Thursday, March 12, 2009


MARCH 11, 2009
These are pretty awesome - taken from the opposite end 
of the arena from a distance.  Some nice views of the overall stage:

Images by: J-CIO (click for more)


Troy said...

I just wanted to comment on Stevie's clothes as asked on a poll on this site.Stevie looks awesome,awesome on this tour as with the solo tours Gold Dust and Crystal Visions and others.I DO think she should switch it up abit. So many people in the crowd would say I wonder what she'll wear,clothes boots ect.I know I have been to alot of Stevie's shows.I know on the Tango tour it was "Look at her clothes,boots, look how slow she walks etc. It had been afew years between Mac tours and everyone remembers Stevie for the earier Mac shows Now days with the internet the pictures of the shows are all over and she is seen wearing the same outfit as the last show at the same point in a show.On the Dust and Crystal tours I knew what she was wearing by the start of the song.Dont get me wrong I'm not that shallow but the crowd does expect Stevie to be heard and SEEN.I'm her biggest fan and have every album and ordered LIVE four months before the first release date.I'm just saying from a concert goers point of view I have heard these remarks thru the years Some thirty of them...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Saw them Sat. night and she was awesome as usual. She did switch things up. She changed 3 times. She also added some gorgeous accessories. The thing is because she didn't take time to completely change a lot, they were on-stage constantly. They played from about 8:20 until 10 til 11:00! That's a kick ass concert for any age band to endure. I mean, give her a break she is 60!

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