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LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM: "a long-time spiritual influence"

Melbourne’s Architecture In Helsinki are back with the followup to 2007’s Places Like This. Moment Bends was recorded in the band’s studio space, Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace is named after the huge photo mural of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham that the band hung on the wall. “His hair was massive and his stare piercingly intense and mysterious,” Bird recalls of the man he calls, “a long-time spiritual influence.” Buckingham’s meticulous and mysteriously intense take on summery pop appears to have infiltrated Moment Bends highlights such as “Contact High”, ‘Everything’s Blue” and “Escapee”.

The first sample from the Moment Bends, the simple and effective “Contact High,” has the “dynamic bounce” part down, with rubbery analog synths and a little bit of drums framing Cameron Bird’s falsetto.

You can hear "Contact Hight" at Stereogum

Fleetwood Mac: Back Soon After Stevie Nicks-Rod Stewart Tour

Don’t look for Fleetwood Mac to tour or record a new album this year. Stevie Nicks tells us her priority is to tour all over the world in support of her new album, In Your Dreams, in stores May 3rd. After that she will turn her attention back to the Mac.

“We’ll probably make another record [and] we’ll absolutely tour again,” she says, adding that “there’s no reason not too.” Fleetwood Mac singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham is also working on an album that he hopes to release this year.

Stevie starts a tour with Rod Stewart on March 20th in Sunrise, Florida.

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John Moore had the opportunity to chat with Stevie Nicks about her upcoming show with Rod Stewart at the St. Pete Times Forum, In Your Dreams, her new album coming out May 3rd and her newset song, "Secret Love."

Full interview can be heard at 107.3 The Eagle, Tampa Bay Classic Rock Station
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Just Announced... Seattle, WA - Key Arena
Rod Stewart Live with Stevie Nicks.
April 23, 2011

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Vanessa Carlton was joined by Stevie Nicks at Sunset Sessions held at La Costa Resort and Spa on February 19, 2011. This is "Carousel" from the forthcoming record Rabbit on the Run.

INTERVIEW WITH STEVIE NICKS - Reveals More About "Moonlight A Vampires Dream"

This morning Stevie was interviewed and discussed many things on her upcoming album and tour with Rod Stewart.  Among the discussion was "Moonlight A Vampires Dream" and "Secret Love".  The interview was with Bob and Tom which took place last week and was broadcast this morning on their syndicated radio program The Bob and Tom Show across the US.  The interview is about 15 minutes long - full interview can be heard down at the bottom of the post. 

Stevie talks about Dave Stewart, the writing process on her new album, the upcoming tour with Rod Stewart, "Moonlight a Vampires Dream" and "Secret Love" plus Glee!.

  • Talks about how she and Dave first came togoether a few years ago when Dave was doing the pilot show on HBO and talks about playing Rhiannon on piano after their interview and Dave jumping in and playing guitar with her.  Said that after they were done, she logged it into her mind that whether she was doing the next Stevie Nicks record, or a Fleetwood Mac record, that she would ask him to produce it, she was that impressed with how amazingly he fit into what she did. 
  • Feb to Dec recorded at her house with about two months off during that time while she toured for a month and while Dave was stuck in England.  But when recording it was like the circus came to town everyday.
  • Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers has two tracks on "In Your Dreams". Said she and Dave wrote 7 songs together and then 5 are her own, two of which are Mike Cambell tracks.
  • Writing with Dave was done in the same room, has never done that before.. and that it was a door opening experience and understands now that if you can check your ego at the door you will find that that other person can add a lot to what you do and vise versa.  Would absolutely continue to work with Dave in the future and told both Dave and Lindsey that she'll never do another record without Dave - she had that much fun this past year.  Life is too short to not have that much fun doing your job.
  • "MOONLIGHT A VAMPIRES DREAM": The first song on the CD.  Two of the verses were written sometime in the mid-1970's and said a lot of her fans have that demo already bootlegged... Was touched by the movie New Moon in the Twilight series, where he says to her "I'm leaving you because you're not very good for me". Said she had an experience like that a long time ago that she never really did get over.  So when she saw that part in the movie where she's sitting in the bay window just staring out and it goes Oct...Nov... Dec... and she's not eating or sleeping, she thought about the lyrics, "Some call her strange lady from the mountains..." and the story takes place up in Oregon. So she thought these words in this old song were almost like I wrote them for this movie a long time ago.  So she wrote one new verse and a chorus and she did that in Australia 2009 right after seeing the movie. It's her favorite song on the CD.
  • "SECRET LOVE": Truly doesn't remember who she wrote it about... Will have to remain a mystery.  How it came to be recorded was she had a vision of seeing a cassette with Secret Love written on it and said she could kind of remember it and she sings a bit of the chorus "My Secret Love Secretly Died"... So she sent Lori Nicks her sister in law back to Phoenix to look in the vaults for it... and while Lori was away and not finding it... they found it on Youtube!   She said she didn't know whether to feel good about that or not - that's 1976! Then explains how back in the day she would pass out cassettes to friends all the time, she was passing out cassettes all the time never in a million years thinking they'd end up on every bootleg record that would ever go out... So the people out there will be familiar with it.
  • Not sure what songs she will be with with Rod Stewart on.  She's been furiously listening to Rod Stewart music to get ready for the last couple of weeks.  Has her ideas of what would be great.  But said she meets with Rod for a few days in Florida for a production rehearsal and they won't have much time, but they haven't had a rehearsal yet.
  • Talks about her GLEE appearance with the cast.  She loves the show.  Doesn't confirm the Landslide song appearance on the show though... but said it was great and wishes she had been in something like Glee when she was in school. Talks about writing her first song... guitar lessons... her first band Fritz with Lindsey and the preparation that gave her to walk into Fleetwood Mac.


Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart will be in Vancouver, BC Canada April 22nd

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2002 The Very Best Of | 2009 The Very Best Of | Rumours
UNITED KINGDOM: Top 100 Albums Chart - Week ending 26th February, 2011
  • Fleetwood Mac's "The Very Best Of" drops down to # 63 from # 31 last week on the Top 100 UK Albums Chart.
         itunes: UK Top 10 Rock Albums Chart
  • In the UK on The Top 10 Rock Albums on itunes as of today, Fleetwood Mac's The Very Best Of single disc 2002 version is at # 9 dropping from #1 where it spent the better part of a week.
IRELAND: Top 100 Albums Chart - Week Ending 17th February, 2011
  • Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of" moves down to # 64 from # 36 last week.
NETHERLANDS: Top 50 Back Catalogue Chart - Week Ending 19th February, 2011
  • "Rumours" moves up the chart to # 4 on the Top 50 back catalogue chart.
         itunes: The Netherlands Top 10 Rock Albums Chart
  • In the Netherlands as of today, Rumours is currently the # 2 album on the itunes Top 10 Rock Albums Chart.  
NEW ZEALAND: Top 10 itunes Rock Albums Chart

         itunes: New Zealand Top 10 Rock Albums Chart
  • In New Zealand on The Top 10 Rock Albums chart on itunes as of today, 2009's remastered "The Very Best Of" is charting at # 6.
AUSTRALIA: Top 50 Catalogue Albums Chart - Week of 21st, February, 2011
  • Fleetwood Mac remain at # 1 on the Top 50 Catalogue Chart with "The Very Best Of" for the 9th consecutive week. Total weeks on this chart - 47.  
         itunes: Australia Top 10 Rock Albums Chart
  • In Australia on The Top 10 Rock Albums on itunes as of today, "Rumours" is charting at # 4.

Top 40 DVD Chart - Australia - Week of 21st, February, 2011
  • On the Top 40 Music DVD Chart, Fleetwood Mac's 8x Platinum "The Dance" moves down one position to # 15 this week from # 14 last week. Total non-consecutive weeks for "The Dance" on this chart 224.

STEVIE NICKS: Sunset Sessions.... Notes From The Inside

Sunset Sessions took place over the last three days in San Diego at La Costa Resort and Spa. Stevie appeared on the last day yesterday in a two hour album listening event and Q&A taking place between 3-5pm that included previewing 8 songs from her upcoming In Your Dreams CD. Stevie arrived with Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks and her Manager Sheryl Lewis. Stevie was reported to be in a great mood the whole time... Singing along to her music, very candide during the Q&A and of course had the place laughing a few times.   

Also previewed was the "Sizzle Reel" video/photos footage mashed together with songs from the new album. It was a teaser of about 2 minutes in length showing Stevie in different settings through out the recording process - in her home studio, on the beach, with Dave Stewart etc.  This quite possibly could be the trailer that Dave Stewart was to debut this month for Stevie's move/documentary.  Stevie ended the evening sitting in and performing with Vanessa Carlton on a song called "Carousel".

A few things I've read:

First off, from everything I've been reading (and this is from legitimate fans in attendance, not just industry insiders) we are going to be blown away by this album, it sounds that good!

Songs reported to have been previewed:  A Vampire's Dream, For What Its' Worth, In Your Dreams, The Ghosts Are Gone, Soldiers Angel, Annabell Lee, Italian Summer, Cheaper Than Free video previewed.

There was some early confusion over one song in particular previewed.  It was reported late last night that "Lady From The Mountain" was a song previewed at the event and on the new album.  Which would be NEW news!  Now what I'm hearing is the Twilight song (or "A Vampire's Dream") is actually "Lady From The Mountain" - meaning the Twilight song sounds very similar to "Lady From The Mountain" melody wise... I'm still a bit confused on that one as the old demo lyrics don't fit with a Vampire theme... So what may have happened is the melody from the old demo may have been taken and transformed with new lyrics to fit the Twilight inspired theme of "A Vampire's Dream".  Make sense?

  • She will be touring for In Your Dreams after the Rod Stewart dates.
  • There was a white horse used in the "Secret Love video"... and the horse appears on the album cover.
  • The song "Soldiers Angel" has Lindsey Buckingham performing harmony and playing guitar.

Continue at the link below for other photos from the event:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

STEVIE NICKS at #Sunsetsessions.... TODAY

Saturday February 19th: 3:00-5pm Special Superstar interview, Q&A and meet-n-greet in Center Court with Stevie Nicks.

Not sure if this will be broadcast or not, or if there will be video footage... Hope so!  Maybe some kind Twitter'ers will Tweet from the event during her interview.

San Diego radio station 102.1 KPRIFM is broadcasting/video blogging from the 3 day event. The footage can be seen on their site at the link above.


I'm sure you've all seen the multiple SNL skits of "What Up With That" where Bill Hader has portrayed Lindsey Buckingham this season and last...

Well there's a concerted effort to take it to the next level with a push on Facebook ("GET LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM ON SNL") to get the real deal to appear AS HIMSELF on SNL.  It would be awesome to see Lindsey appear either in the skit, or in both the skit and performing - especially this year when he's reportedly releasing a new album... Not only would attract some well deserved attention to his album but I'm sure it would be funny as hell to have him actually sit in. I think SNL ends their season sometime around May... So here's hoping they make it happen this year.

Take a second and view the page and "LIKE" it up at the top.  There are around 110 people that "Like" it so far but I'm sure many more would enjoy seeing Lindsey appear on SNL this season.