about Iovine, what about Walsh? Stevie lays all of the blame on Lindsey, even though it was she who dumped him. It's very tiresome. Stevie needs to invent another perspective or give it up - I certainly don't want to hear another batch of songs about how awful Lindsey was. You could have stopped taking coke, moved to Phoenix and had babies with Lindsey - but you didn't, Stevie. And it's NOT his fault. It's YOURS. Get over it!

Anonymous said...

Stevie isn't perfect but who cares? She makes great music and enriches our lives. Thank you, Stevie, we love you faults and all. Keep on rocking, we'll be listening.

Anonymous said...

why the stevie bashing? she is the queen, and always will be to all her fans. i love fleetwoodmac but i do perfer stevie!!!

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