Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Spoiler Video First Look: @StevieNicks and Lily Rabe Shawl Twirl Together It's Epic! #AmericanHorrorStory

Something wickedly amazing this way comes!
by Tierney Bricker

Stevie Nicks makes her American Horror Story: Coven debut in the appropriately titled "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks," airing tomorrow night, and we've got your exclusive first look at the singer-songwriter in action.

So what brings the Fleetwood Mac singer to New Orleans? She's there to sing (!) with her number one fan Misty Day (Lily Rabe) and to wish her luck with the Seven Wonders, a test which will prove the hippie swamp witch is the coven's next Supreme. In our exclusive sneak peek, Nicks makes Misty's dreams come true when she teaches her how to shawl-twirl. Oh, and she gifts Misty with one of her legendary shawls as well. Who needs the Seven Wonders when you have One Stevie Nicks Shawl?!

Click through and watch the video! and read more about Stevie's shawl.

You get what sounds like them just finishing up singing "Rhiannon" and then they twirl... and Stevie wishes Misty good luck with the Seven Wonders.



Anonymous said...

So, based on what Misty says, looks like she's singing "Rhiannon." That's too bad. We've all heard her sing the piano version many times….Hope the supposed second song is something more interesting. Overall, the clip was fun. Loved the look on Jessica Lange's face: "Is this twirling thing for real???"

Joseph Gould said...

I'm guessing that the second song will be Seven Wonders. Misty's going to face the 'Seven Wonders' and I'm guessing that she'll do that in the final episode - when Stevie will return and sing Seven Wonders... That, or it's Fireflies. I really don't see how Silver Springs is relevant to the show.

Anonymous said...

Stevie is singing Rhiannon and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

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