Monday, August 04, 2014

Fleetwood Mac begin rehearsals this week.

Fleetwood Mac are stocking up the rehearsal space... Photos by Drew Foppe

"63 guitars/basses thus far in rehearsals. 
We will see what the total is after today when the guys bring in even more with them!"


Anonymous said...

I guess there is more buss about stevie's solo cd!

MplsMike said...

At this point yes. We've known about the Mac tour since January. There will be more buzz about Fleetwood Mac once the tour starts, once we start to hear some new Mac tunes, and once they actually start to record next year.

Anonymous said...

While nice to see, rehearsals for another oldies tour, even if it's with all 5 this time, is not nearly as exciting as if they were about to release that new album they've been working on since 2012, and rehearse some of the new songs. :(

Anonymous said...

Since the last real studio album was clear back in 2003, it is reassuring that the next studio album will have Christine on it. Some think her love songs are a bit sappy, but her contributions and keyboards really do balance out with Lindsey's eccentricities and Stevie's mystical is a trio that blends well....Let's just hope there is more lush vocal harmonies and that full "background" Fleetwood Mac sound we all loved so what was on the white album and Rumours. The excitement of the newness of these 5 may never be back at the level of when they first got together....but it is possible that they could create another masterpiece.

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