Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Fleetwood Mac
Rumours still hot

Fleetwood Mac expects to hit studio after tour

In addition to Fleetwood Mac's so-called Greatest Hits -- Unleashed Tour (Stevie Nicks describes it "as unleashing a fury which is what Fleetwood Mac is a lot of the time"), the band is also planning a summer re-release of Rumours, as an expanded CD/DVD box set that includes studio outtakes, stills and film.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood points out it's the first time the band has ever gone on the road without a new album but he expects they'll go back into the studio once they've wrapped up their North American tour.

"There have been discussions for sure that we would love to make some more music," Fleetwood said.

"And I think it's really down to the whole sort of bio-rhythms of how everyone is feeling and what's appropriate. ... So I think the feeling is and the consensus is that we would love to be challenged to go out and do in a couple of years something with some new songs.

"My heart says I believe that will happen."

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