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Fleetwood Mac Return To The Concert Stage This Sunday in Canada

After a week long break from their current 2013 World Tour, Fleetwood Mac are set to land in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at MTS Centre on Sunday May 12th for their 3rd Canadian date of the tour. Previous Canadian dates were Toronto and Ottawa in mid-April.

The next week through next Sunday will be dedicated to entertaining Canadian fans across western Canada with dates scheduled in Saskatoon Tuesday, May 14th, Edmonton May 15th, Calgary May 17th and Vancouver May 19th.  The 8th and final Canadian date doesn't take place until June when they hit Montreal on June 18th.

A few tickets left for each show at Ticketmaster.

Couple of Concert Previews from The Winnipeg Free Press and The Edmonton Journal:


The new documentary from Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart titled "In Your Dreams" chronicling the making of Stevie's last solo album "In Your Dreams" follows the Fleetwood Mac tour across Canada with it's first theatre screenings coming up in Edmonton on Sunday, May 12th at Metro Cinema, with Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, and Vancouver to follow. Tickets available at the box office, or in advance if available. Complete list of Canadian screenings listed below.

Mother's Day 2 For 1: 
On Sunday in Edmonton...  Bring someone's mother and they get in FREE! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

via @billboard Fleetwood Mac: Releasing More New Songs a 'Matter of How and When'

Fleetwood Mac: Releasing More New Songs a 'Matter of How
and When'

by Gary Graff, Billboard

Lindsey Buckingham says the group has five more unreleased tracks. "The whole thing is just kind of wide open now, and it really is tantalizing to be able to put together just a few things, three or four songs on an EP"

Lindsey Buckingham says there's more where Fleetwood Mac's new "Extended Play" came from.

Buckingham tells Billboard that he, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie "cut eight songs" with producer Mitchell Froom last year after Fleetwood Mac decided it would be touring this year. Three of those -- "Sad Angel," "It Takes Time" and "Miss Fantasy" -- are part of the "Extended Play" digital release that came out May 6, joined by "Without You," resurrected by Stevie Nicks from the Buckingham Nicks days before they joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975.

Album Review | Fleetwood Mac, 'Extended Play'

by Jeffrey Lee Puckett

Fleetwood Mac chose to release “Extended Play,” the band’s first new recordings in a decade, with a minimum of fanfare, as if too much hype might raise too many expectations. Good move.

The four-song EP is a nice little Lindsey Buckingham record, without a single moment that screams Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac is certainly suggested, albeit gently, and that’s a pretty serious miscue after 10 years of silence.

Still, Buckingham records are always pretty solid, especially in small doses, and “Extended Play” has some fine moments. “Sad Angel” is the kind of adult pop that Buckingham does so well, with an insistent chorus that lifts off with a wistful rush and harmonies from Stevie Nicks that almost, but not quite, get us there.

“Without You” is an old Buckingham-Nicks track, pre-Fleetwood Mac, that sounds pretty enough but lacks the band’s famous drama. Even prettier is “It Takes Time,” a piano ballad that’s pure Buckingham (with a healthy dose of Eric Carmen’s sugary pathos).

The last song didn’t even register, and with a four-song record, that’s not good.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

CHARTS | SALES UPDATE: These 4 Fleetwood Mac Albums Are Currently on Billboards Top 200

For the sales week ending May 5th and for Chart date May 18th.

EXTENDED PLAY, Fleetwood Mac's new 4 track EP enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart at #48 with total sales for the week in the U.S. of 8,602 digital units, which I still think is a rather poor showing even considering it was only available digitally.  RUMOURS re-enters the Top 200 at #149 with sales of 3,167 units vs 2,345 the previous week - a 35% increase.  Total Rumours sales in the U.S. since November, 1991 = 3,182,506.  GREATEST HITS moves down the chart to #172 from #108 last week on sales of 2,725 vs 4,232 the previous week.  Total U.S. album sales since November, 1991 when Soundscan began tracking album sales = 4,656,533.  THE VERY BEST OF re-enters the chart at #194 with sales of 2,461 units vs 1,844 the previous week - a 33% sales increase.  Total U.S. album sales since its release in November, 2002 = 1,566,150.

# 48  (NEW) Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play (Debut)
# 149 (R/E)   Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
# 172 (108)   Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 194 (R/E)   Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

The Current Albums Chart is the same at the Top 200 Albums Chart, but with the catalogue titles removed.

#48   (NEW) FLEETWOOD MAC - Extended Play

Extended Play enters the Rock Albums Chart at #13 this week.

