Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm sure you've all seen the multiple SNL skits of "What Up With That" where Bill Hader has portrayed Lindsey Buckingham this season and last...

Well there's a concerted effort to take it to the next level with a push on Facebook ("GET LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM ON SNL") to get the real deal to appear AS HIMSELF on SNL.  It would be awesome to see Lindsey appear either in the skit, or in both the skit and performing - especially this year when he's reportedly releasing a new album... Not only would attract some well deserved attention to his album but I'm sure it would be funny as hell to have him actually sit in. I think SNL ends their season sometime around May... So here's hoping they make it happen this year.

Take a second and view the page and "LIKE" it up at the top.  There are around 110 people that "Like" it so far but I'm sure many more would enjoy seeing Lindsey appear on SNL this season.

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