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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" maintains it's place on the charts...

Stevie's single "Secret Love" is hanging in there on the Triple A Radio Play charts... I thought for sure last week was it's last week - but she picked up 1 play over last week and maintains her # 28 position on the Top 30.

On the Adult Contemporary charts she's back up to # 21 with a bullet from # 22 last week.  Radio increased their plays of the track week over week by 7.  No additional AC stations picked up the track up to the end of Monday the 18th which is the deadline for reporting.  There doesn't seem to be an "Oprah Effect" with "Secret Love" at least not with radio... could be because the  song was performed but only viewed as an online exclusive on rather then airing during the program.  In any case... she's basically holding steady - but below the Top 20.  

I'm really surprised more stations haven't picked up the track... it's her first single of new music in a decade... it's completely AC radio friendly in sound and in length.  It's short in length.

These charts will be published in Billboard dated April 30th.

Friday, April 15, 2011

"Secret Love" on the Charts... Update! + Various Nicks and Mac on itunes

Stevie's current single is about to drop off the Triple A Radio Play charts... With a decrease over last week in the number of times it was played at radio, this will likely be it's last week in the top 30.

On the Adult Contemporary charts she's down a postion to # 22 with radio plays flat for the week - but still maintains it's bullet.  Only one station picked up the track over the previous week up to the reporting deadline of April 11th.  The Oprah Effect isn't present here as this reporting period ended on Monday April 11th.  There should be some sort of effect on next weeks chart.

These charts will be published in Billboard April 23rd.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

(Video) Rock Goddess Stevie Nicks Performs "Secret Love" An Exclusive!

From Stevie's latest CD, In Your Dreams - watch the EXCLUSIVE Video at

Also available is the Landslide Video

Really great Oprah show today... It was non-stop... So much crammed into one show - but it WORKED! Thanks to The Oprah Show for having Stevie on and to Steve Gaines for starting it all with his Facebook campaign!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" AC & Triple A Chart Update **New High Position**

In Billboard Magazine issue dated April 16th - Stevie's new single "Secret Love" moves up two positons on the Adult Contemporary Charts to # 21 in it's 6th week on the chart (with a bullet). On the strength of increased radio station adds and play week over week, the song is on a roll.  AC Charts are a slow burn, so tunes take awhile to ascend up the charts... They also linger on the charts longer.  The song was also one of the "Most Added" songs of the week to station playlists picking up 4 additional stations around the US.

Over on Triple A radio, the song moves up one position to # 25 (with a bullet) on increased play as well.  It's not likely to achieve a much higher position then say #20 at this point as there haven't been any new Triple A radio station adds in the last couple of weeks.  But you never know, with her appearance on Oprah coming up and if the "Secret Love" video would be released, it may turn things around.

Monday, April 04, 2011

3 New Station Adds For "Secret Love" - Poised For Top 20

The latest Stevie Nicks single "Secret Love" continues on it's journey up the charts.  Three more stations came onboard over this last week adding "Secret Love" to their play list increasing the total number of AC stations in the US playing the track to 26.  A lot less in terms of station adds compared to the 10 stations that picked up the track the previous week, but nonetheless stations are still picking up the track.

Radio Station Adds this past week:
KKCW-FM Portland - AC
KRBB-FM Wichita - AC
WBBQ-FM Augusta - AC

At the Triple A format there are a total of 25 radio stations in the US playing the track bring the overall total of stations to 51 - which is pretty good... Stevie hasn't had a single do this well at radio since 2001!  Radio play at Adult Contemporary continues to be her strongest format and the single looks poised to enter Billboards top 20 AC Charts for the issue dated April 16th.  It's currently # 23.

With less than a month to go before "In Your Dreams" is released (May 3rd), "Secret Love" has the potential to be top 15 by release date.  With her appearance on Oprah later in the month (April 13th), exposure like that will only bring greater awareness for the album and the single.