# 13 (NEW) Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play 8,602

Fleetwood Mac enter this chart with "Extended Play" at #9.  I believe this is a first having an album on the Independent Chart.

# 9 (NEW) Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play

EXTENDED PLAY entered the Top 200 Digital Albums sales chart at #14.  GREATEST HITS moves down to #84 from #49 the previous week with digital sales of 2,052 vs 3,612 units the previous week a 45% dip.  RUMOURS moves up to #93 this week from #187 the previous week with digital album sales of 1,933 units vs 1,107 the previous week a 75% sales increase.

# 14 (NEW) Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play (Debut)
# 84 (49)      Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 93 (187)    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

THE VERY BEST OF sold a total of 2,461 units for the week - 1,843 of those sales were physical units.  Up 16% vs last week where it sold 1,582 physical units.  The majority of the albums overall sales since 2002 have been physical units since the 2 cd set wasn't initially available digitally until this past year.

# 169 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

RUMOURS moves up to #23 this week from #54 last week.  GREATEST HITS moves down to #30 this week from #14 last week. THE VERY BEST OF moves way up the chart to #40 from #105 the previous week.  FLEETWOOD MAC the self titled 1975 album moves up the chart to #86 this week from #114 last week on a slight 9% sales boost or 1,938 units sold this week vs 1,784 the previous week. Total U.S. album sales since November, 1991 = 920,709.

# 23 (54)   Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
# 30 (14)   Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 40 (105) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 86 (114) Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac

Overall based on the above albums registering enough in sales to land on these listings, Fleetwood Mac sold 18,893 albums in the U.S. for the week ending May 5th.  Not bad for one week!

The band's last full-length album, “Say You Will,” released on Reprise/Warner Bros., arrived on the chart almost exactly 10 years ago this week. The set debuted and peaked at No. 3 on the chart dated May 3, 2003. To date, it has sold 864,000 copies in the United States.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

NEW Canadian Dates Added: STEVIE NICKS "In Your Dreams" Windsor, Regina and Vancouver

New Canadian Theatre Dates Added
Shifting dynamically among video formats, painstaking recording sessions and revealing interviews, this magic-tinged musical journey is a loving and tuneful portrait of the eternally bewitching Gold Dust Woman.

May 15th - 8:30pm

Only one showing of the film in Windsor on May 15th at the Capital Theatre.  Tickets are $9 for students and $13 for adults, and are available online at or on the evening of the screening at the Capitol box office.

May 30th - 9:00pm & 11:00pm
May 31th - 7:00pm & 9:00pm
June 1st - 9:00pm & 11:00pm
June 2nd - 7:00pm & 9:00pm

Regina is seeing a total of eight screenings of the film beginning on May 30th running through June 2nd.  That's huge!  Tickets will be available at the box office 45 minutes prior to the show.

The RPL Film Theatre is located inside Central Library, in the heart of downtown Regina, at 2311-12th Avenue between Lorne and Smith Street. 

Vancouver - Rio Theatre
June 10th - 7:00pm & 9:30pm

If you can't make the May 18th showing of the film in Vancouver at VIFF, well the Rio Theatre has you covered.  The Rio Theatre on Broadway in east Vancouver will be showing the film twice - one night only on June 10th at 7:00pm and 9:30pm.  Advance tickets will be available on-line to purchase through

N/A indicates no advance on-line tickets available - purchase at the Box Office

SASKATOON, SK Broadway Theatre May 13 7:00pm N/A
EDMONTON, AB Metro Cinema May 12 4:00pm N/A
EDMONTON, AB Metro Cinema May 13 9:15pm N/A
EDMONTON, AB Metro Cinema May 14 7:00pm N/A
WINDSOR, ON WIFF May 15 8:00pm Tickets
CALGARY, AB Globe Cinema May 16 TBA TBA
SASKATOON, SK Broadway Theatre May 17 9:00pm N/A
SASKATOON, SK Broadway Theatre May 18 7:00pm N/A
VANCOUVER, BC Vancity Theatre May 18 9:30pm Tickets
SASKATOON, SK Broadway Theatre May 20 7:00pm N/A
SASKATOON, SK Broadway Theatre May 21 9:00pm N/A
SASKATOON, SK Broadway Theatre May 23 9:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre May 30 9:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre May 30 11:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre May 31 7:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre May 31 9:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre June 1 9:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre June 1 11:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre June 2 7:00pm N/A
REGINA, SK RPL Film Theatre June 2 9:00pm N/A
VANCOUVER, BC Rio Theatre June 10 7:00pmTickets
VANCOUVER, BC Rio Theatre June 10 9:30pmTickets
MONTREAL, QC Cinema Du Parc June 14 9:00pm Tickets
MONTREAL, QC Cinema Du Parc June 15 9:00pm Tickets
MONTREAL, QC Cinema Du Parc June 16 9:00pm Tickets
MONTREAL, QC Cinema Du Parc June 17 9:00pm Tickets
"Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams" Documentary at the Rio Theatre

Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams is an intimate portrait of Stevie Nicks, the Grammy-winning artist and member of legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac, as she creates an album with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. Co-produced and co-directed by Nicks and Stewart, the film goes behind the scenes as Nicks and Stewart embark on a musical journey to write and record the critically acclaimed album In Your Dreams.

Monday, June 10th - 7 + 9:30 pm
Tickets $8 advance/$10 at the door
19+ w/ bar service

Fleetwood Mac "Extended Play" Enters Billboard Top 200 Chart at...

Fleetwood Mac’s Extended Play debuts at #48.

Albums:  Week Ending May 5, 2013
Fleetwood Mac's EP "Extended Play" will debut at #48 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts when Billboard publishes the chart on Thursday.  HitsDailyDouble estimated on Tuesday that the EP would come in at about #31 with sales of approx. 11,500. Actual sales haven't been confirmed yet, I'll post that info once I receive it - but it's likely not far off.


"In 1979, the band released a double-disk, 20-song studio album, Tusk. Now, it’s putting out a four-song EP. Our attention spans are shrinking by the minute."

Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live - Washington, DC April 9th #FleetwoodMacLive #StevieNicks

Fleetwood Mac Live at Verizon Center - Washington, DC. 
Photos by Kyle Gustafson

Fleetwood Mac @ Verizon Center - Images by Kyle Gustafson

FLEETWOOD MAC "Sad Angel" Overall Most Added Track at Triple A Radio

FLEETWOOD MAC "Sad Angel" (Extended Play) (independent)
Impacting at Radio May 13-14

For the week ending May 6th "Sad Angel" was the second Overall Most Added single track at Triple A Radio.  The track should start to spread out over the next couple of weeks and appear on radio play lists at Triple A stations in the U.S.

Stevie Nicks Says New Fleetwood Mac Songs "Came Out Great"

Last week, Fleetwood Mac released their first new recordings in almost a decade -- a four-song digital EP
titled Extended Play.  The collection features three new tunes written by singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham -- "It Takes Time," "Miss Fantasy" and "Sad Angel" -- as well as a Stevie Nicks-penned track called "Without You" that dates back to her and Buckingham's pre-Fleetwood Mac days, when they performed as a duo.

Nicks recently chatted with ABC News Radio about the new songs, and revealed why the band decided to release just a few songs rather than a full-length album.

"In this day and age, nobody really wants an album anyway, [and] we didn't have time to do a record anyway, because we were all working all last year," she explains.  "And…when you do a record, especially a Fleetwood Mac record, that means you rent a house and you're working for almost a year.  We didn't have that year.  So, this way, we have new songs."

Nicks also told ABC News Radio that Buckingham's new tunes were written in early 2012, and he initially recorded them with just drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie.

"I didn't go because my mom had just passed away, and I really just couldn't go into the studio," she points out.  "So they went in basically without me, and that was fine."

Stevie adds that, although she didn't participate in the early sessions, Lindsey made an effort to come up with material that was well-suited for her.  "Lindsey just tried really hard to see through my eyes," she notes.  "He certainly knows me well enough to do that."

Nicks finally got the chance to add her voice to the new tracks late last year when she visited Buckingham at his home studio.  "He and I picked…two songs out of the several songs that they did that I like very much, otherwise I wouldn't have wanted to sing on them," explains Stevie.  "We did them, and we finished all the vocals and they came out great."

Nicks also brought in her old song "Without You," which she reportedly had rediscovered after coming across an old demo that had been posted on YouTube.

"We can't figure out for the life of us why it didn't go on the Buckingham Nicks album," says Stevie, referring to the 1973 album she and Lindsey recorded as a duo.  "But it didn't and it's just this amazing song…So we rerecorded it and it came out great."

Extended Play is available now at iTunes and AmazonMP3 for $3.96.  Fleetwood Mac has regularly been playing two songs from the EP, "Sad Angel" and "Without You" during their current North American tour, which is mapped out through a July 6 show in Sacramento, California.  The band also has a European trek planned for the fall.

