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Interview with Stevie Nicks: "Nicks is hoping to get time to work on another solo album"

Photo by Danny Clinch

(Looks like an interview with Stevie prior to the beginning of the Fleetwood Mac World Tour
Published today at Rip it Up - New Zealand based website)

by Jamie Wynn

It's a miracle Fleetwood Mac are still together and touring. A musical soap opera of tangled love lives and drug and drink-fuelled breakups has lasted since the seventies, when the best-known lineup of the group formed.

But it's always been about the music. Surviving the breakup of two couples - Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and John and Christine McVie gave the band their multi-million selling 1977 album Rumours.

But their love of their band and their belief in its music has helped them to endure and today they’re as popular as ever, currently in the middle of a mammoth world tour.

Rip It Up met Nicks in LA, where the band are in rehearsals. And the legendary singer says: "This band is the longest relationship any of us have had. It’s more than our individual issues.

“When Lindsey and I split and Christine and John were about to break up, we were all in a room, saying, 'Well, I'm not going to quit so you quit'.

"Mick was in the middle saying 'Well, is anybody quitting? If not, can we just carry on?' "And that's exactly what happened. No one was willing to give up Fleetwood Mac - it just wasn't an option.”

The band have endured what would have killed most other bands.

The breakdown of Nicks and Buckingham’s five-year relationship and the McVies' divorce during the making of landmark album Rumours became part of the Fleetwood Mac story. And even today, forty years after their split, it’s when Nicks and Buckingham get close on stage,that the crowd really erupt and cheer.

“I guess fans are still fascinated by us,“ she admits in her famous husky drawl. “It’s part of the story and whatever happened between me and Lindsey or the others, the power of the band and the music meant more."

After her split with Buckingham, Nicks embarked on a  two-year affair with band drummer and Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood who was in the middle of a divorce with wife Jenny Boyd.

And it wasn’t just the band’s love lives which were full of drama. The band's intake of drugs in the Seventies and Eighties is also part of their story.

Nicks says she first tried cocaine when she moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco with Buckingham.

Continue to the full interview at Rip It Up

Lindsey Buckingham Interview on Fleetwood Mac with M Music & Musicians Magazine

These days the road has never been smoother for the Hall of Fame rockers

Fleetwood Mac has been virtually synonymous with two things—classic songs and internal drama. Both aspects were epitomized on the group’s 1977 multiplatinum album Rumours, but only recently has their legendary volatility been stripped away.

“If you go back to 2003, when we were coming off the making of Say You Will, there was still a bit of tension between Stevie and me,” says Lindsey Buckingham of his Fleetwood Mac foil, singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. “That polarity worked onstage and made for an interesting show. By 2009 when we toured again that tension had sort of been neutralized. Now it’s swung completely the other way—we’re getting along great.”

That camaraderie has been playing out to perfection on tour and in the studio. Prior to hitting the road,

Buckingham, Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie (Christine McVie left the band in 1998) cut eight songs with producer Mitchell Froom. Four of those tunes—three by Buckingham, one by Nicks—were compiled onto an EP titled Extended Play. “I thought it would be great to cut some new stuff,” says Buckingham. “It was a great experience.”

Meanwhile Fleetwood Mac’s shows are drawing more fans than at any time since the early 1980s. “I take that as evidence people not only have a renewed appreciation of what we’ve done,” says Buckingham, “but also that they’re fully accepting of the band in its present incarnation.” In a candid conversation, Buckingham delves into the band’s inner dynamic and the future of Fleetwood Mac.

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How did you write for the EP?
The way I write for the band has cross-pollinated with how I write as a solo artist. With solo work you could make an analogy to painting, where you’re sitting one-on-one with a canvas. Writing for the band, especially in the old days, was more like moviemaking—you bring in a song the same way you have a script before you start rolling cameras. Over the years those two ways of working have entered the same arena for me. What defines a song as a Fleetwood Mac song isn’t so much the song as it is simply having John and Mick on it. They put a stamp on the song that’s quite individual and distinctive.
And Stevie?

Stevie writes lyrics and then puts them away. Later she’ll pull them out and begin trying to attach melodies. It’s a slightly less free-associative thing compared to the way I do it. What makes the whole thing work is that her process and her style don’t necessarily fit with mine. You could make that case about Fleetwood Mac. The members don’t necessarily belong together—but it’s the synergy of these things that makes it work.

Why bring in an outside producer?
I produced Say You Will, and it created a certain tension with Stevie. Her perception of that album was fairly negative, and she wasn’t happy with me when we got to the end of that process. I didn’t want to put myself in that position again. I wanted someone with the ability to mediate the situation.

