Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Mick Fleetwood Interview... Talks Maui Gallery, Future of Fleetwood Mac and New Music


As far as Fleetwood Mac is concerned, you guys wrapped up a world tour – your first in more than a decade with Christine McVie back in the fold – a little less than a year ago. What does the future hold for the band?

Well, we're all dedicated to getting together about a year or so from now and going and doing another two years of touring all over the world, probably. And we also have a huge amount of recorded music. A huge amount. None of it's with Stevie. Or very little. Some of it is very, very old stuff that Lindsey maybe did with her years and years ago. We're not quite sure what will happen with it. But you know, doing this band is a huge investment. We're only off the road for less than a year, and when you add in the time it takes to put a tour together, do rehearsals, get it up and running, the whole thing, it's three years that you don't do anything else. And Stevie has her own life and career and I think … you know, she just doesn't want to spend the time right now. And we're quietly saddened about that but also I sort of understand.

Do you think there will be a new record?

I really don't know. The hope was that there was going to be. I do know that when Christine came back, she came back with a bag full of goods. She fucking wrote up a storm. She and Lindsey could probably have a mighty strong duet album if they want. In truth I hope it will come to more than that.

So nothing's planned ... but it could happen.

There's always a "could happen" [laughs]. But one thing that's for sure — there really are dozens of songs. And they're really good. And so you think, "Shit, I don't want it to be that, decades later, when we're all pushing up daisies, someone hears this stuff and goes, 'Well, that should have come out!'" So we'll see.

Full interview by Richard Bienstock at Rollingstone


MplsMike said...

Mick likes to shoot off at the mouth from time to time. Even after reading the full interview I would like to see the quotes that were left out. As much as Mick loves to talk and go on and on, there's no way that is a full conversation.

Stevie has something in the wings - there's speculation of a fall solo tour with Chrissie Hynde. I'm sure once that goes public the press will be asking Stevie for details on the rest of 2016, her plans for 2017, and her take on Fleetwood Mac's next record. Stevie has never said "I don't want to make that record." Since they're not making it right now all that means is she's simply not feeling it right now, and while that's disappointing it should be respected.

On With The Show just went along WAY too long. The second North American leg of 43 additional shows was too much. Go to YouTube and watch videos from the first North American leg that ended in December 2014, then compare to the end of the second NA leg, which ended in either June or July 2015, then go and watch shows from Europe and AU/NZ. Stevie isn't the only one who looks worn out and unhappy by the end. Most of the energy Christine displayed at the beginning was gone. Both Stevie and Christine had songs removed (how sad that Europe didn't get to see "Seven Wonders"). There isn't much camera focus on John McVie in most of the YouTube videos, but he looks like he's run ragged, and it's not the cancer treatments it's clearly exhaustion.

They've been off the road for nearly a year, but when you factor in time to rest, it isn't all that hard to believe that Stevie would want a little break from them. Ever since it started, her solo career has been where she draws most of her creative inspirations. She's not said no to this Mac record, and until she does publicly. And if she had "no, definitely not ever" in private, I'm pretty sure Mick would have blurted that out and RS would have printed that quote and the headline far more salacious. So let her be, let her do her thing, let her charge her batteries and her creativity, and come back to Mac with several brand new songs rather than a handful of demos the band likely rejected years ago.

This also gives the other members time to pursue their own creative solo projects. Christine talked about another solo record at one point. We know she doesn't do solo shows, so she could easily pump out a solo record before Stevie returns to the Mac. Lindsey and Mick have projects going. It's not like they're all sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

The record will happen when it's meant to.

Brian said...

Its a tough thing cuz I love stevie forever and totally get it she has almost as just as successful solo career as with the mac. She was tried and needed rest she goes from one gig to the other with non stop without taking breaks. she needed time away. It will be interesting in the next 6 months on what she will do next because there is so much she wants to do still. but time is running out as they get older and start having health issues. (hopefully not) its been nearly 5 yrs. without a solo tour. But yet Chris is back and the new album thing. It will be interesting to see what is planned next, in her mind.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Chris take her songs and have Lindsey produce a solo CD, maybe with him as guest artist on a few tunes. I think chances for a new Mac CD are slim. But the music shouldn't be locked away if it's good!

As for FM, I think they have nothing to prove and I'd be fine seeing them disband, letting all the creatives go and fully live their lives as each wanted to do. They had a great run, but personally, I can't handle another Greatest Hits tour. Stop while you still have some dignity, and move on to other creative projects. I'd love to see Cameron Crowe do a Mac movie; or finally get a book from Stevie or Lindsey.

Anonymous said...

I rather hear the new music without Stevie. When she's ready to do a record then they can cut some really new material. I have had enough stevie nicks solo records, we've waited (or its been 28 years) since we have heard from the Mac with this line- up. I think the music should be released as a Mcvie/Buckingham album if Nicks need to pursue something else.

Anonymous said...

I think the Mac needs to stop and remember it's all about the music. Enough with the egos and posturing. You are songwriters and musicians. Create.

Anonymous said...

After touring for what seemed like an eternity they all need that rest another really huge tour is coming. Stevie Nicks has always supported FM and has ALWAYS been there for them even after Lindsey left in 1987 Stevie was there for them. I am 72 years old and have been a FM and Stevie Nicks fan half my life and I do remember a lot of their history. When Christine left and took a 16 year vacation Lindsey and Stevie where there for FM. I loved it when it was just Stevie and Lindsey - I thought I died and went to heaven. They were meant to be together as a duo always. Sad to say I did not miss Christine at all. If Stevie wants to relax and do something different whether solo or with other artists I will always support and be there for this beautiful woman. So Stevie your fans will always be here for you. I know Stevie will not let the Mac down. Did you hear that Mick?

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