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THEY make singin' fun Full Article

One thing that's sure to happen is a new Fleetwood Mac record, though the timing of it hasn't been worked out, since it depends on how long the current tour goes. "We will have time to hang and maybe throw some new material around, whether it's after 46 dates or after we do some playing in Europe and some other places," Buckingham says. "Eventually, we will get down to making an album, but it will be after we've had time to be not only close as people but sharp as musicians, too."

And Nicks says she is just as determined.

"I think the world should have one more kick-ass Fleetwood Mac record," she says. "We're going to do it so the world can have it."

THEY make singin' fun

For its new tour, Fleetwood Mac is planning to play songs by former member Christine McVie, with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks handling the vocals, for the first time since McVie retired from touring in 1998. "Christine really was the singles queen," says Nicks.

Here are some of the songs they've considered:

"Say You Love Me" (1975) - Sweet harmonies and "Fallin', fallin', fallin'."
"You Make Loving Fun" (1977) - "Oh, woh-oh, can it be so?"
"Don't Stop" (1977) - A smash even before the Clintons.
"Hold Me" (1982) - Videorific, harmony-filled single from "Mirage."
"Little Lies" (1987) - Classic Mac updated with '80s pop.

-Glenn Gamboa

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