Friday, March 25, 2011

(PHOTOS) Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart Tampa

Some really wonderful shots of Stevie and Rod in Tampa at St. Pete Times Forum the opening
night of the Heart and Soul tour....

Full Gallery of Photos by:

The Sizzle Reel to debut today

Check out this Youtube Channel... Stevie's full set is up for viewing..

Dave Stewart sent out a Tweet last night that the highly anticipated trailer for Stevie's
album/movie will debut this morning.

"Stevie Nicks Album / Movie trailer premiere AOL 9a.m EST"

I'm thinking this is where it will debut... It's 9:10am as I right this and it's not yet available... I'll update this link if it turns out to be incorrect...


(Photos) Stevie Nicks with Rod Stewart Atlanta, GA March 24, 2011

Stevie Nicks with Rod Stewart - Atlanta, GA
March 24, 2011

Huge Photo Gallery of about 66 photos from Metromix

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart in Atlanta... A Nice Change of Events!

By the sounds of the early reports coming in from fans able to get themselves together or home from the show,  the Heart and Soul Tour is officially back on track.

With the opening date derailed because of illness and the second first show not having any of the duets or even the intro by Rod for Stevie's set like we heard he was going to do... Many were wondering what the hell!. At tonights Atlanta show that all seemed to change.

  • Rod introduced Stevie's set
  • Stevie dropped Rock N Roll from her set and no Edge walk (blame the stage)
  • Stevie and Rod both sang on Young Turks and Passion to great applause
  • Stevie wore pants during her duets with Rod
Nice change of events... which I'm sure will make a lot of people happy at the upcoming shows.

Stevie Nicks offers words of advice to Emily Jaye

Emily Jaye is the frontwoman for Frentik 

What would you say is some of the best advice you’ve ever have gotten?

Just to keep doing it; try to write everyday. Actually, its funny, I just met Stevie Nicks recently, which was incredible. We had this bonding moment and it was really cool.

We played this thing in San Diego called the Sunset Sessions. She came and she spoke and I got to meet her. She said that she writes in her journal every single night, regardless of how tired she is. She has the pages open and she writes in her journal on the left and she keeps the right side blank, so that when she goes back and she reads it, she can pull things out of her journal and write lyrics on the other page. That’s really cool because I’ve had a hard time with journaling and then trying to pull lyrics out and that’s a cool way she does it. I was like; I’m going to start doing that. So I did.


(VIDEO) Stevie Nicks "Fall From Grace" | "Stand Back"

Tampa, Florida - March 23, 2011


(Check out the screens when she begins to twirl around)

Merchandise for Stevie Nicks... Way Cheaper To Buy On-line

I'm not one to deprive someone of making a buck, but the difference between buying the T-shirts online as apposed to buying at the shows is huge!  Definitely a bargain if you shop online!... The new T-Shirts alone are going for around the $40 mark if you buy at one of the live dates...


Stevie Nicks Live at the Sandia Casino Amphitheater 
Wednesday May 11th - 8pm.

Tickets On Sale Friday March 25th - Ticketmaster

Ticket Prices:

US $55.00 - US $75.00
US $55.00 Ticket + US $9.00 Fees = US $64.00
US $75.00 Ticket + US $11.10 Fees = US $86.10

Sandia Casino Amphitheater

Oprah staff contact Ottawa Stevie Nicks Megafan

Producers for The Oprah Winfrey Show are all ears about an Ottawa man's campaign to share his story about how his favourite singer changed his life.

Matthew Denison e-mailed the show, imploring them to feature former Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks as a guest on the influential TV host's final season.

When Winfrey's staff wrote back to the 30-year-old, saying they were interested and wanted to hear more from him, Denison was thrilled.

"When I e-mailed the producer, I took a picture of myself with all my collection on my parents' dining room table," he said. "Everything that I've acquired thus far in about 11 years that I've been a superfan."
'Inspiring and powerful' songs
It was Nicks's music, particularly her 1986 single Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, that Denison credits to helping him through low times.

He and his twin brother both struggled with learning disabilities, stuttering, seizures, making friends and landing jobs. But the messages in her songs, he said, helped him carry on.

"A lot of her songs are very inspiring and powerful, and it makes you definitely feel positive about yourself," he said.

Oprah's website has now posted a call-out requesting submissions from Nicks's fans to tell producers about why they'd like to meet the musician.

Together with his older sister, Leanne, Denison has now mounted an online campaign through Facebook to rally more people behind him and his story.

Stevie Nicks - Las Vegas Presale.... Today! Don't Miss Out

Here's the Presale Password
Tickets on sale today at Ticketmaster 10am PDT

(Photo Gallery) Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks - Tampa Bay

Well... Dave is obviously in the "Secret Love" Video...

A LOT of great photos at Metromix Tampa Bay [link]
Photos by: Tracy May

(PHOTOS) Stevie Nicks Live in Tampa

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks 
Tampa, Florida March 23, 2011 


Full Gallery of Rod and Stevie from last night.