"Secret Love" is available now on itunes

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Stevie Nicks Called in LIVE Tonight to NYC Radio Station Q104.3 - Here's The Interview

Stevie Nicks called in live tonight April 3rd to NYC radio station Q104.3 New York's Classic Rock

Stevie spoke with Jonathan Clarke over the phone, the interview is about 13 minutes long.  Stevie touches on more of the recording process for "In Your Dreams" with Dave calling the whole process "the time of her life" and she wanted to cry when it was over. Talked about the documentary which Dave is "as we speak" continuing to edit... mentions that 4 videos are filmed plus how in November she called in Lindsey to help out on Soldier's Angel because with the band they just couldn't make it better then the demo she recorded and she was NOT putting out this album unless Soldiers Angel was on it.  Dave and Glenn Ballard recorded Lindsey and Stevie live at her house, while being filmed.  She also talks about what Secret Love is about and playing the great Madison Square Garden... Good interview!

Here's the link to interview page where you can either stream the interview or download.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Secret Love" AC & Triple A Chart Update

In it's 5th week on the AC charts, the latest from Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" is still gaining in radio play week over week showing an increase of 27 plays over the previous week. Other tracks on the chart were played a little more so therefore "Secret Love" remains at # 23 with a bullet. This chart position will be reflected in Billboard Magazine issue date April 9th. With 9 new AC stations picking up the track as of March 28th the single should no doubt see a move up on next weeks chart - provided those 9 stations play the track and none of the existing stations drop the track.

In it's 4th week on the Triple A Chart the single moves back up to # 26 after dipping to # 27 last week even though last week "Secret Love" picked up radio play. This week saw a decrease in radio play on Triple A stations but the decrease was less then others causing "Secret Love" to actually move up one place on the chart. One Triple A station picked up the track on March 28th which shouldn't really do much for it's chart position next week - it'll need a little bit more help from radio at these stations if it's going to go much higher.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Radio Station Adds for "Secret Love" The Latest Single From Stevie Nicks

10 Radio Stations in the US that report to Mediabase added "Secret Love" to their playlists today March 28, 2011. That's huge for one day! 9 Adult Contemporary Stations and 1 Triple A.  So far 49 Stations in total that report to Mediabase (AC and Triple A) are spinning the track... Still have a lot of room for growth, but it keeps increasing week after week.

KESZ-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Phoenix, AZ
KJSN-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Modesto, CA
KQXT-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - San Antonio, NM
KSNE-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Las Vegas, NV
WSRS-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Worcester, MA
WSRW-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Grand Rapids, MI
WCRZ-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Flint, MI
WJKK-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Jackson, MS
WFMK-FM 3/28/2011 - AC - Lansing, MI
KEZE-FM 3/28/2011- Triple A - Spokane, WA

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chart Round-Up: Fleetwood Mac | Stevie Nicks

IRELAND: Top 100 Albums Chart - Week ending 24th March, 2011 
  • On Ireland's Top 100 Albums Chart Fleetwood Mac's 1988 "Greatest Hits" compilation drops to # 54 from # 30 last week notching up its 77th non-consecutive week on the Top 100.           
    UK: Top itunes Chart - Today
    • Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" is # 88 on itunes Top 100 Albums Chart today in the UK. and also # 6 on the Top Rock Albums Chart.
    • "The Chain" is # 5 today on the Top Rock Songs chart in the UK.
      NETHERLANDS: Top 50 Back Catalogue Chart - Week Ending 26th March, 2011
      • "Rumours" moves up the chart to # 17 from # 35 last week on the Top 50 back catalogue chart.         
        NEW ZEALAND: itunes
        • The Dixie Chicks are # 9 today on the Top Country Songs on the itunes chart with "Landslide".
        AUSTRALIA: Top 50 Catalogue Albums Chart - Week of 28th, March, 2011
        • Fleetwood Mac drops to # 2 on Australia's Top 50 Catalogue Chart with "The Very Best Of".  Total weeks on this chart - 53.  
        • Fleetwood Mac's 12x Platinum "Rumours" moves up three positions to # 21 from # 24 in it's 4th week back in the Top 50.  Total weeks spent on this chart non-consecutively is 19.
        • Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" today is # 92 on itunes Top 100 Albums Chart.
        • Glee: The Music Volume 5 drops to # 2 after entering at # 1 last week on the Top 50 Album Chart. Also # 2 on the Top 50 Digital Album Chart and # 2 on the Top 50 Physical Album Chart. (contains their version of "Landslide").
        • The Dixie Chicks have the # 2 country track today on itunes in Australia with "Landslide".
        USA: Hot 100 (Billboard) - March 26, 2011
        • Glee's version of Landslide after debuting at # 23 on the Hot 100 drops to # 70 in it's second week on the chart.  On the Hot Digital Songs Chart it debuted at # 12 last week, and is currently # 51.  The Dixie Chick version drops to # 50 on the Country Digital Songs chart after re-entering at # 21 last week.
        • Glee Cast, Glee, The Music, Season Two, Volume 5, 43,000. The album dips from #3 to #4 in its second week (contains Stevie's composition "Landslide").
        STEVIE NICKS "Secret Love" on the Billboard Charts:
        #25 on the AC Charts Billboard Issue Date April 2nd