What’s touring like now?
It’s great. We take these breaks, and everyone’s individual lives wind their way down the road, and when we come back together the equation is slightly different every time. When you’ve been doing this for a while, the perception from the audience shifts a bit. Both those things have changed for the better on this tour. It’s sort of a lovefest onstage now. Plus, in the past three years, the crowd’s appreciation of the body of work seems to have ramped up. And the audiences are skewing younger.

What’s changed without Christine?
The way things evolved when we got with Mitchell Froom wasn’t significantly different from when Christine was there. When Christine left, what it did for me, ironically, was allow me to be more of who I am, which is kinetic and connected to the physical and emotional side of what I’m doing onstage. When Christine left, suddenly we were dividing the material more or less down the middle. That gave me the impetus to explore things—guitar pieces and so forth. Having two writers has allowed me to grow a lot within the context of Fleetwood Mac.

Any lessons learned over the years?
There was a point at which the success of Rumours became not about the music, but about success itself. At that point you’re not only functioning in something like a tabloid world, you’re functioning in an area that has a danger of eating you up and encouraging you to lose the sense of who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. There’s an axiom in the business that more or less says, “If something works, run it into the ground and then move on.” But what we did in the post-Rumours environment was to make the Tusk album. That was my brainchild—I’ll take the credit or the blame. That album confounded everyone’s expectations, but it also represented a choice toward risk-taking, a choice to take the high road in terms of why you’re doing something.

Is a full-length album expected soon?
The way we do things in Fleetwood Mac is always a political minefield. If it’s not Stevie, it’s me—someone is always causing trouble. [laughs] I know Warner Brothers is dying to get an album from us, even though we’re not signed to them anymore. Stevie needs to come to the table with some material. She has one song on the EP, but it’s not a new song. In order to contemplate a new album, Stevie has to want to do it. We’ve talked about it in general terms and decided we would just go out on the road and do this. When this year is done, we’ll have to figure out our 2014.

Does Stevie have reservations?
It’s a little complicated for her. She’s coming off the project with Dave Stewart a couple of years ago. She had a wonderful experience making that album. She watched me take three years off to do Under the Skin and Gift of Screws, and she’s seen how that helped me grow. Plus, she doesn’t just toss songs off the way I do. She hasn’t said this—this is just me—but knowing Stevie, she’s probably thinking, “If I have to write five new songs, do I want to give them to Fleetwood Mac?” And that’s fair enough. I think she’s feeling a bit protective and territorial about the experience she had doing her solo project. And I can totally relate to that. But at some point we have to be a band and we have to make commitments. I think the key with Stevie is not to push her too much. She doesn’t want to feel she’s backed into a corner.

Are you optimistic about the band?
Absolutely. I don’t know how you could not be, when you look at the business we’re doing, the reception we’re getting, and how well we’re playing. There seems to be something afoot that’s quite remarkable this time around. It would be a shame not to play that out. There are a lot of things we could do next year—an album or more touring. This band has a great history. It’s worth dignifying.

–Russell Hall
M Music and Musicians Magazine

Happy Birthday to the man that gave us Fleetwood Mac... Mr. Peter Green! (Oct 29)

Fleetwood Mac Founder Guitarist
Peter Green Turns 67 Today Oct 29th

Happy Birthday Peter!

Back in 1967 it was Peter that started the group. Peter, John and Mick were all in the band John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers when Peter, John and Mick recorded an instrumental and called it "Fleetwood Mac" named after the rhythm section. Shortly there after, Peter decided to form his own band and asked Mick and John to join.  Mick joined right away, but John was reluctant instead sticking with John Mayall for the steady income.  Peter named the new group Fleetwood Mac in the hopes that John would later join. The initial line-up included Peter, Mick, Jeremy Spencer and Bob Brunning on bass.  John within the same year the group was formed joined the group replacing Bob Brunning... and the rest is history.

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Aunt Stevie Sends Ruby Red Slippers to Baby Antebellum

Stevie Nicks Sends Ruby Red Slippers to Baby Antebellum
Lady Antebellum 's Hillary Scott and Stevie Nicks really hit it off when they filmed an episode of CMT Crossroads earlier this year. The friendship continues as Stevie showers Hillary's baby daughter Eisele (pr: EYES lee) with gifts.

Hillary posted an Instagram photo over the weekend of the baby sporting some sparkly ballet slippers with the caption, "Eisele is channeling her inner Dorothy today thanks to her Aunt Stevie (Nicks) who sent these amazing shoes! =) #spoiledalready."

Look for Lady Antebellum's expanded edition of their album, Golden , to come out November 11 featuring their latest single, "Compass."

