Wednesday, May 08, 2013

FLEETWOOD MAC "Sad Angel" Overall Most Added Track at Triple A Radio

FLEETWOOD MAC "Sad Angel" (Extended Play) (independent)
Impacting at Radio May 13-14

For the week ending May 6th "Sad Angel" was the second Overall Most Added single track at Triple A Radio.  The track should start to spread out over the next couple of weeks and appear on radio play lists at Triple A stations in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

While this is better than not charting at all, AAA is kind of the graveyard of the charts. And with only 10 adds, it doesn't mean much. It would take getting on the AC and Adult Contemporary charts with hundreds of adds to make the record even a small hit.

There is nothing more I and all Stevie and Mac fans would love than to have them have an actual hit. Who knows, maybe it will increase slowly and get heard.

If anyone actually hears it on the radio, post what city you are in and we can all see if and where it is getting any airplay.

Anonymous said...

KFOG - San Francisco played it around 5PM yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Triple A radio? That's like nothing. They are on the same chart as Tom Jones. Jesus!

Anonymous said...

The Peak 107.1 in NY played Sad Angel today at 12:36PM

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