          Thursday, March 24, 2011

          (VIDEO) STEVIE NICKS Performing "Secret Love" LIVE IN TAMPA

          The latest single from Stevie Nicks... First performance live!

          Nicely done!... It sounds perfect... The promo video we have yet to see is being played in the background, but unfortunately it's not captured in this.

          Wednesday, March 23, 2011

          Stevie Nicks' "Secret Love" at Radio - Its up... It's down...

          Triple A Chart
          Billboard Magazine Issue April 2nd plus the previous week of March 26th for comparison.
          Secret Love drops one place to #27 this week.  What's interesting to note is even though the radio plays increased week over week by 3, it dropped one spot.
          Adult Contemporary Chart
          Billboard Magazine Issue April 2nd plus the previous week of March 26th for comparison.
          Secret Love is up two places to #23 this week and increase in radio spins of 18 week over week.

          Wednesday, March 16, 2011

          "Secret Love" at Radio... It's Still Gaining...

          Billboard Magazine AC Chart update for "Secret Love"
          The New Single from Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" debuted at #29 on Billboard Magazines Top 30 Adult Contemporary Chart issue date March 12th.  The following week for issue date March 19th it moves up to #27.  For Billboard Magazine issue date March 26th it should land a couple places higher at #25.  The AC Chart is traditionally known for it's slow movement up the track up the chart... [Click the images to enlarge].

          On the Triple A Radio Play charts, in terms of audience impressions the song is fairing a little better.  It's still early days for the track, hopefully it can gain some momentum... But it needs to be picked up by A LOT more stations then it currently has or it will stall!

          To contact an AC station or a Triple A station in your area/state, a good starting point to find out what stations are in your area would be to use this site RADIO STATION LOCATOR  Click on your state to zero in.

          Friday, March 11, 2011

          Stevie Nicks Revamps Youtube, Myspace & Twitter... Updated with New Photos

          Myspace, Youtube & Twitter backgrounds have all been updated featuring new photos of Stevie incorporating some of the theme from her new album cover.  Looks great!

          Thursday, March 10, 2011

          "Secret Love" by: Stevie Nicks - Week 2 on Billboards AC Charts

          In it's 2nd week on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts "Secret Love" moves up slightly two places to # 27 after debuting at # 29 on last weeks chart.  Stevie's biggest hit as a solo artist on the AC Chart was with "Leather and Lace" all the way back in December, 1981 where it peaked at # 10 in it's 8th week on the chart.

          The track is currently being played on 12 AC stations in the US compared to 92 stations for the # 1 track this week on the chart... So there's a lot of room to grow.

          To contact AC Radio stations in your area to request them to play "Secet Love" here is a Station Locator site

          Tuesday, March 08, 2011

          "Secret Love" at Radio... How it's doing on the charts ? Well, it's on the way UP!

          The first single from In Your Dreams continues to gain traction at radio, with Adult Rock Radio (Triple A) really starting to pick up on the song and give it some serious radio play, hense the 14 place jump to # 33  this week after debuting on the chart at # 47 last week.  I'll have more later.

          Adult Contemporary Radio Play Charts:
          Up to # 26 from # 30 for the week ending March 8th

          Adult Rock Radio Play Charts:
          Up to # 33 from # 47 last week

          Friday, March 04, 2011

          Stevie all over "Secret Love" Video...

          I think the shot of the young lady on the white horse was about enough to send a few over the edge... After seeing the first shots/stills taken from the "Secret Love" video...Speculators were betting that Stevie wouldn't be in the video...much!  I guess what Dave had to say clears that up!

