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Proving the Rumours are right: 
Fleetwood Mac reunite for tour


Most of its members consider themselves lucky to still be alive but yesterday Fleetwood Mac, one of the biggest, most successful bands of all time, proved that old rockers never die with the announcement that they are to embark on a UK reunion tour this autumn.

Over the late 1960s and 1970s, the band came to define the chaos of the era with their terrifying commitment to hedonism and drugs and the stormy passions which existed between band members.

However, following a long collective silence, Fleetwood Mac will bring together most of their best-selling Rumours line-up of Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Lindsey Buckingham - now all in their sixties - to perform at a string of stadiums across the country. The only missing member will be Christine McVie, the English singer songwriter who helped steer the band for almost 25 years.

Ms McVie, who married John McVie shortly before joining the band, was one of the main movers behind the band's 1977 Rumours album, which has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and documented the breakdown of their marriage.

The band will kick off their UK dates with a show at the Glasgow SECC on October 22.

The announcement makes Fleetwood Mac the latest band rooted in the sounds of the Sixties and Seventies to embark on a profitable "comeback" tour.

While The Rolling Stones may have proved that "baby boomer rock" has enduring appeal - their last world tour earned more than £558m - a string of iconic bands are now choosing to relive their glory days and cash in with a host of tour dates and merchandise to match.

The band have not released a new album since 2003's Say You Will, which charted in the UK top 10, but Buckingham said recently that the tour could be a precursor to a new recording.

"I think maybe there was even a sense that we would make a better album if we went out and hung out together first on the road ... Maybe even sowing some seeds musically that would get us more prepared to go in the studio rather than just going in cold. It takes the pressure off from having to go in and make something cold."

VIDEO: Fleetwood Mac Live in Las Vegas May 30, 2009

MAY 30, 2009


Haven't seen the ticketing detail on Live Nation or Ticketmaster, but this article lists a Dublin date on October 24th at 02 Arena:


One of the best selling groups of all time Fleetwood Mac are set to re-unite for a very special UK arena tour.

Emerging from the British blues boom, Fleetwood Mac would go on to dominate the pop market with some of the most popular albums ever released. The band perhaps peaked with the spectacular success of 'Rumours', and the line up that crafted this album is set to gather for an extremely rare tour.

To gather the roots of Fleetwood Mac would take a box set. Formed by guitar hero Peter Green, the band used some of the finest musicians from the British blues scene. However Green would depart in 1970 after a period of mental decline, leaving the band to battle on.

Centred on the rhythm section pairing of Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, Fleetwood Mac would later gather the twin talents of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

The group would later inter-marry, but the pressures of success took their toll on the relationships with the band divorcing just a few years later. The inter-band politics seemed to drive them on to greater artistic endeavours, crafting the massively successful album 'Rumours'.

To date the album has sold over 25 million copies, and spawned the classic hits 'Go Your Own Way', 'Dreams' and 'Don't Stop'.

In total, the band have sold a staggering 100 million albums making them one of the most popular rock acts ever. Subsequent albums such as 'Tusk' and 'Tango In The Night' would enhance Fleetwood Mac's reputation as a supreme artistic outfit, yet full scale tours are few and far between.

Fleetwood Mac have only played two full scale tours in more than twenty years. In fact, it is over a decade since the band's last appearance in public together.

Hell, even solo appearances are hard to come by. Since the release of a live album in 1998 the band members have taken time off, with Mick Fleetwood said to be the lynchpin behind getting the group to reform.

More than thirty years on from the release of 'Rumours' Fleetwood Mac remain one of the most popular groups on the planet. A rare chance to catch this band in the live arena, make sure you don't miss out!

Fleetwood Mac are set to play the following dates:

22 Glasgow SECC
24 Dublin O2 Arena
27 Manchester Evening News Arena
30 London Wembley Arena

2 Sheffield Arena
3 Birmingham National Indoor Arena

Tickets go on sale on Friday June 5th at 9am.


