Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review | Videos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Sacramento by Rock Subculture

Fleetwood Mac at Sleep Train Arena Sacramento, California 
July 6, 2013 (Concert Review)
By Jason Debord

It isn’t often that real, genuine rock and roll legends come into my hometown of Sacramento to perform in concert, but after last night’s Fleetwood Mac show at Sleep Train Arena, they’ve set the bar quite high for any act to follow.  Have loved this band since I was a kid, but have never seen them live, so this was an eagerly anticipated show for me.  I did see Lindsey Buckingham on his own last year, and Stevie Nicks with Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players earlier this year, so have had bursts of greatness, which really fed my desire to see them together as Fleetwood Mac even more.  As amazing as those other performances had been, they did not prepare me for the magic of having their best line-up (unfortunately sans Christine McVie) on stage together.  I think it cements Lindsey Buckingham as the true rock God of the 70s/80s generation and Stevie Nicks, fittingly, as the rock Goddess.  Mick Fleetwood is like Zeus (or maybe a mad pirate), with twin balls hanging (in a dangling/dancing sort of way) from his belt.  John McVie is content to leave center stage to the others, throwing down his bassline and keeping everything on the tracks as much as possible.  This is a band who know who they are, and haven’t strayed from their identity in sound or fashion.  What really hit home is how much they appreciate their fans, which was expressed not just in the performance but in eloquent statements from Nicks and Fleetwood to close out the show, calling us their “Dreamcatchers”, and really articulating the music fan/musician dynamic better than I’ve ever heard before.  This date closed out the U.S. leg of their tour, and certainly inspires one to start following them around Europe later this year…

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Anonymous said...

Excellent quality. Thank you for posting. For people like myself unable to attend, we can still savor in the moments!!

Anonymous said...

Stevie and Lindsey appear to be having such a great time this time around on the road. Great energy coming from both of them!

Unknown said...

Why the hell are these shows not being filmed?!

I hope they have sense enough to film the shows in London with Christine and release it on DVD/Blueray. It can be our final adieu to Christine.

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