Saturday, March 07, 2009


Here's an interesting bit of information on Stevie Nicks' "Soundstage Sessions" CD that is being released on March 31st. The 10 track CD being released in conjunction with the "Live in Chicago" DVD appears to be studio versions of Stevie's classics along with two new songs "Crash" by Dave Mathews and "Circle Dance" by Bonnie Raitt. Triple A Radio Stations have already been serviced with a two track promo CD containing "Crash" and "Landslide" (orchestra version). Both tracks on the promo CD were assumed to be the audio taken directly from Stevie's live Soundstage show in Chicago. And that very well still may be the case, where they used her live vocals from the show.

But a Stevie fan has heard the promo CD and confirmed that the vocals DO NOT appear to be live vocals and are not the same as what is on the DVD.

This adds a whole new twist to this release... So are all the tracks on the CD really NEW updated studio versions of old Stevie tracks? Are they the vocals from the live Soundstage show but without the audience? Many many questions!!! Might explain why Stevie's website The Nicksfix says "The CD includes brand new studio versions of classics like "Stand Back", "Sara", "Landslide" and MANY, MANY MORE!"

1. Stand Back
2. Crash (Dave Matthews Band cover)
3. Sara
4. If Anyone Falls in Love
5. Landslide (orchestra version)
6. How Still My Love
7. Circle Dance
8. Fall From Grace
9. Sorcerer
10. Beauty and the Beast

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