ON SALE JUNE 5th through Live Nation UK
(Ticketmaster Presales begin June 3rd / Live Nation Presales begin June 4th)

Tickets Prices for all shows range rom £45 - £75
(All prices listed exclude fees and charges)

October 22, 2009 - SECC Glasgow

October 24, 2009 - 02 Arena Dublin
(not listed with Live Nation or Ticketmaster yet)

October 27, 2009 - M.E.N. Arena Manchester

Onsale to General Public
Start: Fri 05/06/09, 09:00

O2 Presale
Start: Wed 03/06/09, 09:00
End: Fri 05/06/09, 08:00

Live Nation / Venue Presale
Start: Thu 04/06/09, 09:00
End: Fri 05/06/09, 08:00

October 30, 2009 - Wembley Arena London

Onsale to General Public
Start: Fri 05/06/09, 09:00

Start: Wed 03/06/09, 09:00
End: Fri 05/06/09, 08:00

Start: Thu 04/06/09, 09:00
End: Fri 05/06/09, 08:00

November 2, 2009 - Sheffield Arena Sheffield
November 3, 2009 - NIA Birmingham Birmingham


Last Thursday night I went to Staples Center to see Fleetwood Mac.

I was truly excited. Last time through, they killed.

But this time...it was a dash for cash. Lacking the balance of the pristine Christine McVie, we were left with guitar solos and Stevie Nicks' desire to be twenty five forever.

It's a construct. We won't admit the band is over the hill if we don't have to admit that we too are aged, that our bodies are sagging, that we've achieved only a fraction of our hopes and dreams. We pay a fortune to be brought back to what once was. But it can never be again.

Last time through, Fleetwood Mac Hoovered up every last dollar. Played some markets three times. So, what was the incentive to go to the show this year? This a case of mismanagement. Give us a marketing hook, play along with us. Can't they be promoting SOMETHING? Can't there be a story? Of course, no one cares about an entire new album. But can't you give us A SINGLE? How hard would it be for this band to go into the studio and cut a track? If it's creatively bankrupt it could even do a cover. Hell, isn't the best Stevie Nicks song ever a Tom Petty tune?

And I saw TP backstage. It was a cornucopia of stars. But although Frasier Crane was very friendly, the brush with greatness that touched me most was my encounter with Perez Hilton. He was coming right towards me, I'd seen that he'd recently signed up for my Twitter feed. What the hell, I'll introduce myself.

And that's when Perez said he'd signed up for my feed. THAT'S WHY I STOPPED YOU!

But what stunned me was how NORMAL Mario Lavendeira was. I expected a bit of flamboyance, a man detached from the everyday world. But Perez had his feet firmly planted. So we had a discussion. I asked him about that ad he had on his blog last week, the one that was smack dab in the middle of the page, that was made to look like a story. Perez told me he had no idea what I was talking about. He had people who placed the ads for him! And he'd whore himself out to ANYONE!

That was insightful. So different from the older generation. And it's working for him.

Anyway, our seats were PHENOMENAL! I was so excited. But Fleetwood Mac was a bit flat. But the rhythm section was PHENOMENAL! Fleetwood and McVie were rock solid, a thundering bottom sitting under Lindsey Buckingham's exquisite leads. If only they played Bonnaroo as a blues band instead of reprising these aged hits. "Oh Well" was fantastic. Made one yearn for the days of Peter Green. Lindsey's got the chops. Why is he working out for these fans who are coming for nostalgia, not music? The younger generation still cares. Believe me, if these three, the core, Mick, McVie and Lindsey, played the blues at festivals across this great nation of ours, they'd be seen as vital again. Instead, no one under the age of twenty five was in attendance. Unless dragged there by their parents.

And that's the ultimate question... Are you a musician, or a star?

I've wondered for eons why Stevie Nicks dances like Elaine on "Seinfeld". Now I know. Her goddamn heels are so high that if she moves like a normal person, instead of with that arm shrug thing, SHE'LL FALL OVER!

