Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart in Atlanta... A Nice Change of Events!

By the sounds of the early reports coming in from fans able to get themselves together or home from the show,  the Heart and Soul Tour is officially back on track.

With the opening date derailed because of illness and the second first show not having any of the duets or even the intro by Rod for Stevie's set like we heard he was going to do... Many were wondering what the hell!. At tonights Atlanta show that all seemed to change.

  • Rod introduced Stevie's set
  • Stevie dropped Rock N Roll from her set and no Edge walk (blame the stage)
  • Stevie and Rod both sang on Young Turks and Passion to great applause
  • Stevie wore pants during her duets with Rod
Nice change of events... which I'm sure will make a lot of people happy at the upcoming shows.


Anonymous said...

Wow, was this an incredible show! Have some iphone footage I'll put on YouTube tomorrow. For the Rod Stewart naysayers, I'm sorry to say Stevie could actually learn a thing or two from this master entertainer. I wish she could learn to put away her aching hip and feet for just one show. Rod is getting over the flu and ran circles around any entertainer I've ever seen, physically. Don't get me wrong... Stevie brought down the house several times with her amazing vocal talents, but she needs to MOVE a little more... ROCK A LITTLE! It's definitely the best two-act show I've ever attended!

Anonymous said...

Stevie in pant suits - please no more - she is the embodiment of femininity and the whole pant thing comes across as masculine and modern day not the timelessness that we expect from her.

Anonymous said...

Yes Stevie ..sorry but i think you have a Beautiful VOICE but it´s time to move, you are not 80....and some diffent songs like I can´t wait, leather and lace, talk to me, seven wonders, sara, oh my love, i miss you, everyday, planets of the universe and and and...i like the other too but since 20 years all the time the same on the set...come on you are 63...and please maybe other dress we are 2011 not 1982...sorry

Anonymous said...

Agreed w/3rd Anonymous. Get something, ANYTHING, anyONE to update your look just a tad, and START by taking those frankenstein boots off. It really does make her look ridiculous and a mockery. Oh, and stop twirling, you are going to fall one of these days.

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