Thursday, June 30, 2011

Extra TV Raw Red Carpet Footage - Stevie Nicks Interview... She enjoys Whale Wars and Deadliest Catch NOT!

Poor Stevie... While in London all she's had to watch on TV was Whale Wars and Deadliest Catch..."I'm so into it" HA! She kills me... Adam Lavine interview right after Stevie - he pays her some genuine compliments... And Javier Colon after Adam speaks about Stevie... Lot's of love for Stevie!!

Would Stevie Nicks have tried out for "The Voice"? WATCH VIDEO

Stevie Nicks performed onstage last night with Javier Colon before he was crowned the winner of “The Voice.”

The duo did a wonderful rendition of Stevie’s Fleetwood Mac hit “Landslide.” Check out the performance below. We caught up with Stevie after the show to find out if she would have tried out for a show like “The Voice” if it had existed when she was starting out.

“If I was by myself, or even if Lindsey (Buckingham) and I were by ourselves and we weren’t successful with getting a record deal and something like this came up…I would have had to drag him by the hair, but yes, absolutely, sure!”

Stevie also talked about if she thought Javier would win when they went on stage to perform and if she was a fan of the show.

'The Voice' Stars Praise Javier Colon on Red Carpet - Including Stevie Nicks

Stevie also thanks Sheryl Crow for her high harmony part on Landslide. Likely speaking about the duet they recently did on Oprah.

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Week 8 for Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams Billboard Top 200 + Fleetwood Mac

In it's 8th week of release "In Your Dreams" drops to # 155 from # 108 on next week's Billboard Charts (issue date July 9th) with 3,813 in sales.  This could be it's last week on the chart unless it receives a bump from Stevie's appearance on The Voice.  Over on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart the disc is at # 131, down from # 96 last week.

In Your Dreams Sales Thus Far:
Wk 1: #     6 - 5/21/11 - 52,418 Debut
Wk 2: #   16 - 5/28/11 - 20,400 Accumulated total = 72,818
Wk 3: #   24 - 6/04/11 - 15,500 Accumulated total = 88,318
Wk 4: #   47 - 6/11/11 -   9,933 Accumulated total = 98,251
Wk 5: #   59 - 6/18/11 -   7,470 Accumulated total = 105,721
Wk 6: #   87 - 6/25/11 -   5,547 Accumulated total = 111,268
Wk 7: # 108 - 7/02/11 -   5,585 Accumulated total = 116,853
Wk 8: # 155 - 7/09/11 -   3,813 Accumulated total = 120,666 (Thanks to Maury for the numbers!)

Fleetwood Mac move up on the Top 200 Albums Chart with "The Very Best Of" up 8 spots to # 167. The 2/CD set re-entered the Top 200 last week at # 175.  Rumours drops out of the Top 200 after re-entering last week at # 115.

Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart
(Last week in parenthesis)
# 155 (108) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
# 167 (175) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

Billboard Top 200 Current Albums
# 131 (96) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart
# 47 (28) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

Billboard Top Catalogue Albums Chart
# 29 (35) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 49 (15) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

"Secret Love" Current Stevie Nicks Single in the UK Remains on BBC A-List

For the 4th week in a row, commencing July 2nd Stevie's current single in the UK "Secret Love" remains on the A-List on BBC Radio 2 guaranteeing up to 20 plays for the week across multiple BBC Radio 2 programmes.  Great news for the track!

The song was initially added to the B-List commencing June 4th and jumped to the A-List the following week commencing June 11th where it has remained.  The B-List guarantees approx. 10 plays per week, the A-List about 20 plays per week.

B-List - June 04-10
A-List - June 11-17
A-List - June 18-24
A-List - June 25-July 01
A-List - July 01-08
Stevie's album "In Your Dreams" was released in the UK on Monday June 27th, and in Ireland June 24th.  On the Mid-week sales charts up to Wednesday in the UK, the album is currently in the Top 10.  The official charts will be published on Sunday...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stevie Nicks on Melbourne, Australia Radio Station 3AW693 Afternoons with Denis Walter

Stevie Nicks is scheduled to be on Afternoons with Denis Walter on Melbourne, Australia radio station 3AW693 News Talk this Friday July 1st at about 12:45pm (Austrlian Time).

You'll have to figure out the time difference depending on where you are if you want to listen live. For instance if you are in North America and you are central, the show will air between 8pm - 12pm Thursday evening. It's about a 15 hour difference.

Link to the website to listen live.

(Photo) Stevie Nicks Red Carpet "The Voice"

Backstage with @ceelogreen and stevie nicks-- stevie busted i... on TwitpicThis little fella caught the attention of Stevie Nicks and @v... on Twitpic
  • This little fella caught the attention of Stevie Nicks and @viccimartinez on the red carpet after The Voice #thevoicela
  • Backstage with @ceelogreen and stevie nicks-- stevie busted in our interview to sing F-you. @nischelleturner
Photos by: Tara Wallis

Exclusive video of Stevie performing "For What It's Worth" at

Stevie will be appearing on tonight's season finale episode of The Voice. She will be performing "Landslide" with contestant Javier Colon. The show airs on NBC at 8/7c. Also visit for an exclusive video of Stevie performing "For What It's Worth" from her latest album In Your Dreams. Check your local listings for more information.

