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Lindsey Buckingham points out, his solo work is ultimately good for Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham: “You Have To Take Risks… Even At The Risk Of Diminishing Commerce”
Brian Ives, CBS Local

Lindsey Buckingham has just released One Man Show, a solo acoustic live album, taken from his first tour in that format. The track listing spans his career; it includes “Trouble” from his solo debut, 1981’s Law And Order, his 1984 hit “Go Insane,” “Seeds We Sow” from his 2011 album of the same name and a number of Fleetwood Mac classics, including “Never Going Back Again,” “Big Love,” “So Afraid” and “Go Your Own Way.” There’s even “Stephanie,” from the Buckingham/Nicks album that he did with Stevie Nicks before they joined Fleetwood Mac.

Buckingham famously quit Fleetwood Mac in 1987, just after the release of Tango In The Night, partially because he wanted to focus on his own records. Since rejoining the band in 1997, he’s remained prolific on his own, releasing three solo albums and touring frequently (One Man Show is his third live release during the same time period).

He tells CBS Local, “Doing the amount of solo work that I’ve done in the past decade, it clearly is kind of the antidote to the experiences I was repeatedly having in Fleeetwood Mac for years, where I would try to work on a solo album and get it out, and (the solo songs) would either be co-opted because of group pressure, or it would be set aside. And that’s fair enough too, because if you’re in a band, you’ve got to be a band member in good standing and you have to keep the big picture in mind.”

He says that these days, he has hit a good balance between working solo and being in the band.  And, he points out, his solo work is ultimately good for Fleetwood Mac: “It allows me to bring back something into the band that I might not have otherwise. I keep growing as an artist, and keep pushing my limits a bit, in a way which I couldn’t do in Fleetwood Mac.”

He points out that there’s a big difference between what he does on his own, and what he does with the group. “What I do as a solo artist is kind of tapping into the left side of the palate, the more esoteric side of things. So I think inherent in that is losing a greater portion of the people who might be Fleetwood Mac fans for different reasons. Obviously it’s the difference between playing in an arena and playing in a theater.”

He’s fine with playing to smaller crowds on his own. “That’s always part of the equation when you get to a certain level of popularity, there’s kind of a corporate mentality that kicks in,” and he mentions the need to uphold the band’s “brand.” “(But) it isn’t necessarily the best adage to follow as an artist. You have to kind of remember who you are, and you have to be taking risks, even at the risk of diminishing commerce. That’s sort of the equation I’ve been living for many years and have somehow managed to strike a balance between what I call ‘the big machine’ and ‘the small machine.’ At this point they support each other, and it’s a good place to be. “

One Man Show is availble now, exclusively at iTunes.


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Lindsey Buckingham talks about Christine McVie Re: Fleetwood Mac “She Didn’t Have To Burn As Many Bridges As She Did”

Lindsey Buckingham On Christine McVie: 
“She Didn’t Have To Burn As Many Bridges As She Did”

Singer/keyboardist/songwriter Christine McVie — who wrote and sang “Say You Love Me,” “Over My Head,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Think About Me,” “Hold Me,” “Little Lies,” and of course, “Don’t Stop” — left the band after their reunion tour promoting 1997′s The Dance.

Since then, the band have toured as a foursome (with support musicians in tow), and have released a (double) album, 2003′s Say You Will. But time can heal all wounds — The Rolling Stones recently played two concerts where they were joined by former members Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor for a few songs.  So, would Fleetwood Mac ever welcome Christine to join them for a few of her classics? CBS Local put that question to Lindsey Buckingham.

“Well, that’s a good question! It’s an odd thing for me, in many ways I’m having a better time in the band as a foursome, only because it opens up a range of things that I can do. Except for maybe ‘Don’t Stop,’ we don’t do a lot of her stuff.  It opens up the amount of material we can play, it allows me to be more of a ‘guy,’ to be more of who I am up there,” he explains, saying that without a keyboardist in the band, his guitar takes center stage.  ”I would be shocked if she ever expressed any interest to do anything with us.  Shocked and pleased.”

Christine has attended one Fleetwood Mac show since leaving the band (she declined to perform with them), but she hasn’t had much contact with the group in the past decade. But Buckingham explains that she was going through a lot of life changes at that point.

“She ended up getting a divorce, she ended up selling her house in L.A., she moved back to England, she quit the band, she sold her publishing,” Buckingham said. “She didn’t necessarily have to burn as many bridges as she did. Everyone sometimes wonders whether or not there might have been more of a middle ground for her to strike, not necessarily in terms of her staying in Fleetwood Mac.  But she just wanted to reinvent herself.  She seems to want to lead the antithesis of the life she led before, and I don’t pretend to understand such a radical change but it was obviously something she needed.”

