Thursday, May 01, 2014

Go Hard or Go Home... Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart Crank Out 15 New Tracks in Nashville!

From bunny... to bear... Whatever it takes, Stevie and Dave are gettin' the job done! 

This sounds really encouraging... The fact that they have 15 songs done in a week and a half is pretty remarkable!.... Hopefully we get to hear all 15!


Anonymous said...

15 songs... Maybe 11-12 for a solo album, 3-4 for Fleetwood Mac?

Anonymous said...

Wauw, I do hope we get all of them to hear and enjoy

MplsMike said...

I am skeptical she will give any of these tracks to Fleetwood Mac as she has said she likes to keep her two worlds separate. Her Fleetwood Mac contributions will have a different vibe/energy than the solo record tracks. I would bet she's already given Lindsey and Christine her demos she's going to contribute to Fleetwood Mac's album.

This is a very, very good year for us though ... new Fleetwood Mac record in the works (likely early 2015 for release, although I hope we get another small EP prior to the tour just to give us a taste), a new Stevie Nicks album, new memoirs, and what I'm sure will be a fantastic tour!

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