Country Weekly

Stevie Nicks appearance at the BIFF13 Q&A on November 13th in limbo

The Brisbane International Film Festival released a statement on their Facebook page regarding Stevie's appearance at the upcoming BIFF on November 13th where "In Your Dreams" was scheduled to be screened and Stevie was to attend a Q&A afterwards:

"As you have read, we were sadded to hear that Fleetwood Mac have cancelled their Australian Tour. Our thoughts are with John McVie & his family. #BIFF13 are still in discussions with Stevie Nicks' manager & will share any updates we have with ticket buyers shortly. 

At this stage, we are hopeful that the iconic Stevie Nicks can still attend #BIFF13, however, as you may appreciate, the circumstances have changed drastically from when we embarked on this negotiation. 

We thank you for your understanding. As soon as we have information to share on the status of Stevie Nicks travel committments we'll be in touch. The BIFF Team x"

69 Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Amsterdam Oct 26th - 2 Photographers 2 Perspectives

Fleetwood Mac Live in Amsterdam
October 26, 2013 - Ziggo Dome
The Last European Show

48 Photos by Amsfrank - View Gallery

21 Photos by Marja Mooi - View Gallery

SECOND HAND NEWS - Interesting looking video...

GOLD DUST WOMAN - One of the stand out performances from this whole tour. Stevie's performance on this took some time to evolve - about 1/2 way through the US tour, but once it did it completely captured her mystique and transformed into this almost 13 minute display up on stage with Lindsey, Mick and John playing along in a very loose fashion where each night you weren't quite sure how it was going to turn out.  Amazing stuff!



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@StevieNicks Dedicates "Landslide" to Fleetwood Mac & Lindsey Buckingham at last Euro Show - Video

On the heels of the devastating news about John McVie...and the cancellation of the Australian / New Zealand leg of the tour, it's particularly poignant to hear Stevie dedicate "Landslide" to her band Fleetwood Mac... and to Lindsey where she thanks Lindsey, in a somewhat broken voice, for all the wonderful things he has done for her and all the wonderful music he has brought into her life and to the Amsterdam fans that were so gracious to wait for them to work out their sound issues.

As the news spreads through the media world wide today about John's situation and the tour, fans have been taking to social media looking for answers, expressing their disappointment but more importantly sending good vibes, well wishes and prayers to John.  Cancer is not something to mess around with and he likely has some of the best Doctors in the world looking after him and advising him. Without John... There can be no Fleetwood Mac - so we again extend our best wishes to John and his family and to the Fleetwood Mac family to stay strong, positive and hopeful that treatment does the trick and that we can once again see John up there on stage making those rafters in the arenas vibrate from his incredible bass lines.

Still with all this news a couple of questions linger.. Will Fleetwood Mac's Las Vegas date and the private show they have booked in Las Vegas go ahead as planned?  It appears that ticket sales on Ticketmaster for the December 30th public show haven't been cancelled yet, but they do appear to have been suspended for the time being. Also, with Stevie's film "In Your Dreams" on schedule to screen at the Brisbane International Film Festival on November 13th, will Stevie still attend the planned Q&A? Obviously with Fleetwood Mac's tour dates in Australia lined up it was easy for her to co-ordinate her appearance but now with the cancellation, this leaves a big question.


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Fleetwood Mac Cancel Australian and New Zealand Tour

John in Dublin - Sept, 2013
Fleetwood Mac, who has just completed the European leg of their phenomenally successful worldwide tour, has announced the cancellation of their upcoming 14 date tour of Australia and New Zealand.

John McVie, one of the co founding and original members of Fleetwood Mac, is now scheduled to be in treatment for cancer during that period of time.

The band have released the following statement:

"We are sorry to not be able to play these Australian and New Zealand dates. We hope our Australian and New Zealand fans as well as Fleetwood Mac fans everywhere will join us in wishing John and his family all the best.”

Live Nation Australia wish John Mcvie a full and speedy recovery, and regret the disappointment that this announcement will cause for the band’s multitude of Australian fans.

Ticket refunds will be available to all ticket holders as from Monday, October 28.

For all tickets booked online or by phone, the refund will be refunded automatically to the credit card used in purchasing the tickets. Please allow up to 10 days to receive your refund.

If the original credit card you used for the purchase has been cancelled or is no longer valid please contact the place of purchase.

If you made your booking at an outlet please return to the original outlet where the tickets were purchased with your ticket(s) and with the credit card used to make the purchase in hand in order to obtain your refund. Refunds will be provided to the original purchaser only on presentation of photo ID.

Fleetwood Mac 

John... We wish you nothing but the best and a full and speedy recovery!

Some of the coverage on John - pretty much the same public statement as above.