Full article at 94.5 Kool FM

Stevie Nicks says about new Fleetwood Mac tunes "These songs sound like they're 30,"

Fleetwood Mac to Release New Music Before Spring Tour
by Gary Graff, Detroit
Billboard Magazine

"These songs sound like they're 30," Stevie Nicks tells Billboard. "It blows my mind. Because we've never stopped, our voices and everything"

Steve Nicks tells Billboard that the group has recorded three songs for release before the band hits the road April 4 in Columbus, Ohio for a 34-city trek that concludes June 12 in Detroit. Two of the tunes, "Sad Angela" and "Miss Fantasy," stem from sessions guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, bassist John McVie and drummer Mick Fleetwood held earlier this year, while Nicks describes the third as "an old Buckingham Nicks song that, really, we can't either one of us figure out why it didn't go on the record."

The songs were recorded in November at Buckingham's home studio while the quartet was gathered to discuss its tour plans.

"We wanted to have something to put out before we go out, January or February, in whatever way you do that -- iTunes or something," explains Nicks, who says she herself doesn't own a computer or spend time on the Internet. "And since nobody really cares about albums anymore, if you can come up with two or three great songs and just put them out there...people can at least hear how we sound today when it comes to actually recording."

Full article at Billboard.com

(Video) 7 Planned Dates in Canada For Fleetwood Mac 2013 Tour

Fleetwood Mac to tour Canada, U.S. in 2013
New music planned by classic '70s rock band

British-American band Fleetwood Mac will play dates across Canada and the U.S. in 2013, the group's first tour in four years, its members announced on Monday.

A 34-city tour beginning in April will stop in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

In the past year, she has devoted time to promoting her solo album, In Your Dreams, but Nicks said she and Buckingham recently began work on two new songs that will be released before the tour begins on April 4, in Columbus, Ohio.

Still, the tour is likely to concentrate on the band’s classic catalog of hits, such as Say You Love Me, Rhiannon, Over My Head and The Chain.

"It wouldn't matter if they didn't hear anything new," Buckingham said.

"In a way there's a freedom to that — it becomes not what you got, but what you do with what you got. Part of the challenge of this tour is figuring out a presentation that has some twists and turns to it without having a full album," he said.

Buckingham says he is keen to do a new album, but Nicks is not sure where the band fits in today’s music industry.

Whether or not we're gonna do any more (songs), we don't know because we're so completely bummed out with the state of the music industry and the fact that nobody even wants a full record," Nicks said.

"Everybody wants two songs, so we're going to give them two songs."

She said how much new music they create will depend on the response to the new tracks.


(I hope Fleetwood Mac fans world wide come out of the woodwork when these new tunes are released and a ton are sold to show them WE WANT NEW MUSIC!!)

Check out Fleetwoodmac.com (New Website up and running)

Stevie Nicks dishes on new and old work with Lindsey Buckingham
LA Times
By Randall Roberts
Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

Some of the most exciting news to come out of a conversation with Stevie Nicks on Monday was when she discussed a recent studio session with fellow Fleetwood Mac member and longtime collaborator Lindsey Buckingham. The two will join Mick Fleetwood and John McVie to resurrect Fleetwood Mac for a 2013 tour, but they have a history that extends long before they joined Mac in 1975.

The pair recorded one gorgeous, self-titled record in 1973 as Buckingham Nicks, and it was this work that prompted Fleetwood, McVie and then-keyboardist Christine McVie to ask them to join Fleetwood Mac. The rest is (a tangled, romantically complicated) history.

Jump to early 2012, when -- as Nicks calls them -- "the boys" in Fleetwood Mac got together to work on new material. Nicks had just lost her mother to pneumonia, then contracted the virus herself, and was unable to join them. The three soldiered on, with Buckingham writing two songs specifically for Nicks. A few weeks ago she heard those rough tracks for the first time.

“I went up to Lindsey’s house, he played me all of the songs, and we chose two," Nicks said on Monday. "He said, ‘I really tried hard to be you, to really see through your eyes when we were doing these songs, and make these songs that you would really like, and that you would really relate to.’"

Check out part 2 of yesterday's LA Times Article LA Times

"Sound City" A Film by Dave Grohl Coming this February 2013 - Fleetwood Mac members appear

Roswell Films Presents: Sound City. A Film by Dave Grohl
Coming February 2013.
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Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood all appear in the documentary

AUDIO: Stevie Nicks Interview w/ Renee at The River 105.9. Fleetwood Mac, New Music, New Photo Session

Stevie Nicks Interview with Renee from The River 105.9.  Stevie talks extensively about Soldiers Angel and how it will carry over to Fleetwood Mac.  She talks about new music with Lindsey recorded at his house... Plus mentions a photo session that her and Lindsey took part in, which is great because we need updated photos! Plus she talks about her clothing and her moon necklaces. 

Interview is about 11 minutes.

AUDIO: Stevie Nicks speaks with Ken Calvert of WCSX Detroit about Fleetwood Mac Tour

Great phone interview between Stevie Nicks and Ken Calvert from 94.7 WCSX Detroit.  Stream it or download.... It's a little over 15 minutes long.

WCSX Detroit