Friday, July 29, 2016

Fleetwood Mac Benefit Concert Live at Dodger Stadium July 28, 2016

Fleetwood Mac Benefit Concert Live at Dodger Stadium July 28, 2016

Photos: Los Angeles Dodgers - Instagram
Fleetwood Mac performed live for the first and only time in 2016 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala Presented by The Los Angeles Dodgers Ownership Group. They played their main setlist with Don't Stop being the last song which is typically part of the encore. It was reported that about 1,500 people were in attendance. They sounded a little rusty after not performing live for a while - but none the less great! 

01. The Chain
02. You Make Loving Fun
03. Dreams
04. Second Hand News
05. Rhiannon
06. Everywhere
07. Bleed to Love Her
08. Tusk
09. Sara
10. Say You Love Me
11. Big Love
12. Landslide
13. Never Going Back Again
14. Think About Me
15. Gypsy
16. Little Lies
17. Gold Dust Woman
18. I'm So Afraid
19. Go Your Own Way
20. Don't Stop

Watch the show from Tom Hall's perspective on Periscope

Part 1 (33:27min)

Part 2 (1hr 14min)

On Snapchat check out: and John Mayer: johnthekangaroo for more footage.


Baruch said...

I'm looking forward to watching the videos...have to say, in this photo, Stevie you look 30! Is there a painting in your attic? ;-)

Unknown said...

It would have been so Awesome to have been there!!!

Anonymous said...

Are they now finishing off an album or is Stevie doing another solo project????

Have to say that Ms Nicks shines in this show but Ms McVie is sounding rather past it........

anonymous said...

So cool that they are doing a show so "randomly". But why would they play an entire stadium to only 1500 people? There's a very obvious lack of energy in such an enormous space. It reminds me of old bootleg rehearsal videos from the Mirage and Tusk tours. Seems like a huge waste to limit their audience to only 1500 if this really is their one and only live 2016 show. Even if it's a benefit show with pricey stage-side tickets for the elite, at this point in their careers, knowing there are millions of fans still desperate to see them live at any chance, why don't they agree to do the benefit show and also sell out the whole arena at regular price, then donate the money to charity? Or am I confusing a "private" event with a "benefit" event?

And those pop up comments sure are annoying. Nothing of substance is said and they block the video. I guess periscope is still in the gimmick stage? Is there an option to turn off those comments from appearing on the screen? If so, I recommend it!

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