It's sad. So she's short. SO FUCKING WHAT! In a nation where we've got a black President, you're still hiding your perceived shortcomings? The future is about OWNING THEM!

Truly, I'd love to tell you Fleetwood Mac were great. But it ended up being creepy. Like watching a classic movie. Except for the instrumental passages, the show didn't breathe, it lacked life.

But the Refugees were FULL OF LIFE at the Getty Saturday night.

It's a supergroup of never-beens. Wendy Waldman, Cindy Bullens and Deborah Holland. All with notches in their belts, but none of them household words. But they decided to form a band. To join forces to create something NEW!

They're not trading on the old days, they've written new songs, THEY'RE STILL TRYING! That's the problem with so many of the has-beens, they've given up. They don't want to come down off their perch, they don't want to take a risk.

It was a free show. But that didn't mean the Refugees didn't fill the hall, didn't get a standing ovation. The major labels said the Internet would KILL music. Just the opposite, technology allows everyone to make music. But it's extremely hard to break through. And being musicians, I'm not sure the Refugees will. They need a business mind. Someone to get them a gig on Lifetime. Or, as they desire, the cover of the AARP magazine. Because if the boomers just experienced the Refugees, they could become the female Jimmy Buffett.

Sure, it's about the songs. But it's also about the vibe. It's about the SHOW!

A show isn't just standing up there playing calcified hits. A show is its own entity, something BEYOND the record. None of the Refugees songs will become hits. Where would anybody play them? But they service the act well. Yet the glue that seals the deal is the stories in between. About hot flashes, about post-menopausal Barbies, Ken with a combover. There's humor, but there's also truth.

That's what's lacking in Fleetwood Mac, truth. Stevie Nicks covers up her avoirdupois. The act is opaque, there's no penetration. These are stars. You get no access. In an era where Perez reveals every facet of his personality and uncovers your warts too.

How about Stevie and Lindsey speaking about their animosity? How about Christine McVie beamed in via satellite? How about the texting on the side screens featured at a Taylor Swift show?

Image is no longer everything. Because the truth outs.

The truth is Fleetwood Mac is creatively bankrupt, and won't take a chance for fear of alienating their paying fans.

The truth is musicians even less well-known than the Refugees are packing up their gear in vans, starting at the grass roots level. Will they and the Refugees break through? I DON'T KNOW! But is that really what it's about? Or is it about playing, the experience of being on the road, the band sharing one hotel room.

The apex has collapsed. No one sells ten million records anymore. The superstars are so worried, they're just protecting what they once had and will never have again. We're starting over. There are no rules. You don't need a hit, because your audience will probably never hear it on the outlets that make it so. You need to win hearts and minds. Middlemen are irrelevant.

Everybody's reunited so many times that we've got no desire to see almost anybody get on stage and play their hits. This business has been propped up by the so-called superstars for far too long. Now it's imploding. THANK GOD!

by: Bob Lefsetz 
Lefsetz Letter

Monday, June 01, 2009

Fleetwood Mac Bio and Chris Isaak w/Stevie Nicks (Bio Channel UK)

The Biography Channel UK
Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac

Wed 3rd June - 8:00PM

Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Stevie Nicks gives us a sneak peak of 'Gold Dust Woman' and 'Stand Back' from her new CD. In an exclusive interview, Nicks talks to host Chris Isaak about her years with Fleetwood Mac, her severe battle with cocaine and why she has never married.  Isaak also accompanies Nicks in performing songs that influenced her early career, such as 'It's Late' and 'Red River Valley'.

Wed 3rd June - 9:00PM

Classic Albums: The distinct talents of five musicians produced the fourth best selling album in music history.Their personal tradegies helped craft a timeless piece of pop.

Buckingham on Not Sweating The Small Stuff

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham on Not Sweating The Small Stuff
Aidin Vaziri

Lindsey Buckingham has a bit of a reputation. For years, the Fleetwood Mac singer and guitarist has been as well known for his ability to knock out sublime pop tunes as his propensity to mix it up with bandmates Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. But the Buckingham we spoke to on the eve of Fleetwood Mac’s latest reunion tour — once again without Christine McVie, who left the group at the beginning of the decade — is far different than the character you’ll find in rock history books. At 59, the father of three has admittedly mellowed, telling us that the little things no longer bother him in a big way.