          Wednesday, March 02, 2011


          Stevie's single "Secret Love" makes its first appearance on the Triple A Radio Airplay Chart with a total of 12 stations picking up the track so far. On the AC Radio Airplay Chart the song moves up to to # 27 from # 33 last week and a gain of 3 stations for a total of 8 stations reporting.

          This week, up to February 28th Steve Nicks ties for #1 Most Added along with; for the second week in a row; Paul Simon.

          Tuesday, March 01, 2011

          Secret Love on the Adult Rock Radio Charts + Updated Sales Figures For Stevie Nicks Catalogue

          "Secret Love" will enter the Billboard Adult Contemporary Top 30 Chart this week at #29.

          NICKS OF TIME

          Hi Gary,

          The legendary Stevie Nicks is releasing a new album soon. Could you please provide up-to-date sales totals for her albums?


          John Irving
          Austin, Texas
          Hi John,

          Nicks releases "In Your Dreams" May 3. The Nicks-written, Dave Stewart-produced first single "Secret Love" is bubbling under the Adult Contemporary chart.

          In what should be a tour bursting with beloved hits, Nicks and Rod Stewart's "Heart & Soul" trek runs March 20 through April 23 (although the pair's April 15 show in Phoenix is the closest they'll come to Austin ...)

          Here is a look at Nicks' album sales, according to Nielsen SoundScan:

          46,000, "The Soundstage Sessions" (2009)
          348,000, "Crystal Visions... The Very Best of Stevie Nicks" (2007)
          663,000, "Trouble in Shangri-La" (2001)
          172,000, "The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks" (1998)
          231,000, "Street Angel" (1994)
          1,543,000, "Timespace: Best of Stevie Nicks" (1991)

          Sales for albums released prior to the advent of SoundScan in 1991:
          79,000, "The Other Side of the Mirror" (1989)
          99,000, "Rock a Little" (1986)
          200,000, "The Wild Heart" (1983)
          855,000, "Bella Donna" (1981)

          According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), here are the certifications for Nicks' four pre-SoundScan era studio albums:

          Platinum, "The Other Side of the Mirror"
          Platinum, "Rock a Little"
          2x Multi-Platinum, "The Wild Heart"
          4x Multi-Platinum, "Bella Donna"

          Nicks has collaborated on several songs with songwriter Rick Nowels, whose deep resume includes hits for Madonna, Belinda Carlisle and Colbie Caillat.

          Nowels wrote three of my favorite Nicks songs: "I Can't Wait" (1986), "Two Kinds of Love," featuring Bruce Hornsby and Kenny G (1989), and "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" (1994).

          In an e-mail last year, Nowels called "Two Kinds of Love" (which inexplicably failed to reach the Adult Contemporary chart upon its release as the second single from "The Other Side of the Mirror") "one of my faves too!"

          "Madonna, Belinda, Stevie ... all goddesses of pop."

          Sunday, February 27, 2011

          "Secret Love" Video Screen Caps

          The daughter of Glen Parrish, Stevie's former Manager, is the younger version of Stevie in the bottom two screen caps... That's Stevie in the top photo.  

          The video Dave Stewart produced, and is editing hasn't premiered just yet... But we are getting closer.  Teaser number 566 from Dave Stewart screen captures from the "Secret Love" video... Looks awesome even though I have no idea what it means.  But the word "dreamscapes" comes to mind - an adjective Dave used months ago when describing what was being filmed.  So knowing that there is a younger version of Stevie (the daughter of Glen Parrish) in the video and given the fact that the song is from the mid 70's... It looks as if we are going to be travelling back in time.  Coincidently I always thought that the ending of the song Secret Love just before it abruptly ends sounded like the music was in reverse.  Imagine video clips whizzing by at a fair clip while that last bit plays.

          "Hey Stevie Nicks Fans , here a few screen grabs from the video we are editing for "Secret Love" from the movie "In Your Dreams" anyone recognize the green dress ?"

          Link to Photo

          Tuesday, February 22, 2011


          AC Chart Update February 22, 2011 for Stevie's single "Secret Love"

          Also... Added a link to Stevie's Audio Interviews up at the top of the blog