Source: Stevie Nicks on Facebook

Just checked but didn't see anything... Maybe around the time The Voice airs...

[update] WB altered the text on her Facebook page and removed the blurb about the For What It's Worth Video... So it's a no go for now.

Q&A Stevie Nicks on Inspiration, Collaboration, and Her New Dreams

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Since Stephanie Nicks became “Stevie” in 1973, the ethereal songstress has recorded 18 albums, been nominated for 17 Grammys, and had one of the music industry’s most notorious love affairs — with fellow Fleetwood Mac member, Lindsey Buckingham. Yet Nicks’ latest album, In My Dreams, released in May, marks the first time the singer/songwriter has worked with a collaborator in the songwriting process (even in Fleetwood Mac, Nicks and Buckingham wrote separately). Working closely with Dave Stewart of The Eurhythmics, Nicks has produced some of her most compelling work since Bella Donna; she seldom sings as vulnerably, and her voice still has the haunting rasp that’s classic Stevie. So I was disappointed when her tour was cancelled, due to pneumonia, just several days before her live show in New York. Still, Nicks spoke to Riff City from her Los Angeles home, where she recorded In My Dreams. Her smoky contralto was instantly recognizable — and in no need of auto-tune — as she offered her thoughts on the creative process, the new LP, and why she doesn’t plan to retire anytime soon.

Riff City: Congratulations on your album. It’s beautiful.

Stevie Nicks : Thank you.

RC: I was disappointed that you cancelled your East Coast tour. Tell me, Do you still enjoy touring?

Read the full Q&A at

SONG PREMIERE: Free Download New Single "Seeds We Sow" Lindsey Buckingham

Guitar legend and Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham has worked with the best and brightest producers in the music industry, but for his upcoming sixth studio album 'Seeds We Sow,' he takes a more solitary approach, recording, writing and producing entirely on his own. And if the title track is any indication, Buckingham fans are in for a completely fresh sound.

Check out the widget below to download the single for the cheap price of an e-mail.

"This might be the best work I've ever done," the guitarist said in a press release. "I think it's an excellent representation of what I do. It shows a certain maturity and musicianship and I just feel like I have a lot of tools in my musical vocabulary from which to draw that are again the product of the choices I've made. It's on my own terms. This is very much from the inside out and I hope I never stop doing that."

Featuring only guitar and vocals, 'Seeds We Sow' employs a slight slapback echo on Buckingham's signature finger-picking style, making the guitar both percussive and melodic underneath his dark, whispering vocals.

Buckingham will be supporting his forthcoming album with a 31-city North American tour starting in September. 'Seeds We Sow' will be released Sept. 6 via Eagle Rock.

Stevie Nicks Interview with Mark Collins - Wave_105 FM

Mark Collins in conversation with Stevie Nicks - 3 part interview.  Click the image 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London Rated 3/5

Beguiling rock princess: Stevie Nicks 
Reviewed by Chris Mugan
Wednesday, 29 June 2011
The Independent

Despite Glastonbury's moves ever further mainstream, London's mud-free alternative remains distinctive. Who could imagine Somerset hosting a tent-full of fans crooning "Lifted" by Nineties soul-poppers Lighthouse Family?

Otherwise, the three-day Hard Rock Calling relies on stellar headliners with little strength in depth. On Friday evening a sizeable main-stage crowd ignore impending drizzle and James's more quixotic material to bellow "Sit Down". Kaiser Chiefs unite students and office workers with epic takes on "Ruby" and "Oh My God", while showing a more contemplative bent on their current album The Future Is Medieval. It is best served peppered with metallic heft, as on "Little Shocks" and "Long Way From Celebrating".

Elsewhere, The Kills hone their tense garage grind, before The Killers close the night. The next afternoon, Ray Davies, fresh from Meltdown, fronts a rollicking bar-room band. In good spirits, he reminds us of The Kinks' gritty edge with a little too much of the irascible choir master – "If you don't know it, learn it."

Unsurprisingly, given they boast last year's highest grossing tour, Bon Jovi are the weekend's most well-oiled machine. They are especially formidable with guitarist Richie Sambora back from a spell in rehab, though a near three-hour set reveals limits to their common man shtick: more recent tunes resemble knock-offs of earlier efforts, with "We Weren't Born To Follow" rehashing "It's My Life". Even worse is the eponymous Jon's reinvention of "Hallelujah" as a cock-rock ballad, possibly the worst version yet.

On a blazing Sunday, Adam Ant avoids controversy on his first outdoor set since Live Aid, though weak vocals and a goth-metal backing band handicap the hits. Stevie Nicks, by contrast, is still the beguiling rock princess on her first solo UK date for 20 years. Bar one number, her comeback album In Your Dreams is ditched in favour of injecting hard-won wisdom into older solo rockers and Fleetwood Mac standards.

Later, she joins headliner Rod Stewart for a tepid run through "Young Turks", leaving Ronnie Wood to cut through the supper club schmaltz on "Maggie May" and "Stay With Me". Rod has one eye on an upcoming Las Vegas residency, though such reliability pleases Hyde Park just as well.