Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Check it out... Fleetwood Mac on The Ellen Show

Watch Fleetwood Mac Debut New Lineup With ‘Ellen’ Performances
Band plays “The Chain” and “Gypsy” in first televised appearance with new guitarists Mike Campbell (of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and Crowded House’s Neil Finn.

The televised appearance marked the longtime band’s first time playing live alongside guitarists Mike Campbell, formerly of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Crowded House’s Neil Finn, both of whom stepped in after Fleetwood Mac fired Lindsey Buckingham in April.

Both guitarists featured prominently in the performances, flanking to the left and right of Stevie Nicks; on both “The Chain” and “Gypsy,” Finn handled the vocal parts previously sung by Buckingham, particularly on “The Chain,” where Finn and Nicks showcased their budding vocal chemistry.

The unveiling of the new Mac comes with just under a month before the lineup embarks on a North American tour that begins October 3rd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 52-date trek keeps the ever-changing band on the road until April 2019.

“There are 10 hits we have to do,” Nicks previously told Rolling Stone of the tour. “That leaves another 13 songs if you want to do a three-hour show. Then you crochet them all together and you make a great sequence and you have something that nobody has seen before except all the things they want to see are there. At rehearsal, we’re going to put up a board of 60 songs. Then we start with number one and we go through and we play everything. Slowly you start taking songs off and you start to see your set come together.”

Buckingham will launch his own solo trek in October.




Unknown said...

I seriously miss one can compare... Fleetwood Wood Mac will always be my favorite band..

Unknown said...

Not the same Mac don't sound right

Unknown said...

Crap.....don't sound the same Mac

Unknown said...

Sounding great FM - Hope you tour Australia... Love you guys <3

Anonymous said...

The Chain not bad but not sung with the same angnst like Lindsey. Still would go to their show, though.

BoselyBoo33 said...

The players may have changed a bit and the new style may take some getting used to, but when you put it all together, wrap it up and present it in the uniquely Fleetwood Mac manner like they did here in the videos from The Ellen Show, you can't help but want to tap your feet and sing along, just like we always have and just like they knew we would !!! Fleetwood Mac is nothing if not still spectacular and I, for one, will be in the front row, center stage at their upcoming concert at the SAP Center in San Jose on Nov. 21st. Hope to see you all there. You won't be able to miss me...I'll be the one waving the Stevie mini-me cardboard cutout hoping for an autograph from this epic band!

Frans said...

Terrible! I rather prefer Billy Burnette and Rick Vito above this guys...

Anonymous said...

Dreadful. What can you say. Christine comes back to the band after 16 years, they do one tour and now think they can do what will most likely be their last tour without Lindsey. So sad, both of these songs sound horrible. Neil and Mike do not cut the mustard. The magic of Fleetwood Mac is those 5 people. And without Lindsey they should just call it quits. I would bet money that at every show people will start leaving half way though the concerts and they will come out to do encores to half empty arena's. How can the other 4 members think this sounds good? Have they all gone senile at once? I had bought tickets to 3 shows, and have already sold all of them. After 40 years of loving them like no other band and seeing them and Stevie solo over 100 times I was so anticipating this tour, but will not see this mess of a horrible cover band sounding act. They have insulted their fans worldwide to think we can't tell the difference. Lindsey's singing, guitar playing and his stage presence are too big a part of the band to replace with anyone. And Neil and Mike should feel humiliated that they are reduced to this, as should Mick, John, Christine and Stevie. Fleetwood Mac as we know them are dead.

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