Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Christine McVie Spotted at Radio2 in London - Tuesday

Hmmm.... Not sure what to make of this... But it appears Christine was being interviewed about something yesterday in London at Radio2.

Kim Wilde tweeted that she loved bumping into Christine again... Kim Wilde and Christine both attended the Ivor Novello Awards ceremony last May 16th in London where they shared a table.

Bring it on Christine... We are ready for whatever you have to offer.


Unknown said...

Well there we have it: Christine WILL be performing at the London shows!

I repeat: EVERYONE at the London shows better record them!! I have a feeling this WILL be the last time we see them all onstage together. God I wish I lived in London!

Unknown said...

I hope you're going to make an appearance with Fleetwood Mac Christine...we all so deeply miss you!!!!

...."a temporary one, and the, bridge will bring us back together"....

Joseph Gould said...

Please, please, PLEASE let her join them on more than just "Don't Stop". But Jared's right... Somebody record it!!

Wouldn't it be great if it was professionally recorded and put out on DVD?!

Anonymous said...

Christine is looking great these days! Wish she would come to the states to play with FM. Would pay top dollar!

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