Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Alternate Fleetwood Mac "Tango In The Night" Released for Record Store Day

Fleetwood Mac The Alternate Tango In The Night

Similar to last year's Record Store Day where Fleetwood Mac released the alternate "Mirage" album by taking the previously issued CD from the duluxe edition reissue and making it a stand alone album, Fleetwood Mac will once again bust out the alternative album cd from 2017's deluxe reissue of "Tango In The Night". For the very first time, these alternate tracks will make their way to vinyl for this years Record Store Day on April 21st. Warner Bros. will press 4,000 copies of the vinyl for the US and 8,500 in total worldwide.

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An album of alternate takes from the Tango In the Night Deluxe Edition, originally released in 2017.  Includes early versions and demos of “Tango In The Night” and “Seven Wonders”. On vinyl for the very first time. Worldwide run of 8,500. 

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Stefan said...

Any news about the tracklist? Any Stevie Demos included?

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