Wednesday, May 02, 2018

A Conversation with Fleetwood Mac

Listen to Andy Greene's audio interview with all the members of Fleetwood Mac the formed the basis of his Rollingstone interview piece from last week.

Where did Lindsey Buckingham go? As they prep for a new tour, the members of Fleetwood Mac explain it all to Andy Greene.

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Baruch said...

Wow...a lot of BS was slung in this interview...notably Stevie and Mick scrambling to make it sound like Lindsey's firing is all AOK, Stevie dancing around the package deal in the original "Stevie and Lindsey join FM"'s pretty clear from this interview that whatever really happened is not being revealed, and there is guilt and shame about it on the part of Stevie and Mick. It seems like a pretty lame way to end, and a disrespect to the legacy of Fleetwood Mac.

Brian said...

Ya I agree there is something more to the story and as they say there are 2 sides to the story and we have not heard Lindseys side yet he will share soon because he has a new album coming out soon.

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