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Sunday, September 02, 2012

NEW Interview: Mick Fleetwood re-confirms Fleetwood Mac World Tour - Begins March 2013

Mick Fleetwood spoke with Mike St. James of The Eagle 92.9 about The Blues Masters Concert he was to Host on Friday August 31, 2012 in Lincoln Nebraska.  Mick sadly couldn't attend because of some personal issues that came up.

During the interview Mick talks about Lindsey's one man show plus Stevie touring with Rod which segues into Mick re-confirming next years Fleetwood Mac plans where come March, 2013 Fleetwood Mac will be starting a world tour with rehearsals set for January and February. Mike St. James asks Mick about the conflicting reports where Mick was quoted as saying he was pessimistic about Fleetwood Mac ever getting back together again [Playboy Magazine "The Ghost of Fleetwood Mac" April, 2012] vs Stevie's recent TV interview where she confirms the band will tour again in 2013.  Mick states that at the time he thought with Stevie working her solo album so hard playing all over the world, he said he figured she would need and want to take at least a year off as a break and was afraid it would be too late.  But said much to his surprise, Stevie's really excited to get back together to play. Christine Mcvie was talked about and Mick says there's no chance of Christine coming back.  They've let go of that hope many years ago.  Mick said she nearly came up on stage the last time they played Wembely in the UK in 2009.  But at the last minute she backed out and decided just to watch the show from the soundboard. 

So it looks like this tour could roll-out much in the same way the 2009 Unleashed Tour did where shows began in March, 2009.  Tickets and the first round of dates for that tour were announced in mid-December, 2008... If this tour follows the same path, we have a bit of time yet before we hear when and where the band will play.

Check out the full interview at The Eagle 92.9.  It's about 16 minutes long

Monday, July 30, 2012

MICK FLEETWOOD Coming To Lincoln, Nebraska - August 31st

MICK FLEETWOOD will be hosting The Bluesmasters Concert on Friday, August 31, 2012 at Haymarket Park in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Bluesmasters Concert Featuring The Allman Brothers Band and Master of Ceremonies, Mick Fleetwood.

Tickets Now on Sale for the Best in Blues and Rock, in Memory of Pinetop Perkins and Hubert Sumlin

When: Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 6 p.m. (Doors open 5 p.m.)

Where: Haymarket Park, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Guests include Otis Taylor and Eric Gales.

The Allman Brothers Band will be joined at this event by host Mick Fleetwood, best known for his role as the drummer and namesake of Fleetwood Mac, The Bluesmasters and Guests including Otis Taylor and Eric Gales, and Leon Russell and Elvin Bishop.