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Monday, November 11, 2013

Lindsey Buckingham "The ever youthful 64-year old singer/ guitarist fizzed and buzzed through his trip down memory lane"

Lindsey Buckingham Talks Music, Sky Arts One
AOR craftsman on how he sprinkled fairy dust over Fleetwood Mac's songs
by Russ Coffey
The Arts Desk

Sometimes TV doesn’t need to be “challenging” or “groundbreaking” to be thoroughly worthwhile. The first episode of Sky Arts new “…talks music” series saw the familar format of a live, seated interview applied to one of pop music’s highest achievers: Lyndsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. TV producer, Malcolm Gerrie led proceedings in an attractive theatre in front of an audience of students. Most memorable were some blistering live demonstrations of Buckingham’s craft.

Gerrie’s interview style may have been a little more One Show than Parkinson but still he kept the singer/guitarist well at ease. The ever-youthful 64-year-old fizzed and buzzed through his trip down memory lane. First, we learnt how he met Stephanie “Stevie” Nicks at high school when he was a music geek in the junior year, and she a feisty free spirit in the year above. The two met again a couple of years later and a romantic and musical union blossomed. After joining Buckingham's college band, the two then split to form Buckingham-Nicks.The singer's description of moving down to LA and scoring a record deal after six months conjured up images of palm trees and wide-eyed hope. Then, after hearing how Mick Fleetwood hired them almost on a whim, one imagined wild stories of Fleetwood Mac’s legendary excess to be just around the corner.

In the end, however, we didn’t get much gossip - at least not directly. Buckingham told us in broad terms how the studio during the recording of Rumours consisted of two pairs of feuding exes and a whole lot of drugs. But, for all the dirt he didn't spill about the personal dynamics, his manner and expression gave a vivid sense of the tension. Moreover, his dissection on the nuts and bolts of the album revealed the barbed subtexts to the words. Gerrie’s cue card then prompted a question on how the band survived the emotional and physical turmoil of this period. Buckingham’s reply was “youthful resilience”.

That still didn’t explain why he now look healthier than the others. Maybe it is just genetic? Buckingham’s healthy tan and cheerful philosophising certainy seemed like the product of alpha genes. Also his Californian manners betrayed no sense of the volatilite and difficult nature some have accused him of. Instead the impression he gave was of a well-centred man of huge natural talent - a craftsman whose forte is arranging and completing half-finished ideas. The various demonstrations he gave on an acoustic guitar prompted open-mouthed expressions of awe from the young audience. His rendition of "Big Love" was stunning.

Of course, after Rumours, the only way was down. When given the job of producing the follow-up, Tusk, Buckingham said he didn’t think it was worth even trying to compete with what had gone before. In a series of mischievous understatements he described how, despite the album being a creative success, the others took against him for his role in making it a, relative, commercial flop.

So, he then decided to look to solo albums for his personal expression. He called his own stuff the “small machine”, where instead of “bringing a script to the actors” he was able to “splash paint on canvass like an abstract artist”. At the end Gerrie asked Buckingham what his favourite Fleetwood Mac album was. The response was, predictably, Tusk. Unsurprisingly for such a thoroughly well-mannered chap, when then asked about his greatest achievement he said it was his children. Edgy stuff this series may not be but with the right guests – Tony Bennett next up looks promising – expect it to provide reliably fascinating chat that focuses on the music.

Talks Music will air again in the UK on Sky Arts 1 November 13th at 10:30pm and November 16th at 8:00pm and November 17th at 11:30am

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reminder: "Talks Music" w/ Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham Monday 9pm Sky Arts1

Sky Arts’ Talks Music Show Debuts Monday, 11th November
Intimate music strand brings "masterclass" treatment to Nile Rodgers, Ray Davies, Graham Nash and Jeff Beck. First up: Lindsey Buckingham


A ROOM, TWO CHAIRS, a musician and instrument, an audience drawn from the ranks of earnest young musicians and producers, and a host with a ridiculous track record in music TV. Malcolm Gerrie, all-time music telly hall-of-famer having produced irreverent '80s trailblazer The Tube, '90s Britpop showcase The White Room and more, is the man asking the questions on Sky Arts 1 HD's Talks Music, TV's latest attempt to dive deep into the minds of legendary musos.

Debuting at 9pm next Monday, November 11, subject/victim #1 is Fleetwood Mac maestro Lindsey Buckingham (pictured above), and MOJO's preview "screener" promised a revealing programme where Buckingham’s still-febrile intensity comes through loud and clear.

Over an hour prog that fair skips by, Buckingham gets the axe out for The Chain, Big Love and other classics. Although, just like anyone who’s ever sat with an artist in an "intimate environment" while they wail on their thing, Gerrie’s not quite sure what to do with himself, and settles for grinning awkwardly while slapping his thigh in time. Something to look at for later episodes, perhaps.

Continue to the full article at Mojo

Repeat air dates: 
November 13th at 10:30pm
November 16th at  8:00pm
November 17th at 11:30am

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TALKS MUSIC Series w/ Malcolm Gerrie on @SkyArts Begins 11 Nov. Features Lindsey Buckingham

COMING SOON: 'Talks Music'

​Talks Music is a unique and exclusive interview series which looks into the careers of some of the world’s most iconic music legends. Fleetwood Mac guitarist and vocalist Lindsey Buckingham,  American guitarist, songwriter and producer Nile Rodgers, Boy George, Jeff Beck and the creative force of Blondie: Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, plus legendary crooner Tony Bennett are amongst the guests. The series will be hosted by TV-producer Malcolm Gerrie, whose credits include The Tube and The Brit Awards.

​Talks Music starts on Sky Arts 1 HD on November 11 at 9pm.

This is a 10 part interview series.  No details yet on when Lindsey's show will air.