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Fleetwood Mac Cap Off European Tour at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome

Facebook Gallery
A should have been a seemingly ordinary, normal show day in terms of show time, setlist, playing their parts up their on stage like they have been across the North America, the UK, Ireland and Europe turned into something completely out of the ordinary. Before the band could even get up on stage to get the party started the show was marred with technical difficulties.  Turns out the soundboard or mixing console was completely smoked... wouldn't work! They needed a different one, or parts, or something and they needed them stat! A repair tech or parts or both were located in Utrecht, a city about 40 kms away... Once brought in, repaired, it was full steam ahead except that this little hiccup at their final show in Europe cost the band some stage time, the audience some patience and ultimately some songs that they didn't get to hear. The show started about an hour and a half late and in order to make it a reasonable length and end at a respectable time, which apparently was midnight, some tunes needed to go. Roadies quickly changed out setlists up on the stage, replacing them with modified versions. Songs left out tonight were Without You, Gypsy, Eyes of the World and the last song of the night Say Goodbye. Still a 19 song set, decent enough to fill out the show.  And if you haven't seen any of the other shows or read a setlist you probably wouldn't even have known, in terms of show length... Still those that went to the show, many I'm sure seeing Fleetwood Mac for the first time had a blast - saying it was worth the wait! Some vids below captured the band tonight... Hopefully this won't be the last show this year.

Fleetwood Mac Live in Amsterdam
October 26, 2013 - Ziggo Dome (2nd show)




RHIANNON (Stevie killed it tonight)


Fleetwood Mac Captured Leaving Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.. With Christine McVie - Video

Fleetwood Mac were captured heading to the show from the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam by MsBronwater.  And look who the band brought along... Christine McVie! She stopped to sign autographs before being whisked away.  Mick and John did as well... Stevie covered her head and face and walked right into her waiting SUV.  Lindsey did as well but stated he didn't have time.  Cool videos.

Amsterdam Delay: Fleetwood Mac Almost Went Quietly Into The Night!

Problems with sound at Fleetwood Mac Concert

The Fleetwood Mac concert tonight at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam was to begin at 20.00 (8:00pm) but was postponed due to technical problems with the mixing console. Fans sat and waited for the concert to begin and were told that technicians would have to come fix the mixing console which apparently had issues. Parts were to come from Utrecht, about 40kms away. Fans having to sit and wait for an extra hour probably isn't so bad if you have a seat, but this is a huge venue with the full floor being all general admission so fans had to stand and make due... Some hit the floor. This is Fleetwood Mac's last European show and its completely sold out so luckily this could be fixed and Fleetwood Mac won't have to end their European tour on a quiet note.

The show finally got underway approximately an hour and a half later than expected.  Stevie appeared on stage thanking their fans for their patience. No telling on whether the set will be abbreviate because of venue curfews or if they will be granted concessions because of the unfortunate situation. The Ziggo Dome posted on their Facebook page that the show will end at Midnight so it appears they will play the full set... We'll just have to wait and see.  They're on stage now.

Photos by meganlouiseruss and Joost

TONIGHT: Fleetwood Mac Live in Amsterdam @ZiggoDome. LAST SHOW Europe! Give Them a GREAT Send Off!

One more European show to go this Saturday night in Amsterdam at the Ziggo Dome and that's it for the European leg of the tour. Fleetwood Mac then take a short, but I'm sure a much needed, two week break before regrouping in Sydney, Australia for a string of dates through the country beginning November 10th. The Australian / New Zealand leg of the tour concludes in Auckland, New Zealand on December 7th. Fleetwood Mac are scheduled to play in Sydney (2 shows), Brisbane (2 shows), Melbourne (2 shows), Perth (2 shows), Adelaide, Geelong, Hunter Valley and Auckland (3 shows) before heading back to the US for their final public show this year December 30th in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

If you are one of the privileged ones that will be seeing the band in Amsterdam on Saturday, their last Euro show... Give them a great send off and have a blast at the show!!

"Without You" Intro... Stockholm, Sweden - Oct 23, 2013

"Without You" intro Stuttgart, Germany Oct 14 2013
These intros are long... but who cares, I think they're entertaining - especially this one... You never know what your going to get like in Stuttgard, Germany... This intro is way out of the ordinary from all the other intros... 

Stevie says after Lindsey's part of the intro (a little testily), "Can I just add... in Stuttgart, to that little story since you do like to throw that in... that for 5 years previous to that, I washed your jeans...sewed moons and stars on them... fringed them... Ironed your t-shirts... Made your house beautiful, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, was a waitress and a cleaning lady... and ALSO loved you."  Lindsey's response to this is just as funny... but it all ends sweetly.