Friday, November 29, 2013

Three - The Christmas Pony #DancePonyDance Returns with Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere"

Socks the Three Pony Returns, and he's got into the spirit of Christmas

Who didn't love Socks? He's the moon walking Pony that was featured on Three's TV adverts earlier this year. Well, the good news is that he is returning to our screens this Friday and he's been getting in the Christmas spirit.

In Three's words 'He's back this Friday. And he's bringing tinsel'. He'll be dancing to Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere' once more, but this time around the advert has been spruced up for Christmas.

Everything has been covered with Winter snow and you should also spot a Christmas tree, a reindeer (or is it?) and even a Christmas-themed tractor. However, the real fun starts on Friday when Three will put their new PonyGifter website live.

On the site users will be able to choose to personalise a selection of all-singing, all-dancing eCards. They all feature the nations favourite Shetland Pony and you'll be able to send them to friends and loved ones.

Anyway, on with the new advert.


When 3's incredibly popular ad campaign featuring the little pony dancing to Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere" originally debuted in early 2013 it drove "Everywhere" back to the UK charts re-entering the Top 100 Singles Chart March 9, 2013 at No.87.  The song peaked the following week at No.15.  This gave Fleetwood Mac their first British Top 20 Hit in 25 years. "Everywhere" originally peaked at No.4 in April, 1998 and was Fleetwood Mac's last Top 20 British hit prior to this chart re-entry.  Could we be in for round two?  Cute ad!


lori wademan-rodrigue said...

love this

Unknown said...

Just saw the advert and it's very cute. It did make me wonder though - if Christine sold all of her publishing rights to her music when she left Fleetwood Mac who is the lucky person that's making the revenue from the advert?

Anonymous said...

Christine will still receive royalties for this advert. Selling her publishing does not mean she won't receive monies. She will recieve less, but, she will make something from it.
stevie mentioned in Mojo that there was some tension to be worked out between lindsey and Christine. Don't know if that was over her appearing on stage or in general. Make me wonder if she sold her publishing close to someone in the band??? I'm sure she had attorneys with her negotiating the terms.
Anyway, it's a very nice advert.

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