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Fleetwood Mac Rumours and Greatest Hits this week on the Billboard Charts

Fleetwood Mac Charts A Top 10 Hit In America Once Again
Hugh McIntyre
Senior Contributor

Fleetwood Mac can always be found on several Billboard charts. Every week, the band appears on a number of lists of the bestselling and top-performing albums in the country. This time around, in addition to their successful full-lengths, one of the group’s most popular songs is present on one tally…and it’s given them a big hit once again.

“Dreams” rises one rung on the Rock Streaming Songs chart this week. The tune now sits at No. 10 on Billboard’s list of the most-streamed cuts in the U.S. that can be classified as “rock” when it comes to genre.

It’s not odd for a legacy act to see their most successful albums and compilations find space on the Billboard charts…but the same can’t be said for songs. Typically, singles have a shorter shelf life in the U.S. than full-lengths. While it’s not unheard of for a decades-old track to continue to chart, it’s also not common.

“Dreams” has thus far spent 228 weeks on the Rock Streaming Songs chart. The tune once climbed all the way to No. 1 in late 2020, when it went viral and became a smash all over again.

So far, “Dreams” stands as Fleetwood Mac’s only No. 1 on the streaming chart that focuses solely on rock. It’s one of the band’s two top 10s, as “The Chain” peaked at No. 5. Despite having a catalog filled with beloved titles, the band has only sent a trio of tunes to this roster. “Landslide” fills out their three wins, as it previously topped out at No. 14.

This week, “Dreams” is the only new entrant inside the top 10 on the Rock Streaming Songs chart. The other nine tracks that appear within the highest tier on the tally were already present in the region last frame, though there is some movement among the hits.

This week, Fleetwood Mac also appears on at least six other Billboard charts. The band’s masterpiece Rumours is falling on every list it carves out space on, though it’s not down by much on any of them. Their Greatest Hits compilation can also be found on several rosters, though not as many as Rumours.

Rumours and Greatest Hits this week on the Billboard Charts in the US 
(June 15, 2024 Billboard issue)

#6   (3) - Top Catalog Albums
#8   (6) - Top Rock Albums
#10 (6) - Top Vinyl Albums
#10 (8) - Top Rock & Alternative Albums
#19 (13) - Top Album Sales
#33 (32) - Billboard Canadian Top 100 Albums
#36 (31) - Billboard Top 200
#44 (46) - Greatest Hits
#48 (46) - Top Streaming Albums
#181 (178) - Greatest Hits

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