Sunday, June 30, 2024

Mick Fleetwood Confirms New Solo Album In The Works

Are Fleetwood Mac really finished?

Bob Mehr asked Mick Fleetwood 
Mojo Magazine  - August 2024

FOR MICK FLEETWOOD - the one constant figure and unwavering force during the entire 57-year journey of Fleetwood Mac- the last few years have been, by his own admission, a personal and professional challenge.

When the most recent incarnation of Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, and Stevie Nicks, aided by Neil Finn and Mike Campbell-played the last show of a year-long world tour in November 2019, the drummer didn't think it would be a final farewell.

"There was a full intention, without waiting too long, that we'd go and pick things back up." says Fleetwood. "That we'd play stadiums, big shows, and festivals... and then at that point it was heading towards us saying goodbye." 

However, in early 2020- just after Fleetwood led an all-star concert tribute to late Mac founder Peter Green at the London Palladium - lockdown scuttled further touring plans. An even bigger blow to the future of Fleetwood Mac came in November of 2022, with the death of Christine McVie.

Though Fleetwood is open to the idea of adding a final chapter to the band's story, he is mostly resigned to the fact that Fleetwood Mac, or as he puts it "the mothership", may be harboured permanently.

"It's been a strange time for me," admits Fleetwood. "Losing sweet Christine was catastrophic. And then, in my world, sort of losing the band too. And I [split] with my partner as well. I just found myself "licking my wounds."

Then, last summer, Fleetwood's adopted home of Maui, Hawaii-specifically the city of Lahaina - was ravaged by a series of wildfires that killed over 100 people, and destroyed some 80 per cent of its homes and businesses, including his long-running restaurant, Fleetwood's, on Front Street.

“It was a hardcore hit for everyone on this lovely little island," says Fleetwood. "I mean, we're just Lucky to be here, but there was a lot of terrible loss, lots of people without homes, people who were badly affected.”

Nearly a year after the fires, Fleetwood says the residents of Lahaina “are making progress. And people are coming back to the island, which gives us a lot of hope of coming through this. It just takes time. Even I’m starting to think about bringing back my crazy little restaurant. It was a place where people around here would gather and commune.”

More recently, Fleetwood saw solace and found, renewed inspiration and playing music again. “I had to just get off my bottom, “he says. “I was sitting around twiddling my fingers for a long time. I finally plugged into the fact that I’m a drummer, I need to go play.” Fleetwood confirms he’s in the middle of making a new solo record, his first in 20 years. “And believe it or not, I’m actually starting to sing so God help you,” he adds, laughing.

In between work on the project, Fleetwood will spend part of the summer in the UK, where he's planning on attending Nick‘s Hyde Park concert in July, as well as shows by recent bandmate Neil Finns group Crowded House, and his old pal, ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons.

"I'm gonna get myself a vicarious fix," says Fleetwood. "For once, I get to be a punter in the audience and see them do all the work."


Anonymous said...

I love to hear about you making music and meeting up with Stevie and some other great musicians soon! I miss You and the band. Especially Christine. It was like a punch in the stomach when I heard the news. She had a beautiful voice, great music a beautiful soul. I was able to see Fleetwood Mac twice when you were touring . And one more time when Neil Finn and Mike Campbell. I would love if you could get the gang together one last time. My thoughts and Prayers are still coming for Hawaii

Anonymous said...

Nice reading your update Mick, and thoughts, and possible plans. You and your club were/are such an integral part of living on Maui. I hope you do give more thoughts to re/open a new ‘Fleetwoods’…maybe in Kihei where there’s open club/restaurant spaces. The solo album is a GREAT idea, with you on drums you have lots of Maui rock ‘n rollers you’ve already played with here on Maui, you have a great vocalist in Gretchen Rhodes! Aloha, kenny barr.

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