How do you make it through two hours on-stage every night?

It goes pretty quick. Somebody made the comment the other day that you don't get paid for going on-stage; you get paid for the downtime before and after. A lot of the time what seems more challenging is maybe the few hours leading up to the show. In terms of energy level, it comes from somewhere. I know it's all very age inappropriate what I'm doing.

Does it bother you that Stevie gets the biggest cheers of the night for her twirls?

It's very balanced out for me. I don't feel like I have to compete with a set of preconceptions in terms of focal point. All I can say is she has her moments where she gets big applause and there are many points in the show where I feel I'm getting the energy. I certainly would not begrudge Stevie her moments.

Are there any of the old songs you refuse to sing, either because they bring up too many memories or you’re just sick of them?

Not really. We sat down and we came up with a set list, which was a pretty obvious group of songs. It's what we do. It's our job. We have a good job. A lot of people would want our job. The older you get the more you feel blessed that you have not only survived the business this long but stayed on top of it. My challenge is working out the logistics of making my solo albums every once in a while.

This seems like a pretty good gig. What did you get out of making your last solo album?

It relieved a sense of frustration I had for a number of years of wanting to do something solo and having it intervened upon on every occasion. Which is fine. If you're a band member you've got to think about what the group wants to do first. But after Say You Will, I was in a place of clarity where I said, "Don't bother me for three years. Let me get this done.” I think I learned a lot.

Do you ever bring your kids out on the road?

Some of the time. Last time we went out they were all pretty portable but now they're all in school so it's a little bit tough. I think they do like it. They've grown up with it. They're actually a little more aware of the stuff I was doing solo since my oldest is 10. They don't remember that much from the last Fleetwood Mac tour.

Are you feeling more mature with age?

I have to try. You hit a point where a lot of things that you thought would push your buttons don't really push your buttons any more. That's why this tour is going so smoothly. Nothing has really been bothering me. Something must have changed. Things that used to bother me don't bother me anymore.


Fleetwood Mac In The UK

Date | Venue | City

22/10/2009 - SECC - Glasgow

27/10/2009 - M.E.N. Arena - Manchester

30/10/2009 - Wembley Arena - London

02/11/2009 - Sheffield Arena - Sheffield

03/11/2009 - NIA Birmingham - Birmingham

No onsale dates yet through Live Nation UK - but really exciting news!  And it looks like there's room around these shows to add additional dates - unless they add more cities.


Stevie Nicks' Soundstage Sessions

From Sunday May 31st to Saturday June 13th and Re-Playing Every Evening Beginning at 6:30pm - a half hour segment featuring Stevie Nicks Live in Chicago (Clips from her "Live in Chicago" DVD).

Check your local listings
(if you get VH1 Classics)

Rock's superstar chanteuse performs her signature songs live. Recorded at her October 2007 Soundstage performance, the scintillating concert ranges from Fleetwood Mac classics 'Rhiannon,' 'Landslide,' 'Sara' to her own 'Stand Back.'


Whether this date holds or not I'm not sure, but on Live Nation UK one date has popped up so far for Fleetwood Mac which for obvious reasons is a great day for all the UK fans. The band can't just do one show - so more dates are expected as well as European dates.

Tuesday 03/11/2009
Doors: 19:00 Show: 20:00

Tickets On Sale June 5th
Pre-Sale Tickets on Sale June 4th

NIA Birmingham
King Edwards Road,
Birmingham, West Midlands
Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 2AA



Bradley Center
Milwaukee, WI
Monday June 8th

If you are planning on going to the show June 8th. 
Here's a perfect opportunity (and price) to catch the band at a discounted price


(Photos) Las Vegas & San Diego

Photo by: Softservegirl

Photos by: Liz Caruso