Saturday, June 27, 2020

Fleetwood Mac UK and Ireland Album Charts Update

Fleetwood Mac soldiers on in the UK on the Top 100 albums chart. "50 Years - Don't Stop", now in it's 84th week in the Top 100, is currently at No.11 down from No.9 last week.  The 50 track compilation was released in November, 2018.

Rumours in this latest 172 week chart run of it's 884 overall weeks within the Top 100 since it's release is still within the Top 20 after re-entering seven weeks ago. This week the album is down to No.17 from No.14. On Vinyl, Rumours is at No.7, down from No.5 last week on the Top 40 Vinyl Albums Chart.

In Ireland, 50 Years - Don't Stop is up to No.9 from No.10 and Rumours up to No.15 from No.18 on the Top 50 Albums chart. 

In the US, Rumours is at No.70 on the Billboard Top 200 up from No.75 last week.
In Canada, Rumours is at No.50 on the Top 100 Albums Chart up from No.55 last week.

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