Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" maintains it's place on the charts...

Stevie's single "Secret Love" is hanging in there on the Triple A Radio Play charts... I thought for sure last week was it's last week - but she picked up 1 play over last week and maintains her # 28 position on the Top 30.

On the Adult Contemporary charts she's back up to # 21 with a bullet from # 22 last week.  Radio increased their plays of the track week over week by 7.  No additional AC stations picked up the track up to the end of Monday the 18th which is the deadline for reporting.  There doesn't seem to be an "Oprah Effect" with "Secret Love" at least not with radio... could be because the  song was performed but only viewed as an online exclusive on rather then airing during the program.  In any case... she's basically holding steady - but below the Top 20.  

I'm really surprised more stations haven't picked up the track... it's her first single of new music in a decade... it's completely AC radio friendly in sound and in length.  It's short in length.

These charts will be published in Billboard dated April 30th.


Tony said...

is this where we bombard you with " where's the video?" or release the video already, statements. Would be a shame to be so close to a top 20 hit and not make it knowing you held back an important tool to promte the video.
I love the song and want it to be a big success for Stevie, not a marginal hit or fan hit.
I waited over 25 years to see the Scarlett version of Stand Back, I guess I can wait 25 more for Secret Love.

Anonymous said...

AC's playlist is quickly becoming Top 40. Songs with "Fuck" in the title (CeeLoo, Pink) and fever pitch dance ttacks (Born This Way, Firework), are not Adult Contemporary.

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