2013 ABC News Radio

Video: Fleetwood Mac "Gold Dust Woman - Little Rock + Stevie Singing "New Orleans" in NOLA

Fleetwood Mac "Gold Dust Woman"
Live in North Little Rock, AR
May 3, 2013

Wow! Great performance... Both of them are so into it!

Fleetwood Mac "New Orleans / Landslide"
Live in New Orleans, LA
May 4, 2013

Stevie took a few seconds before Landslide to sing a few lines of her solo tune "New Orleans" from "In Your Dreams".
"Second Hand News"

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

2 Impressive Reviews: Fleetwood Mac "Extended Play"

Album Review: Fleetwood Mac 'Extended Play'
by PushxShove

The new Fleetwood Mac EP, aptly named "Extended Play", is a short but sweet taste of more from a band that has truly withstood the test of time. Though far too short for my taste, any new offering from my favorite band of all time is welcome. So, with that said, let's get down to business.

-Track By Track Analysis-

The first track on the short offering from the classic rock pioneers is an uptempo diddy entitled "Sad Angel". Ultimately and noticeably a Buckingham original, but Stevie throws in her beautifully rugged vocals for the perfect trademark harmony that we've come to expect from the duo. In some ways, it recalls the Self Titled and Rumours eras, while still sounding Say You Will-esk. Albeit, there's a kind of fluidity between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham that can't be found anywhere on the Say You Will album. The track is solid, with Buckinghams electric guitar providing a good deal of momentum. Overall, the song writing is ace (as expected), the instrumentation is upbeat and superb, and the harmonies are as good as years passed. Judging by this track, one could say that life has been good to Fleetwood Mac, specifically Buckingham and Nicks. A bright spot and possibly the highlight of their musicianship from the past 15 years or so, though Nicks' last album was her best effort since Bella Donna in my opinion.

Fleetwood Mac Still Have Plenty of Gas in The Tank

"It Takes Time leads on with a slow tempo and melody allowing you to listen to the eerie lyrical affair tracing Buckingham´s lips."

Fleetwood Mac are back with their first studio material in ten years, Extended Play-EP, Which was released last week. The EP shows off three new tracks, `Sad Angel´ `It Takes Time´ and `Miss Fantasy´ that are penned by Lindsey Buckingham and it also includes `Without You´ Which is a revamped track, That was originally written by Stevie Nicks from the Buckingham Nicks project.

Extended Play opens with Sad Angel, Which is an upbeat Country-esque ditty that will have you singing along after just one listen. A great tempo and melody sprinkled with the magic of Buckingham and Nicks on vocals, Who are still a force to be reckoned with and the track dances forward without missing a beat.  The Tempo gets stripped down in Without You with this revamped acoustic track from the early days. Its Buckingham, Nicks and a guitar, Keeping it simple, raw and real. There ´s nothing overworked about this Folk/Country inspired track, Which perfects it.

Continue to the original site for the rest

Fleetwood Mac "Extended Play" 1 Week Out... How did it do on the charts? Details here:

Early indications from Hitsdailydouble are that Fleetwood Mac's "Extended Play" EP will land at or around #31 Fleetwood Mac's EP "Extended Play" will debut at #48 when Billboard publishes it's Top 200 Album Chart on Thursday May 9th.  Sales for the week were approximately 11,500 digital units sold in the United States.

Although sales for the week weren't all that spectacular given Fleetwood Mac's stature.  Do I think the first week could have been a little better, or even huge?  Yes, I do.  But they could easily be forgiven for a number of reasons:
  1. It`s only 4 songs and not a full album and although these 4 songs are, I think, really great, and I love them - some people have said there isn't enough Stevie on the tracks.
  2. This was a digital download exclusive to iTunes for the first week only.  Not everyone has access to iTunes, or wants to.
  3. Virtually no advertising except for a few really key on-line websites publishing about the release.  The band mentioning it was coming out during interviews and on the current tour helps, but there was no real hard date set as to when the EP would actually be released - until it was released.
  4. The entire 4 song set could be streamed legitimately online at various websites as part of the promotion.
  5. No hard copy available to purchase.

Whether the band believes this is a successful week is anyones guess... It all depends on what they expected, or wanted to achieve.  With this being the bands very first self-release, maybe things will be different when and if this happens again.

All I know, is I'm completely pleased with these 4 songs offered - and think they should continue to either put out a few more EP`s... Or work out a way to put an album together without it taking 2 years.

Onwards... and Upwards...