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Stevie Nicks reveals upcoming new album details... 17 so-called "trunk" songs

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New BMI icon on first full Fleetwood Mac reunion in 16 years, new solo album and acting on 'American Horror Story'

Stevie Nicks/Musician, on the reunion of the full superstar configuration of Fleetwood Mac: "Well, Christine (McVie) just decided to come back. She called. We were in Europe last year at the end of the year and she called me and said, 'What would you think if I decided to come back to the band?' And I'm like, 'Well, you've convinced us over 16 years that you were never coming back. You finally, actually convinced us. So, are you kidding?' And she said, 'I'm not kidding.' And I said, 'Well, Chris, have you seen us in concert lately? Because you should see us, because it's very physical. It's almost three hours, and you have to kind of be an athlete. So, get a trainer.' And she did! She did, totally! So she's, like, rockin.' So she's very excited, and we are very excited for her. "

Steve Nicks/Musician, on reviewing her own compositions: 
"There's no fluff songs in my songs. And they all meant a lot to me and they were all written about somebody else or about me or about the world or about the country or, you know, there's no just playful no-big-deal songs."

"It's a very, very heavy thing to look back at all the things you've done, especially when that's between 15 years old and 66 years old, and, then, tomorrow, it all starts again with a whole other thing."

Stevie Nicks/Musician, on the material for her upcoming solo album:

"We went on to YouTube and we found all the songs that, somehow, were taken from my house or picked up or loaned out or whatever, and we picked up all the songs that like -- there was like 25 songs that the fans really wanted me to record, and we picked 18. And we went to Nashville and we recorded 17 songs. So they're like all starting from like 1969 maybe? I call them my 24-carat gold songs."

Stevie Nicks/Musician, on acting opposite actress Jessica Lange in "American Horror Story: 
Coven": "She's amazing. And, so, I just watched her a lot, you know? And I sang, 'Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You' to her, probably like 20 times. And she cried every time. And it was like, 'Oh my god!' It was -- the fact that Ryan (series co-creator and -producer Ryan Murphy) brought me into that was such a gift - nothing like that probably will ever happen to me like that again. 'American Horror Story: Coven'! It's like my dream, you know. (laughs.)"


Stevie Nicks thought former Fleetwood Mac bandmate Christine McVie was pulling her leg.

"She called when we were in Europe at the end of last year," explained Nicks. "And (she) said, 'What would you think if I decided to come back to the band?' And I'm like, 'Well, you've convinced us over 16 years that you were never coming back. You finally, actually convinced us. So, are you kidding?'"

She wasn't.

McVie had conquered a longtime fear of flying -- a fear so crippling that, in 1998, it forced her to retire from one of the world's busiest touring bands.

McVie spent most of the time between then and now at her mansion in rural northern England.

With McVie's return, Fleetwood Mac is finally back to its most successful configuration, also including Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and Christin's ex-husband John McVie.

Out of the gate, they produced the multi-million selling albums "Fleetwood Mac" (1975) and "Rumours" (1977) and such pop classics as "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)" "Say You Love Me," "Go Your Own Way" and "Dreams."

Many of Fleetwood Mac's hits were written by Nicks, who, Tuesday night, was honored with the Icon award from music-rights management group Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) for her body of work both with the band and solo, also including the songs "Landslide," "Gypsy," "Edge of Seventeen" and "Stand Back."

To prep for her acceptance speech, Nicks, 66, reviewed her own songbook.

"There's no fluff," she noted. "There's no just-playful, no-big-deal songs."

"It's a very, very heavy thing to look back on what you've done," Nicks continued. "And, then, tomorrow, it all starts again."

There's a solo album on the way, with 17 so-called "trunk" songs -- things Nicks had written and, in some cases, performed over the years that fans requested be properly recorded and put into an album. A new Fleetwood Mac album is coming, too, as well as a big Mac tour, beginning 30 September in Minneapolis.

Nicks said she warned McVie to expect a very different experience on stage, "'It's very physical. It's almost three hours. You have to kind of be an athlete, so get a trainer.' And she did! She did, totally! And she's like rockin.'"

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Anonymous said...

Very exciting news! Cannot wait to hear what was selected. I hope we get all 17 of them. She should do another elbum where she just remasters what she recorded years ago - Julia, Joan of Arc, She Loves Him Still, Jimmy Come On Back already sound "properly recorded."

Anonymous said...

Julia, China Doll and The Dealer please!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent news! This is what fans want!

Anonymous said...

If you are a Stevie Nicks fan and have followed her career, this is a very exciting development. Pair that with the new FM tracks and, WOW, this is going to be a fun time.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awesome news! I'm really hoping for the rock version of "Running Through the Garden"...what Lindsey did to it on "Say You Will" is borderline criminal!!

Anonymous said...

This is totally awesome news!! I love when she writes her own songs they are so much more intense!! Thanks Stevie

Anonymous said...

Great news, although I hope she loses the "24 Karat" part of the title.
Sounds a little tacky/Vegasy for me.
I like Trunk Songs better. Sounds like a Bob Dylan album.

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeaaaase "Have no Heart" and "Forest of the Black Roses"!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want Love You Enough (My Love is Never Lost)!! A possible ballad for concerts!!

Unknown said...

Those two are fabulously dark excellent songs. Maybe next time! 💖🎩🔮💋

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