Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fleetwood Mac reveals why Lindsey Buckingham was ousted

Fleetwood Mac reveals why Lindsey Buckingham was ousted

Fleetwood Mac, which has sold more than 100 million records, is announcing a new tour today that kicks off in October. But lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham won't be on it. 

In its more than 50 years as a band, Fleetwood Mac has become famous for its dysfunction and turmoil. But the announcement this month that Buckingham was ousted from the band still came as a shock.

For the first time, band members tell CBS News what happened. This week the new lineup was still getting to know each other, reports CBS News correspondent Anthony Mason.
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Brian said...

Ok so what I got from this with Lindsey not touring is if anyone who knows this band very well and know the history of Fleetwood mac and more indebt Lindsey & Stevie sage. This is rebelling from Stevie not being apart of the new album back in 2016 about close to 2yrs ago and Mick states that they were waiting for Lindsey to sign the tour contract for about a 1 and a half yr ago. We all know that the tour has been in the work for about the same time Stevie decided not to be apart of the album. This is Lindsey way of getting back at Stevie. Just like back in 1987 with tangle in the night album. Stevie did in the 11th hr. came in and did a couple songs but really never was apart of that album and Lindseys way of getting back at her was to cancel not going out on tour and left the band. pretty much the samething here. At the end of this Mr mason says that maybe at the end of this they might do some new music. That's coming from Stevie. She did not when Lindsey was producing. But now she does this is her way of throwing another dagger at Lindsey. Just my 2 cents into this.

Carlos Fernández said...

It looks this situation quite similar 30 years ago when Fleetwood Mac experimented certain trasformation replacing Lindsey with Rick Vito and Billy Burnette. Today is 2018 and the band has to move on I undestand that but I think the real success came from Lindsey-Stevie to the Macs from 1975 and breaks after 1987 Fleetwood Mac with Lindsey out. Once more in 1997 Fleetwood Mac came back powerful selling million records with The Dance...and finally Christine's gone... All these years the band needed to sell a new studio álbum which never came out...

Appart of the conflicts and tensions I believe that this is another period of evolution bringing back in the future concerts forgotten tracks as As Long As You Follow, No Question Asked, Save Me and others where Lindsey was not taking part plus Stevie's solo material.. Probably is sad for many of us that Lindsey is not part of this Tour 2018-19 or as official member now but somehow Fleetwood Mac will survive and will be still a fantastic band.

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